Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gaia News Brief 19.11.2014

Update--Five New Divine Healing Codes

Yesterday was a busy day for us in the Divine Healing Codes department. We got one from Archangel Lauren and Raphael for Merkel Cell carcinoma, this is a rare skin disease.

I had a patient who was legally blind without correction, who WAS blind in the O.R. because the contact lenses had to come out. Ross sensed my deep compassion, and gave me a Divine Healing Code for poor eyesight.  That night, when I saw my friend with the retinal problems, I gave the code to him without saying a word or moving anything but my consciousness...I will continue to help as best I can.

We got one for Willpower through Archangel Courtney, who is an incarnation of Archangel Haniel.  I had trouble figuring out what a patient's root imbalance was--and sure enough--this 'fit'.

I bumped my fingers SO hard coming out of the public restroom by tonight's restaurant--another door was open and as I opened mine coming out of the stall I smashed all four of my right hand. It HURT...bless Ross for sending me a code for this. I used cold water and the code, and it felt okay much faster than normal and no bruise.

The one that did bruise my soul deeply, was one my Higher Self sent to me through Archangel Courtney, for 'grounding'.

That one sent me on a tailspin for the last couples of days...

Carla And Her Higher Self

I think from their perspective, the Higher Selves think they are much like this picture--loving and guiding the ones who come after them, to gain experience and knowledge of the self.

I find the concept of a Higher Self frightening. It's completely confusing. And this is why I have a deal with mine to be 'just like a coat' when I need it, and to stay one 'the sidelines' because it's a distraction for me on my mission that I just can't afford to stumble over.

Unless I ask for help, I don't want it.

I get upset, because I find it an intrusion to MY Consciousness to have any interaction from her that I don't invite.

Compared to her, I feel extremely INADEQUATE

Dr. Moosa used to be the Chairman of Surgery where I went to Medical School. He used to say, with a sly smile, that a resident surgeon is like a fine rug--you have to take it out and BEAT it about twice a year.

I feel like that--I am my Higher Self's 'Resident', and I don't know where I stand with Her.

Ross asked me many questions yesterday, in front of a very small group. He asked me how I love him?  We've had our differences in the past that we had to work why do I trust him now?

It's because I KNOW you. You have been with me, for some time now, getting to know me. You talk with me. You buy me things. You are close. So now I trust you...

He understood, and relayed this to the team.

To be honest, I was still pretty freaked out. Here are my concerns:

  • When this is over, what am I? Just one face in a roomful of my past life incarnations? Where do we all go?
  • Do I go away and disappear and 'melt' into Her?
  • Am I her avatar for some totally awful Galactic video game?
  • Why was I even HERE, and created in the first place, without my asking to be born?
  • All I want is Ross. Will I get that or will the carrot that got me through all this be just a cruel trick?

I asked my friend who knows more than I do. She said, 'Your HS is the ocean, and you are a drop'.  

I was like, 'but I LIKE my drop!'

Then I told her I get all worked up over the HS, and I accuse her of 'sitting on her butt and eating cupcakes with ME doing all of the work!'.  It's not like me to get upset like that. I wonder what is bugging me?

My friend asked me how many times I've been incarnated?

A lot.

She thinks I'm frustrated and ready to go home after doing all that work in incarnations for so long.

I felt like I was nothing more than an amusement for whoever...and was sad.

She said she 'signed up' too, for this, and even though it's awful now we had good the time.

I know for a fact in meditation, crew members and those who knew me before are SURPRISED to meet me--I must have been very bossy back then, because they favorably enjoy 'the new me'. I am sweet by nature, through and through, and consistently so.

Oh yes, I asked Ross this morning with all earnestness, 'Am I just like plastic surgery for my HS, you know, a more youthful appearance and a little 'nip and tuck'?' He almost spit out what he was drinking he laughed so hard over that one. Ashtar too.

Anyhow, in Council this morning, I submitted to my HS, and All That Is, and renounced my 'self' and all my dreams, and hopes, and plans as 'Carla', to the Higher Good, and made a gesture like this picture, but only me lying flat on my face on the floor.   I wanted to accept what is my fate, and allow it to happen.

At this Ross got angry, and like a gifted public speaker (which he is)--with me still lying on the floor he accused the Council and all the Higher Selves:
  • Look what you have done! Look at her! She exchanges total submission from Those Who Do Not Have Their Best Interest At Heart to all of YOU! Is this what you want?!
  • The underlying accusation was that they weren't paying attention to life on Gaia, and they didn't intervene soon enough, and look at this mess!
  • He wanted them to take responsibility for the deep psychological effects of living under The Veil of Illusion, to be in 3D.
Then he got on his knees and hands to my level, and bid me to get up.

