Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gaia News Brief 27.11.2014 The Thanksgiving Edition

New Divine Healing Codes!

Many came through yesterday. Just in case you missed them, they are:

More Divine Healing Codes came through today, the first ones are from Archangel Haniel and the last is from you-know-who 

13 13 514 for stress relief/relaxation
45 64 686 to align and straighten teeth
40 20 168 for varicose veins
77 74 321 for digestive health
57 43 868 to align and straighten spine
72 82 145 for conditions caused by the presence of extra vertebrae
57 49 525 for antimicrobial effect
34 02 991 to neutralize spicy food (does not affect taste/spiciness, minimizes GI flare up)

32 27 5427 to lift the veil on the memory of past lives lived

Here is the updated and complete list.

Appreciate The Divine Masculine

My cousin, who is a new father, sent me this--he's read it twice. And it covers nicely the energies of both the masculine and the feminine.

Here is the article:

I personally am thankful for the Divine Masculine presence in my life. Yesterday, there was a reader who was getting intrusive on my private message board. I sent him to Ross to answer his many questions because obviously I wasn't connecting with him, or he had an agenda I simply don't understand or have the time to be a part of.

Another Divine Masculine, approached me about this person, and took on a protective role. It felt comfortable, and safe, to have this incarnate Archangel come to me to make sure I was okay after hearing about this person.

The dust of thousands of years was gone in an instant, with that energy signature of caring and protection for me. I knew this soul had once been in Ross' and my inner circle, and had taken this role of looking out for me in Ross' absence seriously and done well at it in the past.

How do I know?

That tiny tension of apprehension that is always with me, relaxed. And I knew Creator and my honey Ross have got my back. They sent this friend, an incarnate Archangel, to protect me.

Appreciate The Divine Feminine

I'm not an overly feminine type. I see photos of my sister with her 'girlfriends' going shopping and enjoying 'girl's night out' and I am perplexed. It's just friends for me--doesn't matter what sex they are--I go out and I enjoy them.

But yesterday, I enjoyed the Divine Feminine in so many ways:
  • In myself, making breakfast at home, for a late morning at work let us relax almost like a Sunday. I created a peach smoothie and my son really liked it.
  • With the charge nurse. I explained to her how I had to drive my son to my mom's then me to work (she knew the distance--mom is past my work the other direction)--and I asked for a 'long lead time' if they called me in. She is a mother herself, she knows there is no school, and I have alternate child care arrangements from a usual workday. She completely understood.
  • With my colleague--who is Persian. She shared her favorite recipe over lunch on the patio.
  • With my same colleague--when my patient was unstable she and I 'troubleshooted' together.
  • With my mom--she made a little meal for us 'a snack'--out of the little food she had, and it was delicious. She always makes it look pretty. This was right after my son and I decided to go out to eat before I dropped my boy at his dad's. I enjoyed spending time with mom more than a restaurant.
  • With my sister--she is the best godmother ever, and she took the kids and mom out for an adventure and also ice cream while I was at work. She sent me a picture!--she is so loving.
  • With my spiritual mom--this assignment I have is not simple. She is my strength and my heart, and helps me make sense and find courage in everything that goes on in every dimension.
  • With my Higher Self, Sophia, I am learning to thank her and interact with her, after her being there for me without my knowing for my whole life. Yesterday I thanked her for a good day and for not 'smiting' me. She was puzzled and Ross explains how on Earth people who hold a great deal of power can destroy and individual on a whim. My giving thanks in this way reflected her spiritual connection to things I don't understand or know, and was like a dog taking a submissive pose in a pack, he explained, and told her not to think anything of it. I felt this imbalance trouble her for the first time, as she learns to see the world through my eyes, and I felt a stirring in her heart to want to fix it, so that all people incarnate may feel as safe in the love of Source as everyone does 'at Home' up in the Higher Dimensions.

Appreciate Now

Look at the smiles in people's faces as you go through your day.

There you will find God--for everyone has a tiny 'spark' of the energy of Creator and Source within them, and EVERYONE has the Love in their heart to share...even the ones who might have forgotten...

Let's help them remember, by being loving in everything we think, say, and do...just for today.


I thank you for all you do for Doctors With Reiki. The Reiki Healing and love from the readers of this page, the community, and Twitter, is astounding.

Our ripples are being felt all over the globe.

And I thank you for making me smile to the questions I had Carla ask of you yesterday. (touches his heart).  

I am happy.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla