Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gaia News Brief 29.11.2014

Our Date Night

My son spent the night at my mom's last night with his cousins. Today is our belated Thanksgiving dinner together as I had to work on the actual Thanksgiving day.

On the way home, Ross suggested I go to Yogurtland. I was like, I'm full are you sure I won't get fat?

He said, 'Go! Go!' and he mentioned that it would be like Skype, and he would be on board ship at the same time, and we would meet 'between worlds' so to speak. He said to get his favorite -- Madagascar Vanilla with 'lots of mochi on it'.

As I drove, I SAW him picking his clothes carefully. It wasn't his uniform. He wore a collared dress shirt with almost an off white color (his favorite color is white), like muslin.

When I drove up he asked, 'Are you excited?' And I was!  I got three 'tastes' in the little cups. We settled with butter cookie, a blend of tart and bomb pop, and of course Madagascar Vanilla. And TWO scoops of mochi.

So while I ate, he sat in the chair, legs crossed and arms behind his head, smiling, and we talked! I told him he has amazing body language. He is like, 'what's that?' I said on earth we aren't completely telepathic, so for survival we learn to interpret the message the body sends. He thought that was oddly fascinating.

He shared the reason he likes vanilla is that we WENT to Madagascar as a couple, and it was the first he ever tasted it. It's a memory for him of us. There was a rice pudding that had it (back home we only had honey to sweeten, but on our travels, they had sugar).

At the last bite, the music played the special song Ross always plays to let me know he's there...

I was happy. I enjoyed spending time with him, and we grow closer and closer every day.

Last night he helped me considerably in removing some of the 'security blankets' in relationship that I had from 3D. This morning the first thing I did was toss it all in the trash! He shows me how I can keep the memory and the best of 3D always with us, but how in the future, we will grow together as one.

It was the first time our energies activated together as a couple--I saw something happen with our chakras, and they connected and lit up. It didn't hurt, and it didn't feel, really, but I watched it like, 'whoa!' and he was smiling and happy to have this connection energetically with me again. He has so much kindness, and love...I am humbled by his sincere heart.

Anyhow, someone had a vision of Keali'i Reichel singing this song to us! It's perfect and totally synchronistic with last night.

Here it is:

The Monarch Kitten

This is what Ross is healing in me. The Monarch thing is right--you inherit certain traits, likes, dislikes, and tendencies from one incarnation to the next. Many things I thought were 'me' turn out to be what I inherited as a soul from my past incarnation.

Ross dropped to his knees and sobbed the first time he was shown me in that past life--I didn't think anything of it, except perhaps reconnaissance of sorts 'for the team'.

It wasn't. It was a gross perversion of my most natural spiritual gift as his Twin Soul.

With courage, and patience, Ross has built up my trust to the point where in the last few months, with his careful attention, I actually go into that 'mode'--and he gently, every so gently shows me it doesn't have to be like this.

He also, for the first time last night, let me know that he was the energy in the one kind man who 'visited' me often through my 'career', and he was the same man who he had  kill me when I was nine. (I was choked to death, strangled. I also guess at my age because they don't celebrate birthdays when you are  a slave like that.). Ross said he didn't want me to experience pregnancy in that environment.

So on the one hand, he 'knew' of what was 'going on' and sent safety guidance, but he didn't 'know the details' or want to know until he was shown the full truth some time back. I heard him scream and saw him fall when they showed me, while I was merrily on my back doing what kittens do with someone like, eight times older than me.

I bring this up because for those of you who are survivors out there, in any incarnation, I see and I know that this is not a 'human rights problem' with the Monarch Mind Control Programming and the MK Ultra.  It is a crime that is committed against the very SOUL of the victim itself.  Those programmers--like Josef Mengele--KNEW the depth and horror they were doing while they did it, and they took advantage of it.

I don't think Kevin Annett has that 'piece' yet. I have spoken with him about my past life and my full memory of it. It kind of went over his head, as he is dealing with crimes of a more recent nature and scope.  But it wasn't until last night, and Ross's long, careful, delicate work for some time, that I saw with my own eyes how the damage carries 'through' to other lifetimes.

I want this to be fixed at once for all who suffer once we get to 5D.

Ross is my angel, and I am so lucky to have him for my Twin. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Uncle Bill C

Wow! The Enq-wee-IRE-rerrrr has NEW stuff at the checkout register--more facts, facts, facts about 'certain indiscretions' and how Camille's life was 'fifty years of hell'.

What his happening is a 'respected and loved, popular performer' is being exposed with evidence, evidence, evidence.

This is what will be needed to awaken the masses and achieve acceptance of  The Original Plan from Creator, not this mixed-up, hyped and 'cool' version that those who do not have our best interest at heart have programmed us (and yes, I used that word--on purpose. They not only use the media but our own medical care systems and parenting techniques to enslave us in a cage without walls, a psychological cage that most of us never realize we are in.)

Hold the vibration, be the example--

family member, 'Can you BELIEVE about Bill?'

you, 'Yes. Isn't it amazing this went on under our noses for all this time?'

family member, 'Hmmmmm...'


Carla is my angel. She is the only one who went through the Monarch system and stayed 'intact'. They never could control her. She just, like Roberto Benigni in the film, Life Is Beautiful, turned it all into some fantastic game, and gave it her best so she could win. Her heart closed down, but did not suffer the damage she could have had she 'gone under' all the way. Because she excelled at her 'objective', there was no need to traumatize her any further when she was alive in her 'kitten life'.

What threw me when I witnessed it was in her own way, Carla was healing the sick--the pedophiles who molested her for money--Carla was deep in the basement of where she was kept and never saw sunlight or had a pet. What they gave her for her good performance was dolls...lots and lots and lots of them.

And yet in that one unholy 'movie' I saw clearly Carla's Light, shining out from her heart for all to see, even in that place of deepest darkness.

I wept and I fell to my knees at her unchangeability--her Light and her Joy had never dimmed for her, even in the most direst of circumstance.

Carla agreed last night it was right to 'take her out'  from her life as a kitten for the reasons I stated--not wanting her to experience pregnancy in that lifetime and she had learned enough to make her credible for her knowledge in this assignment here as Carla...this might shock you.   As your I AM presence you will talk about your life and your body and know when it is time to end--you have had enough.  For example, Carla's grandmother, shortly after her death, confided she was sick of that body and it was all used up.

So I want you to prepare for 'things different'. Think 'different'. And also, allow the deep and gentle healing and cleansing of your spirit by your teams to continue unimpeded, for it is right for you to drop all that does not serve you in the higher dimensions.

I want you to stay grounded as the news 'leaks out'--I will be pacing it as our energy readings for the collective adapt.  I want you to hold the Light, and to congratulate yourselves, all of you, for being like Carla in her 'kitten' role (in fact she had no name, either, in this lifetime) and for bringing the LIGHT into the darkest of experiences many on Gaia have had.

It's time for mine and Carla's breakfast. I want to work on her puzzle with her and enjoy some coffee before she has to leave the home to go celebrate with her family. I like our 'quiet time as a couple' very much. I live for it.

P.S. I also have been taking Carla, ever since she used the code to recall past lives--to re-experiences some of our life when we were married. She really enjoys it. You might enjoy reliving your past life experiences with your Twin, if you know them, as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,
and Good Morning from us both!

Ross and Carla