Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting To Know My Higher Self

C:  Hi. Thank you for waiting. It's been a rough day at work. They keep calling me back.

S:  It is okay. I am glad for the opportunity that we can talk. What would you like to know?

C:  Where are you?

S:  (laughs) I am in a higher dimension than this. The 23rd Realm to be exact.

C:  Oh. (to me that's like almost not answering the question).

S:  (coughs) you can tell me this. I can hear you when you think.

C:  I feel stupid. I don't understand what your answer meant.

S:  I can change across many dimensions. Right now I am watching both you and Ross from 23D. That's not 2 or 3 D together. It's 23, as in one plus 22.

C:  Will I ever get there?

S:  You will. In your own time.

C:  Is it nice up there? Do you like it?

S:  I find it suits my needs. But I have my eye on dimension 28. That is where I would like to go next.

C:  Do I help you get up there if everything works out all right with my assignment?

S:  Yes, the karma you earn is shared with me. That is because you are a full incarnation, and my soul, not just my energy, is with you. We both can help each other out.

C:  Thank you for creating me? Making me? Having me? I'm not sure what the word is to express it.

S:  We say, 'thank you for having me incarnate in this realm'.

C:  Why do I have so many past lives?

S:  Because you are a very hard worker! One of the hardest we have ever witnessed in the galaxy. That goes for for you and your beloved Twin. I am in him too, but not as much, for I am the feminine. Although he is in touch with his feminine side, and his energy is perfectly balanced between the male and the female energies. Much like you, who in having been a scientist, a physician and a single mother you have had to pull yourself up by your bootstraps too numerous times to count! (she laughs) Because of this I am very proud of you, my hard worker.  You are my family!

C:  How come I am down here and you are up there?

S:  Because it wouldn't work the other way around.

C:  Are you tall?

S:  What is this?

C:  I am five feet two. How tall are you?

S:  I really can't answer that because I can make myself any size I wish; I only have to manifest it.

C:  Where do you live?

S:  My home life is on Sirius, but I am on assignment, much like you.

C:  Am I a lot of work?

S:  (laughs) No, you are one of the 'easier ones'. I am fortunate in this.

C: Will I ever make an 'incarnation' of me?

S:  You might. But I have to warn you it is an awful lot of responsibility.

C:  Do you have kids?

S:  I have children, yes, there are five, but they are not 'full incarnations' of me. They have their own soul, and their freedom of choice, same as you. You on the other hand have my soul and your own freedom of choice, or 'free will'. Does this make sense?

C:  Will one day I ever understand this?

S:  Yes.

C:  Do you and Ross talk about me?

S:  All the time. I am helping him, yes.

C:  What kind of relationship do incarnations have with their higher self?

S:  They are very much like this. A little at a time we get to know one another (for you). For me, I have watched you since time began, I have an interest in you, and a desire for you to fare well with your challenges.

C:  I am sick of lessons!

S:  That is because you have had so many! You still make progress at a fine pace, even though you are 'winded' and have slowed things down a bit...this is acceptable and makes much sense.

C:  Do I owe you anything?

S:  Nope. Not one bit. Not one cent. I am okay with it. Just have fun and enjoy your being alive.

C:  When I die what happens?

S:  I urge you very strongly you will not pass away. You shall Ascend, and that is different. You shall continue on much the way you have been, but in a higher dimension, where all the rules shall be explained to you, and you shall have fun.

C:  Do you understand why I was afraid of you?

S:  Yes. And we are better now as 'friends' perhaps?

C:  Yes. It really helped that day when you said, 'I like you.'

S:  I meant it. And I still do. Do you like me?

C:  From what I know, yes, but I really barely just met you. How about, 'I like what I see?'

S:  That is fair enough, yes.  What would you like to know about 'this' (points between us).

C:  Where do you stop and where do I begin? Am I like some conjoined twin to you? In Spirit? Where one of us can't survive without the other? Metaphysically?

S:  (she really really laughs over this one, because she never once considered how it can be looked at in this way, and that I have a point, it IS terrifying to be 'stuck' to someone else for every move you have.)  I had to enjoy that for a moment! You ARE my teacher and many of us are surprised at how good you are at making us SEE from your perspective. (she has me sit next to her). I don't see any cords or connections that bind and restrict either one of us. Do you?

C:  I can't see hardly anything in spirit, Sophia...

S:  Then feel. Feel with your hands. (she guides my spirit hands). Is everything wide and free?

C: Yes...

S:  Is there a 'catch' you are wondering?

C:  Yes. There always is. Everything you like seems to always have a challenge, a lesson...

S:  (looks at me) not up here. Not up here.

C:  What was I before I came here?

S:  You were me. Just like a mother has the eggs of her unborn children within her. I had the potential for you, but not you.

C:  Am I made to any specifications?

S:  To be the best for HIM! (Ross...I feel very warm and happy when she says this, very relaxed and finally able to let down my defense) Is that better?

C:  (nods yes. I am suddenly sleepy. I excuse myself, and take a nap.)