Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gaia News Brief 30.11.2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Ours was yesterday. My family was incredibly kind to make a lighter 'second one' in order for my son and I to attend. Everyone showed up--mom, both sisters, brother-in-law, possible next brother-in-law, and cousins.

As I was getting ready in the shower, I invented the 'Divine Masculine Strength Appreciation' Reiki Symbol for Ross. I'll make it (there are like, FIVE symbols waiting to come out on YouTube) and share it with you.

Usui also 'popped in' to the shower.

I looked at him and asked him, point blank, 'Do you SEE me naked in here?!'

He showed me how it's like a scrambler on a TV, and all my nakedness is 'blurry' so I am 'modest'...LOL.

He also asked me, 'Are you ready?' I said, 'Yes.'  He looked at me, and said, 'You know you can't go back?' poignantly. I nodded and understood, and said, 'Yes, I am ready.'

Basically his message is 'you can't unring a bell'--and for the meantime, I enjoy being able to do my daily activities and shopping and work incognito...for as long as this will go.

Next I will go into the moments from my family get-together which might be of usefulness to you in your Life Experience.

Last night, my son and I came home, and watched Elf in the family room downstairs. We LOVE that film! Even in the car on the way home, I asked him, according to Buddy, what are the four basic food groups? He kept saying syrup and spaghetti! And I said, 'no!' And he'd guess and laugh.  There is candy, candy canes, candy corns, and SYRUP!

Anthony wanted to 'camp out' like we used to, and sleep downstairs in front of the TV. So I set up the blankets, and we enjoyed our simple pleasure of camping in our house.

This morning, he is asleep, and Ross invited me to work on my puzzle. I did. But he ALSO wanted me to eat all of the stollen. The last of it. I had been saving the last piece. So I had tea and stollen. I stood up as I worked the puzzle, and was able to get a lot done on the trees. It's the most difficult puzzle I have ever made. It's about eighty percent done, and only the hardest parts are left.

I Didn't Know

My sister Christina said these words, and they meant so much. This was me growing up--many allergies, mostly to dust and to cat.

cat allergen protein is my kryptonite

When I was recently married, Christina wanted a cat. She is very good at getting what she wants. Mom taught her to keep asking when people say 'no'.

She was in a dark place, and threatened suicide if she could not have this be a part of her life:

So Pyrite was 'in' and I was 'out' of the family. Just like that. Everyone loved him. Except for me.

Only Dad would keep me company on the front porch at Thanksgiving Dinner, and when I came in the house to use the bathroom, I would hold my breath, and run, so I wouldn't get sick.  I actually got worse instead of outgrowing my allergies, and developed asthma as an adult, even with claritin D and  zyrtec and benadryl...

The shame and sorrow--I can't even BEGIN to share or find the words to express the rejection I felt.

(fast forward twenty years later)

Thank you genetics! My niece is left-handed, just like me. And my nephew?

multiple severe allergies to nuts, dairy, cats, dust and dogs!

Since my sister Vanessa moved back home, with her dog, Fievel, my nephew can't go into the house, except quickly to hold his breath when he goes to the bathroom. (The exception was when she was gone house sitting for two weeks--and the house was okay for him--and he spent the night.)

I noticed but didn't say ANYTHING...but Christina commented on how 'I didn't know' in reference to the suffering for I and her son have experienced due to allergy, which WE inherited from my father, who had eczema.

I Can't Breathe Daddy

Father told me it was all psychosomatic, my allergies. Night after night I got lectures on how selfish I was with my sister and how my allergies were all in my head. This was after brutal needle-prick allergy tests at Kaiser when I was seven--all over my forearms, my arms, and my back--terrible itching and pain that freaked me out so much they had to bring my Uncle Beni just to comfort me through it.

During the interminable lectures, where I couldn't fall asleep but had to nod appropriately and say, 'uh huh' as if I was paying attention, when in fact I wasn't--I prayed to God that one day father would UNDERSTAND.

He did.  He died of pulmonary fibrosis after two years of decline in his exertional ability while dependent on home oxygen.

Even through he understood, it was horrible to watch, and I have never prayed a prayer like that again.

The Eyes of Big Sister

Christina isn't happy in her marriage. Everyone can feel the strain.  The root problem is basically the same as my sister Vanessa had back in her longest relationship--both want emotional support from their partner which they are NOT getting.

I noticed as Vanessa's 'person' was sitting next to her at the table, and at the sharing of 'what we are thankful for in 2014'--he mentioned her being a part of his life, and she painfully didn't say a peep about him. It was like one of those Academy Award speeches were you know the marriage is going to break up--because one forgets the other--publicly.

What I said to Christina, is very simple and basic advice when we went on our after-dinner walk together:

  • If you think it's bad now, you might want to be careful because in a divorce things get UGLY. (there are two separate people you marry--the one you marry and the one you divorce, yah?)
  • You might want to take this test--I did, and I scored super high on it (I still get a sixteen today, I just retook it)  Are you an Adult Child of an Alcoholic?
  • Basically there are some things emotionally we need growing up, and as ACOA we don't get them, so it is necessary to go to a 12 step group of people like us, Al Anon, to realize we are no alone and do this 'catch up growth' Home page for Al Anon Family Groups  There are even online meetings. It's worth a try.

