Friday, November 28, 2014

Gaia News Brief 28.11.2014

Just Thinking 

Why is today called 'Black Friday' when the one before Easter is called 'Good Friday'? Wouldn't it make more sense to be the other way around?

Celebrating Thanksgiving With My Work Family <3

Yesterday I volunteered to take call on OB, partly because my son was going to spend the holiday with his dad's side of the family. Due to the custody agreement, we alternate every year.

I like my hospital family. I enjoy spending time with them. For Thanksgiving, we always bring a potluck dish and share. This year, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing the feminine side of my colleagues, how the nurses brought in their best dishes to share. One, Annette, even brought in a pie on her day off, first thing in the morning, just to celebrate with us!

Our lunch was beautiful. I brought items for turkey-stuffing-cranberry sandwiches. I also brought a Brooklyn Babka (some chocolate pastry) and a can of whipped cream.  The hospital had a free lunch for all from the cafeteria, but it wasn't very appetizing to be honest. The turkey is turkey roll, and the food is very institutionalized. I enjoyed watching Mirette make instant mashed potatoes in the microwave, and Susan's son was said to have made the yam dish she brought. Someone brought a beautiful broccoli slaw salad, and Kimmie (who was the circulating nurse for my c-section almost ten years ago!) brought a wonderful korean salad with apples, red peppers, carrots, and jicama.

I was happy.

It wasn't that way the first few years Anthony was away.

Relationship Status:  Just Ask

My heart went out to my friend who wrote 'I'm feeling BROKEN' on FB yesterday. I went to her baby shower, back in 2002, when she was in love, and craving beer but drinking a concoction of lime and simple syrup and soda water to be good.

She is one of the smartest, most brilliant and caring physicians I have ever met.   She is an expert in anesthesia for pediatric patients and has saved many lives...

And yesterday she felt BROKEN. She also changed her profile picture to a black hole, and I noticed for her birthday she took a 'selfie' in front of the Golden Gate Bridge...

Anesthesia is a terrible career for home and family life. The hours are long ands partners feel neglected. I don't know if in her case this was it, but in others I know the partners--either one--sense the growing distance and cheat.

Sometimes it is the death of the dream that is more painful than the actual loss of the partner itself...since there is often much negativity in the home right before a split.

It is my hope that in the higher realms, there is nothing that will make us feel BROKEN in any way, shape or form. She does not know about my Reiki, and is a very private person. But I have sent it to her, and if possible, would you mind sending some to her too. It will find its way without her name or location.

Thank you.

There Is Hope If You Are A Survivor Of Incest, Rape or Molest

One in every three women is a survivor of sexual abuse, and so is one in every ten males.

Koothoomi gave this symbol to the survivors--the Forget Me Not. It is a sign of the love and support our community has for your courage, your strength, and your instinct for survival in this situation.

WE as a community, under the guidance and wise direction of Master Healer Koothoomi, let you know you are perfect, and whole, and very much loved and appreciated in our hearts.

Thank you for being part of Doctors With Reiki.

I am a survivor too, and have a special teacup and saucer with forget-me-not flowers on it.  I earned it...with my courage just like you.

New Healing Code

From Dr. Zhi Gang Sha 33 96 815 for well-being.
 A reader shared this with us, and I checked with Source, and it is correct.

Song Of The Day

New Message From Our Lady

I can't recall the last time I was asked to bring forth a message from Her. I hope you enjoy it:

Together with the Latest Gaia Portal, click here, our future looks bright!

Revealing The Truth

There are some things 'coming out', and here I call it like I see it. You may disagree, but these are 'symbols' and 'signs' that perhaps we are already at the end of our journey, but we don't know it, and it's slowly starting to trickle in...

