Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gaia News Brief 12.11.2014

Vortex Schmortex

There was a lot of big talk over the 11-11 Portal.

I felt nothing before, during, AND after.

In Nature, every day is pretty much the same. Squirrels don't celebrate TGIF.  Coyotes don't take vacation. Trees keep perfecting the art of being a tree for hundreds of years...

The ones who get all 'into' this thing, in a big way, at least two I know, blog disinfo and one I REALLY stopped following when I used to be way into his work.

So I approached this 'gateway' or 'portal' or whatever else it was called, and only did ONE thing--a celebration of water with the HADO team from Emoto, and even that, I did badly, for I was at a stoplight, had no way to look up the Japanese words to say, and prayed with my heart for whatever needed to be said to be done so I could join in.

In Spirit, he came to me, for an instant, kissed my lips gently like a brother, and said, 'Thank you--you have been heard and did everything well.'

Aiming for one big PUSH at a specific date in time, or even a 'window of opportunity' doesn't make sense with the metaphysical science of Earth.  Every other project I have done, we just keep adding it up drop by drop our team and individual spiritual efforts, until we hit a 'tipping point' and then BOOM, the goal or project (such as DNA activation) is reached.

This notion of a 'window of opportunity' has within it the seeds of failure. Of 'missing the boat'--which is how I felt after the December 2012 'window':  devastated and without hope and upset at the inability of the Lightworker Community to pull together and make it happen!

Heaven doesn't work like this. Heaven is Heaven 24/7. 

So are me and you being US. No matter what day of the week, or where we are on Surface Gaia...

The Miracle!

My boy and I had a an emotional roller-coaster yesterday.

I needed to do some things for my work. But HE wanted to go to an amusement park because we both had the day off. So despite his protests, I started out on the work. I planned to take him to K1 driving in the afternoon.

WELL...the work document couldn't be shared without upgrading my iOS.

So I took a shower because it was taking FOREVER.

In the shower my boy was all exited and burst into the room saying, 'Mom! Mom! I fixed the computer!'  We have a dead one that has all the baby pictures, which are backed up on a time capsule. However, according to Apple, once the time capsule password is forgotten, nothing can get into it, not even someone breaking it and taking out the drive.

So I dropped all my plans and set about backing up the photos. We needed cable. There was no MAC cable in stock. But they sold us an external hard drive.

We went to the apple store and got a lightning to lighting cable.

I tried to back all the photos up from there to this laptop. I couldn't figure out the EXPORT function.

So I unplugged the old Time Capsule, and set up the new one (I had that too) but it wouldn't back the old computer up.

I called the cable company three times. First they said I needed an ethernet cable from old dead computer that was suddenly working, from there to the time capsule to create internet wifi. I had bailed on the new Time Capsule, plugged in both, and tried to reach the old wireless network.

The cable company said my modem was ANCIENT. I had to buy a new one. We went back to the office store, and got one with built in router capability. I had to unplug everything from the power strip to fit the plug...and not only was the wifi down (needed a password)--the computer went OFF mid backup to the external hard drive..and there were our pictures. Gone forever.

It was my own damn fault.

You see I had started the day before the shower taking down the Day Of The Dead display and cried because I missed everyone so much, and I think that part about Life on Earth really SUCKS. Saying 'goodbye'. What kind of a life experience is that?

So Ross had told Anthony he had sent the computer miracle to 'take our last sorrow away from our home'. (I tell you, those words are pure ancient, archaic, Galactic Ross--I know it's the real thing)

Anthony kept trying to fix it. And I burst into tears. I had enough. We went to sleep--I lay with Anthony first him offering me water and kleenex, and then later with me telling a sobbing boy how even just for one day, the photos we were able to see were still a miracle! And I was happy, so very happy, just to look at my beautiful son as a baby, one more time again. even if we have no wifi, no baby pictures, and nothing else accomplished for our day but this disaster...

I promised him the repair computer guy might know how to save them. And Ross might save them. Ross actually told us not to worry, their technology is so much better that they are able to go back in time to when the computer worked and make a back up of the images...

And this morning, at one, I was told to 'put the cable in the back' connecting the Time Capsule to the modem, and here we are...

I told Anthony, in the midst of our woes, 'there has to be a lesson in there for both of us'--and he said, plainly, 'What kind of lesson is there to take our memories away?'

It was the only time he had seen his deceased loved ones, and his youth, just for that one day, with the  many many digital images...

I don't know how this photo got here, it's from my iPad and backed up from something <3 It's Nanu Filippo and Nana Angelina


We are MORE than our old pictures.

We are MORE than the internet 'WiFi'.

We are MORE than anything that could be illusion to separate us!!!

We are ONE!

Me and you.

You and our little family.

All of us with each other--no matter how the internet goes down, and the world seems to fall apart...All Is Well.

Carla tried to lift the terrible guilt off her son...'if only, mom, if only, IF...'--I hadn't done the miracle (you would have finished your work), if I hadn't been upset over the WiFi, if we had just played Stratego instead...we don't have anything, mom, not of our past!'

Carla said, gently, 'We have each other. And no matter what, I loved EVERY minute of being your mom. I only have one baby, and I really wanted to see those pictures today. If it was only for one day, it was so worth it, wouldn't you agree?  It WAS a miracle and I am so happy it happened.'

They were so excited they went to Farrell's for lunch just to celebrate the 'lost pictures found' and bought the iPads for the same reason. (Carla's is very old, the one she uses to make the videos, and it vexes her. Even last night, she was unable to pull up any of her work -- blog, FB, Twitter--with the terrible 3G cellular connection she pays twenty-eight dollars for every month on her iPad.)

Now it is Christmas. She can turn on Anthony's iPad, and fix it to the Wifi, and he will be amazed at the miracle both his mother, and father, and Divine Providence have given him, all shiny and new, upon awakening.

What about the baby photos?

Carla must trust, and she does. She has total trust in me (I know--I measure it! Relationships will be so much better when each of the partners will KNOW without a doubt 'where they stand' with their partner, 24/7--laughs)

Let's just see what turns up on that external hard drive...(smiles, then shrugs, and says, 'you never know'.)

I want to say a few words about the Vortex/Portal of the 11/11 'Gate'...all of these things have to do with energy. Yes, there are times of more energy than most, such as this. Allowing it to interfere with your process--your spiritual awakening--is not good. Allowing it to be a goal, a focus, like a 'workout' with 'meditation and a goal'--IS a good thing.

If you focus on the outcome, and nothing you perceive happens--which is entirely possible with the higher dimension realms--this is not so good, wouldn't you agree? You get disappointed and jaded and give up.  But if you, like Carla with the baby pictures--TRUST that even though you may not understand or appreciate the subtlety of what has taken place that it DID--that is good too.

And if you choose to say, 'Bagel Schmagel' to whatever else 'comes up' in the Lightworker community, and focus on your 'being a tree 24/7'--that is a metaphor for working on your sense of the eternal YOU and practicing it--that is a VERY good thing!  For it is what you are, no Illusion, 24/7--eternal beings like me! And all of us up here.

Ascended Master El Morya has waited an entire DAY for Carla to get his new Attunement key out.

Carla even bought a new pen just for the occasion!

Are you excited and sitting on the edge of your seats? (big burst of love energy flows through my chest --ed)

(big smiles and waves with both hands) BYE!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
and Anthony our little One.