Friday, November 7, 2014

Gaia News Brief 7.11.2014

Very Much Appreciated Small Blessings

He wanted oatmeal, the same breakfast as we had the day before. And a protein shake I make with bananas and cocoa powder, just like yesterday too.

For those of you who are parents, you understand what huge difference this can make on your day!

A Message From Ashtar

Another blogger and I are close friends. We talk online, with a form of chat. So we were talking during a long case that takes forever on a healthy patient as I watched the monitors and did the anesthesia (case went four hours)...

We were feeling 'stuck' in the energies and concerned if 'something had happened to hold everything back?'...

Ashtar called me UP--and this is our conversation:

A:  How are you?

C:  Not so good.

A:  I know. You are tired of the fight.

C:  Just not sure of anything, Ashtar. My life is so difficult.

A:  Have courage and keep up. You are doing the right things. When Anthony got sick that was hard on you -- not putting the decorations away (for Halloween).

C:  I don't set goals for ANYTHING! In any dimension. Did Ross send you?

A:  Yes. To both you and Isabel. About the button. We heard. We want you to know we are doing everything possible to get both of you Home with us. You WILL go home.

C:  (I relax) I am so glad. ( my energy readings on the monitors Ross and Ashtar watch get better readings, higher energy ones, with this relaxation.)

A:  God has happiness. Walk to it. Every day, just a little bit more, in your heart.

C:  I love everything, even you Ashtar. I love WHAT IS. I'm just not sure where I am headed?

A:  This is early entry into zero point. A sense of no movement. Of being 'stuck'. It is a good sign. I want to reassure you. We want to. 

C:  (I see Ross and I run to him)  Oh baby!!! (I cry)

Ross just holds me for the longest time and says, 'I love you'.

The Bachelor Doctor Patient

One of my colleagues is sick. I remember working with him, on call, and commenting on his weight loss? He looked great. He said he had some 'health issues' but declined to state what they are. This is about six weeks ago...

He is on chemo. His tumor is inoperable. Bret's Blog

One of the surgical technicians, Charles, told us in the doctor's lounge this surgeon who is very much loved in the O.R. for his incredible sense of humor,  was sick--and immediately I made a Reiki Request for him.

Yesterday, he assisted another surgeon on a hip fracture.

His energy had always been 'otherworldly'--cheerful, loving, competent, smart--today it was 'celestial'. He was focused and appreciating each day, each case, each interaction with us, because one day it will end.

My friend, Archangel Lauren, asked Raphael for the Divine Healing Code. She got it and I gave it.

Ross came near, and together, we sent healing to Dr. Bret during the case. For a long time (as I did the routine anesthetic and watched the monitors).

I gave the Cancer Therapy key, and I was Archangel Raphael pop in over Bret's left shoulder, and give a big 'thumbs up' and a smile.

I didn't say a word about any of this work I was doing. I didn't move. Only my eyes...and I 'sensed' he had a lot of pain from the I gave Karuna Reiki, too.

At the end, he thanked everyone. As he left the room, he reached out his hand to mine, and held it...

I think he knew on a soul level what I was up to.

I also asked Ross if he is meant to Transition (he got that symbol too), might I please help him walk Home when it is his time?

Ross said, 'Yes'.


We have science here. (gestures to his ship and the fleet)

At the highest level, science and religion are one.

This is why the quantum frequencies that are 'dialing in' for certain disease states are curing--and I repeat--have the ability to CURE disease in the Higher Realms.

You aren't quite there yet. But you approach this state, with your physical bodies, which are concentrated Light as 'physical matter'.

Everything responds to Love.

So talk to it! A very wise reader advised a woman with hardware in her foot that asked for Reiki--'if you can't have it taken out, make friends with it! This hardware gives you freedom and mobility and independence! '

As the vibrations on Gaia increase, the power behind these Healing Codes will work even more for everyone who is sick. Even Dr. Bret.

As we think loving thoughts, and enjoy our happiness, the vibrations on Gaia go UP.

Do you see the connection?

Your HEART and your mind, working together, are raising the vibration of the energy on Gaia, drop by drop, as YOUR thoughts and emotions uplift from the negative to the positive!

So focus on your own progress, as a soul, and help lift Gaia UP.

It's your thoughts and your heart that do it. Not us. We only provide the environment where this can happen. You provide the 'push' to make it to the top.

And I encourage you, and all my teams, one hundred percent, to take that next step. And then another. And then another...

You are almost arriving at Zero Point.

Carla is going to be late for work. She has blueberry waffles and scrambled eggs today to make for breakfast. They are freezer waffles from Trader Joe's, and are very 'healthy', with only a little bit of maple syrup.

Carla has first call. It is a very long day of brutally difficult and challenging work.

I ask you to think of her, and send her your Love, as a way of giving thanks to all she does for you...and for us (up there).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc soul twins
(that picture with the chakras and the earth is accurate <3 she is my world to me)