  • Chinese Cash Patients  a hospital in the area has a program where Chinese Nationals come to give birth. They pay cash, and the newborns are automatically US citizens. The patients don't speak a word of English and are stretching the resources of the hospital to its limits. It is very lucrative for everyone involved. One nurse will have three deliveries on her shift. And some obstetricians are taking all of their patients elsewhere because it is too difficult to schedule cases such as inductions and c-sections now. 
  • Scy-Ent-Olo-Gee and the Enquierererer (this is to avoid automatic internet flagging to those organizations)  a popular tabloid in the states has some secrets about drugs, brainwashing, and murder/torture coming out about this 'organization'. Through documents obtained by the FBI's new Freedom Of Information Act, this truth has leaked out. This is the perfect place for the truths about our society to come out--very subtle, very steady, and only acceptable to those who have interest int his sort of 'revealing'.
  • Predator Bill  The mere fact that this news 'leaked' out about Bill Cosby means that those who have kept it 'secret' aren't protecting him any more. There are layers and layers of the cabal--for example, those who carry out the will of those high-ranking under duress. No matter how you feel about the story, do notice that this is the beginning of the leaks--the refusal of those who once kept things hidden to hide them any more. Ultimately, it is the soul signature--the energy--that will reveal the intent of Mr. Cosby, and everyone will understand and resonate with the truth. Here is an article if you are interested:
  • Good Intentions  The woman who promised me a 'home cooked Thanksgiving meal' delivered to the hospital did not keep her word. I had felt it--at the time she made the promise, and I brought other food just in case.  I didn't have dinner, only pie--the stores and cafeteria are closed.... I did not blame her--perhaps she and her husband had a fight, perhaps she forgot, perhaps she felt pressure, there are so many many reasons besides me.  It is better to give the benefit of the doubt in disappointment, and to choose love and expect the best with everyone.
  • Gas Prices  with my ten cents a gallon off from Ralph's, I filled up at an unheard-of premium gasoline cost of $3.13 a gallon. Again, rows and rows of middlemen who up the prices for the cabal--who controls the oil industry--must be breaking ranks in order for a drop in prices like this to take place. Not long ago the price was almost five dollars a gallon in our area. If only we could get the taxes out of the per gallon price next!
  • Stirring The Pot  I have asked my readers questions about Jesus--when he should come back (soon!), what he should wear? (robes or 'something comfortable') and also the controversial topic of 'how his dying and our salvation are connected exactly?'. With this last one I got a remarkable number of people who BELIEVE and regurgitate what has been told to them by the church.  One went so far as to say Jesus was a 'sacrifice in blood' for us! The only kind of 'religion' I know who still believes in a God who wishes for 'blood sacrifice' is under direct attack from the ITCCS--the cabal and the church. Here is a link for you to find out more if you are interested  I will go so far as to assert that it is entirely possible that the crucifixion and resurrection might not have happened--because the books we count as 'sources' may have been tampered with to splice in the Sun God 'story' into the context of Jesus' life.  There are some Gnostic Traditions who say this is entirely the case. Unfortunately, those who believed in this tradition, the Cathars, were burned alive with their books near the Pyrenees...


We regard with awe the lines and the spirit of Black Friday, where people look forward to getting prices that are not elevated artificially for one day of the year. People endure great hardship and suffering in order to 'get their treasure'.

(shakes his head)  What does this have to do with the spirit of Christmas? What does this have to do with me, as the Admiral of the New Jerusalem and Ashtar of the Galactic Fleet? Where is the 5D in all of this?

Where I exist, manufacturers do not exist. (taps a box, an appliance of sorts)--We have the ability to manifest anything we wish. 

We are unlimited in our powers to create when we have this at our side (it is a replicator--ed).

I was able to 'cook' a delicious dinner for Carla the other night, not because I was in the kitchen (to be honest I am all thumbs when it comes to actual cooking, not like Carla--smiles--who enjoys using her hands to create the old fashioned way--it is her hobby of sorts, cooking) because I had this. (pushes a button and I hear a 'bing' like a microwave and he pulls out a steaming hot plate with roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes and carrots and peas)

Yes, meat is OKAY when it comes out of a replicator because NOTHING HAS HAD TO GIVE ITS LIFE for you to eat it! So for all the vegetarians, you may have your heart's desire and avoid meat with a full conscience--and for those who enjoy eating meat, if you should enjoy it, there are ways for you to have your meat here too.

We are undergoing a time of change, and many things are gong to happen in a short space of time. I want you to enjoy them. Look out for them. Anticipate and welcome them as they arrive. 

It is special. This is all I have to say at this time.

I want you to watch the movie--this is how soon you will be, discovering your new freedoms for life outside of 3D--you are not canine to us in any way at all--you ARE our full brothers and sisters, and we care for you and bring you to safety with all the love and warmth and nurturing and compassion that these rescuers have for their charges, the laboratory test beagles,  show here. This is the best example of what is about to happen, and I am sorry if in any way it makes you feel we are belittling you because it is not our wish. This is the only 'freedom' clip I have to demonstrate what joy is about to arrive for you...Namaste. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla and Anthony