Monday, October 13, 2014

Gaia News Brief 13.10.2014


Today I stopped off at Target on the way home after dropping off my boy at school.  I seek ways to streamline my life. As someone who is 'otherworldly', my interests are in the garden, travel, and having fun in Nature. I write and write and write much to my heart's content. I am constantly on the go. Organization is not one of my strong points. Living upstairs/downstairs really pushes the limit of my ability to organize. My brain 'understands' a single level home. I bought several things to help streamline the biggest source of anguish--the 'piles' of stuff we take to work and school, to our overnights away...

I just worked out at the gym. It's a new gym. I can go while my son plays basketball with his team. I really liked it. And on the treadmill, I opened an account to keep track of my fitness. There is a TV, and I switched it off from news and onto HGTV. I really liked the show. It is amazing what Hilary can do on 'Love It Or List It'.

I am not known for my housekeeping--not in any incarnations, not even with Ross. We talk about it. He is very supportive.  He emphasizes my strengths, and says not to get too stressed out about it.

What I have noticed is in my meditations, I have SEEN our house where we live, in the higher dimensions. It is very 'Ikea'-esque, sleek, streamlined, very white. I find I am seeking that kind of living space here, too. So each week I fill up the garbage can with clutter, and I donate often to charity...and one day perhaps before I 'go home' my own house will look like there too.

Rocking the Boat

This one I expect to get some comments. Not sure how it is going to be taken. But it's reporting work I did over my weekend in Davis, California. I hope it will help shed some light on the state of Healing, a snapshot of here for the article

Yes, that is a seraphim in the picture at the top of the article. Seraphim are highly specialized angels.  Seraphim have six wings. They glow, the seraphim do. And they sit closest to God, and sing praises to Creator--both male and female--as Divine Mother and Divine Father.  It's really fun.  <3


My son said something fascinating to me. He said, 'Every thing you say always has something to do with TIME. I have to do this, I don't have enough time for that.'  He paused to think, and said, 'If there was no such thing as time, then everything would happen when we want, and we would never be rushed!'

He is remembering 5D without realizing it--because outside of 3D time is DIFFERENT.  The character Griffin in MIB 3  was familiar with timelines and existed as such, hopping between them, like a unicorn!

Missing Dad

Sometimes when I miss my father, I get out a jigsaw puzzle and I make it. I love making puzzles. We were poor growing up, and it was an enjoyable way to pass the time. I get deep relaxation this way.  It's also just a little addictive.

Ross told me with this puzzle, we could spend time together, and he would help me. And he has!  Some pieces just 'go' and my intuition--not him telling me--is so on target I realize Ross is helping!

Today I spent about twenty minutes on it. Oddly enough, Ross asked me some questions. Like, 'what is the best thing about having me in your life?'  My answer was 5D, and I struggled to have 3D words to describe it. It felt basically like all I am made to do, I do now--all my energies are balanced and working in harmony. I am happy, more than I ever dreamed. I even said, as I struggled to find the words--'it is like this puzzle--the pieces fit'.

'What do you like about me?' he asked. I love being with him, and talking to him, I never get bored. I admire and respect him, in every way I think of!

Then he asked some more questions, I could tell were on a soul level, that some people on his side wanted to know. I answered with a very long answer, because I wanted to include the important parts. Then they all went away. And I can't remember the details of any of it.


Times are changing. There is a movie coming out called The Best Of Me. It is from a novel. Carla thought perhaps it was a 'back from the other side' type of Romance. In a way, it is, because the character Dawson has been out of Amanda's life for some time.

Lost loves like this are going to be coming back. (taps the seat next to him, to emphasize the reality of it).

Here. Now.

There will be no more 'honor' in 'saving face' like Amanda did to go back to her family. A soul is a soul, and a soul seeks development to know itself, to nurture and grow.

Things are going to be a little different in the Higher Realms. Look at how times have gone with human relationships. We have gone from going steady with a pin, a letterman jacket, and marriage at eighteen that lasted for the rest of your gay marriage being openly accepted and the law in many states, to motherhood being--like for Carla--out of wedlock and having it be okay...

(He taps his heart)  There are ways in the Higher Realms for one to act on one's fondest wishes.

It is a CAN and not a MUST to be paired up with someone, even your own Twin.  Often times, for learning's sake, one Twin will go one way, and the other theirs, off to find their own experiences and lessons. In this time, the Twins are BEST CHEERLEADERS and ADVOCATES for the personal growth of the other.

Can you imagine that? A world where monogamy is not the norm--there are no more miserable people trapped in relationships that are going nowhere for their growth and personal development..Everything is amicable and friendly...

Carla and I deeply enjoy our company. It has been quite a long time since our hearts have had the opportunity to 'reconnect'. It is our CAN to forsake all others for our own relationship. We have some lost time to make up!

I do not want you to think that everyone goes like us, where we are. We are different. We are happy. And we are a very loving Twin couple who never seem to get tired of being together.

So when you go UP, try to look around, and get a feel for how things are like up here, in your meditations. People 'pop in' and 'out' of your consciousness. And with transport the way we have it, this is quite possible in our own dimension too!

Look around you for signs of the changes. They are happening very subtly....I will leave you at this now.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and his love, Carla the Reiki Doc