Monday, November 24, 2014

Gaia News Brief 25.11.2014

Right This Minute

I am content. Today was a good day. I sit in my warm nightgown, and reflect on the day, now it was, and how I liked it.

It wasn't easy. But all in all it worked out to be a pretty good day...

It helps to keep track of what you like and what you don't like about your day, at the end of the day. This is how you make your 'order from the menu' for tomorrow!

My boy wanted to stay home. His teacher is sick, and it's a short week--Monday and Tuesday. I had the day off. I used my pendulum because I had an awful lot of work to do! It said 'stay home' and that resonated with me. Just not having to drop off and pick up at school was a huge time savings!

There is another reason why I am so calm and happy...

I have been in survival mode for as long as I can remember. Because I am so busy, things pile up. And that weighs heavily upon my soul! I can't find things, there's deadlines to meet...

But today?  I typed the minutes for the Department Meeting two weeks ago, I paid bills, I sent in the ones that had needed a check and waited kind of long because I couldn't sit down to write them, I organized my spices a little--it's a long story but I got new jars to store them...I renewed the registration for the car at AAA, deposited four checks, and renewed my membership to my professional society.

And I taught my son! Today he wrote an email using his new account on his own series of 'Rules for using social media' and his both parents!

I also had him look both of us up online. There's a lot of information out there on me, but not so much him. And Siri had no clue who 'Reiki Doc' is!

I feel 'light', because the 3D part of the world that has been weighing down on me has been lifted.


  • The vibrations on Gaia are enough to support the release of several healing codes that have to do with Spirituality and your chakras and your energy. You might want to check them out.
  • The 'Awakeners' are doing wonders! I see them, both human and adorable animal, doing their thing, and they are doing an awesome job at it. These are special angels who have taken very challenging life assignments--and are getting people to pray for them, people who might ordinarily not pray.
  • Gasoline prices keep dropping. HELLO! It's Thanksgiving! The time they usually gouge travelers? Something is definitely UP!
  • I saw a photo of an Illuminati Figurehead--I won't call them the 'leader' because I am sure the ones with the dirtiest hands are levels above this 'well-known historical figure', along with the 'riot act'--'this person is bad because of x, y, and z'. and you know what? I didn't share it! Why? two reasons--you don't teach a pig to sing because it annoys the pig (people of low vibration just won't 'get it') and secondly, the HIGHER the vibration in general, the MORE people will 'figure it out! Keep your vibration UP UP UP and just chill, working with your inner guidance, and soon nothing is going to be a secret much longer!
  • The Grand Jury Verdict--those people were smooth how they worded it. They lost me at Eric Holder. What does he have to do with an investigation? Reminds me of OJ--that case and how that data-evidence was handled! I saw the looks on people's faces, and I think everyone just isn't 'buying it'--they know on some level something 'isn't right', and although the man might not have gotten a verdict, it isn't right to kill...and it isn't right for the whole public to be subject to a ruling system that lets things like this happen. Again, these are AWAKENERS and doing a great great great job at it!

So that's my kind of news!


My beautiful woman had a good day.

So did my son.

He wanted an x box one, you may know. He was able to muster up one hundred seventy one dollars and five cents by 'recycling' his old x box 360 and every video game he had. Carla was glad to see them leave the house, all of them, especially that Kinect.

She wasn't happy with the price she had to pay 'for her son's happiness'--even though he put in the fifty dollars his grandma gave him, Carla paid enough for Christmas and Birthday. She got an extra fifty dollars off. He has two games Carla bought, a driving game and a football game, and one extra controller. The game did come with one violent one--it came with the device--and it turns out it is one he already had owned. So he--I counseled both Carla and Anthony--is allowed just one. And when he gets bored and wants a new one? These go away...get one--then give one away.

I want to talk to you about Carla. She doesn't like that place, the M.S. store (keeping below the radar on the internet). There is a solid wall of screens that is from eye-level to ceiling around the walls of the store. It is very 1984, a la George Orwell, isn't it? The energy on Carla was tough, and she almost felt like choking.

Carla fought back. When they returned because a couple of small cables were in the home, just to make 'small talk' Carla asked if anybody there had ever heard of a Salt Lamp? One had. Carla explained to them how asians use it to neutralize the ill effects of electronic equipment buy having negative ions created from the salt. 

These people have serious health risks from their work environment--on a deep energetic level--and as uncomfortable as she was, and how unhealthy the whole video gaming system is (who do you think built it, to make all that money? Aha!), she reached out for love and health and peace. Right there in that store.

So wherever you are, wherever you have the opportunity, choose Love. Choose Peace. It is so very much more than words to place on little girl's clothing...

When you do this you honor me and everything Carla and I have ever worked for. In both lives, the one we lived way back when, and this one here now.

I thank you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla 
the Reiki Doc Twins