He took me to a warm beach, and was very gentle, and asked me more questions to help me to heal, and to help the Council to understand my plight, and that of a LOT of people. Only this time, I felt the warm, and I saw only him. 

Then she came, in a really pretty white dress, all clean and beautiful as if she's never gotten her hands dirty in all of eternity...I told her I am afraid of her, Her Power, and how her being THERE and my being HERE feels like some being cast out, or rejection, and it's very painful for me to be in Her presence. I don't understand anything, and her knowing what she knows makes me feel all the more stupid, and low. I asked her to make herself known to me, gently, and slowly, as I am overwhelmed with how this works, and I am afraid once my Consciousness comes back, my being Carla will melt like a witch in Oz who has water thrown on her. 

She agreed.

From what I gather, she is my Intuition, as she Knows All

She sent me this image, and I was horrified to think I was the petals on the floor. She said, no, She is the plant, and I am the bud, ready to bloom, at the bottom. I still don't understand it, but it doesn't hurt to think about it.

Ashtar and Ross talked to me for a long time. And Ashtar whispered and leveled with me--'You know who I am, right?'

'Yes, an Incarnation of Archangel Michael.'

'So, what do you think is going to happen to me!? Am I going to melt and disappear?'

I listened, but it still didn't make sense. It's like if Ashtar doesn't pay the rent Michael is going to yank all the existence right out of him!

Anyhow, I was told by Ross to read this, it would help:

It did in the sense I know all the incarnations of betrayal HAD to do something to me.

And I saw a line of light on the wall in my room, it was golden. And I took everything that 'wasn't Galactic and was holding me back' and transmuted it with the golden Light.

My friend who was with me and I got very dizzy. A lot of energy flowed after that. But I've been off-balance all day.

I lost my gumption.

But tonight, I knew my HS was going to send me a little something. Ross' jewelry he bought me (he's bought two necklaces, nope--three, earrings, and a bracelet, as well as helping me design one)--really helped. At the last moment, I saw a beautiful tennis bracelet made of white topaz. It's 'lab created' and very affordable--and the sales guy dropped the price by over twenty percent and paid the tax. I love it! White topaz was in Ross' first gifts, and I love to work with this stone. So now when I look at my left wrist, I know my HS is thinking of me, and smiling.

And she promised me I WILL get Ross, and showed me her 'divorce papers' releasing all her rights to him she had signed the last round all of this inadequacy and confusion over who I am hit.

I asked Ashtar and Ross what to call myself? I told them that they could call me 'Lumpy' and as long as I had Ross I wouldn't care!

Actually my name is Carla Maria (my last name), incarnation of Lady (G.S.)

Today was the second time I was responding to Lady G.S. and each time I do, Ross gets VERY happy for me to answer to that name and feel 'normal'...

But just between you and I?

I make him call me Lumpy G.S. just so I know it's me. And Ross cracks up when he says it, but he does in private I am 'Lumpy G.S.' and very happy to have some input, some voice, in this whole mess!

I wish you more smoothly transition out of 3D than apparently it has been for me...


Carla needs me. My Lady-who I call 'Lumpy' because she insists--stubborn as she is--is going through some very tough awakening.

I have given her all the love and support I could muster.

I have told her that her feelings won't matter on this issue in a short time--that she will be happy, and content, and able to live her life she wants in the Higher Realms--with me.

Carla feels like she has an expiration date. Like when the changes hit, she is going to be like smoke, and disappear. 

I told her Carla is a car, and her Consciousness is the Driver, and that Carla did a good mission, and that it's almost complete.

With death being what it is, Carla didn't really like that.

She cannot imagine the wonder that lies in store out there for humanity!

So I am helping her to stabilize, and to hold on, until things settle more for her, internally.

I really love her.

It has been two days of tough work for all of us...

I will say more when I can about the announcements and news and updates and points to grow on.

For now, it's first things first.

Carla enjoys writing to you. From her heart. It's the first time her readings have come up in two days, ever since the unasked for gift from her well-intentioned HS and sister Courtney, who had no idea how delicate our Carla's psyche is as she is Ascending.

All of you are, a little every day. Only Carla's at a shaky part of it, where she is vulnerable. 

So listen to Saul as your lesson for the day. It will help you. The John Smallman link that Carla  provided.

Ross and Carla
and all those good things 
we say
in love and gratitude
for your love for our ohana.

thank you cousins, uncles and aunties!