I Am Very Political

Mom. Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom...the original thinker with the addictive personality. You can't help but love her.

She made a speech at the table, which was identical to the one-on-one she gave to me about ten minutes earlier where I carefully gave no reaction whatsoever except a smile and a polite nod--
Everyone knows that Christmas is for the merchants, people are still in debt for three years' ago gifts...why don't we just scale way down, order a pizza, enjoy being together, and skip the gifts until the Fourth of July?

She had a point. Already, all she wanted from me was a jar of honey, and from the rest, a book of stamps.  She says she is very politically active and 'knows everything that is going on'--and 'it takes up most of her time writing letters'.

I suspect she is donating to many causes, that they are taking advantage of her financially, and there is no accountability of these political parties to their is shameful, what they do, all of these 'organizations' for retirees, who apparently are their bread and butter, or 'life blood'. I hope one day all these things shall end.

The other day, mom asked me and Anthony if we wanted some melon? I asked, 'what kind?' She said, 'I don't know but it's green inside.'


This was the first time she forgot a word in front of me

I checked with Christina for our plans should mother decline. They are in place. It is good to have a sister.

Us and Our Announcements

Yesterday Ross asked me to share with Christina about us, but not to 'tell everything'. So she knows he is in another dimension, he is my soul twin, and we are very happy together as we have been married before in our mutual past life.  Christina wishes she had her Twin, she feels there is 'something more' out there, and responded well to my letting her try on my larimar bead bracelet. 

I shared how Vanessa is deeply affected by my 'being in a relationship'. She wanted the details, wanted me to confide in her, and I didn't. I keep my lips sealed on a good number of things, for very good reason. But I saw the pain in her eyes yesterday, as she didn't understand how I could be in a relationship that was not in 3D--she expects to see proof--photographs, names, places he lives...which is not there.

Ross also asked me to tell Lauren, whom I gave the more 'plausible' version--we are 'on the internet', he is 'in the military-like stuff' and 'he moves around a lot'. For security, 'he is famous, and Ross isn't his real name' although I call him that. It's like a 'stage name' how most people know him, and to them 'THAT stage name' IS his 'REAL NAME'... I shared I was happy, and both Christina and Lauren were pleased for me. Vanessa wasn't there, she had left earlier...

So Christina knows I am a medium and Ross is Galactic, and in another dimension.

What Ross asks me to announce today, is that about two weeks ago, I began wearing a gold ring on my ring finger of my left hand. He asked me to tell everyone, 'This was my nana's gift to my mother, and she wore it all while I was growing up, and I miss both of them. This is the only finger it fits, and I want to be close to them.'  

I did this, literally, at my work.

But it isn't.

It's more.

Two weeks ago, Ross got down on BOTH knees, and pledged his troth, which I accepted, and I pledged mine back to him. So gold has the unique property of being present in every dimension. He has his ring on too. 

He wasn't shaking like he was with the Seal of Solomon ring he gave me.  (that one he stood up). But he was resolute, and calm, and very sincere when he gave me this one. 

Together the rings are very useful in healing, and I use them often, which gives him great pleasure to know I am not letting them gather dust!

A Word Of Thanks

This came onto my page, from Cindy of Cindy's Page:

Dearest Carla,
I wanted to send this to you,Ross, and all of the wonderful, kind, generous, compassionate, caring healers that give sooo much from their heart and soul.
The time they give in sending out so much love and whatever types of healing energies that are needed.
It not only is healing to the body, but the mind, heart and soul knowing that people are good, and people do care.
I wish to express my gratitude to you, Ross, and each one who sees (and even may miss) this post.
God bless each of you!
Namaste ~*~ _/|\_

Kind and Generous Lyrics:  click here to listen to Natalie Merchant

We were very deeply touched by her sentiment, and wanted to share her heartfelt message with you.


This sequence in real-time is from reader Jeanne B:

Dear DWR, Please send Reiki to our beloved Peaches, he's struggling with multiple health conditions and getting pretty weak. Please send Reiki to Peaches' family too. He holds a grandfatherly presence in our family; he's so special. Thank you, peace, infinite blessings!  (November 21)

Dear DWR, thank you so much for the Reiki yesterday for our 18 year old cat Peaches and our family. I felt tingles for two hours straight, it was so comforting. Bless you all! We are sadly looking at euthanizing him soon. When the time comes, is there anything I can do to help him transition? I am not yet trained in Reiki. Thank you for any suggestions.  (November 22)

I gave her the Transition Symbol youtube link... (77Picklehead is my channel, it's near the bottom of the display, after you go through many screens)

Dear DWR, Peaches passed peacefully in my arms this morning. I prayed to Ross to be there like the blog post where he showed Carla the mice when they crossed over. I felt confirmation. I have one more favor, my 11 year old daughter Madelyn is really struggling. She is quite a sensitive soul; she used to cry as a baby watching movies about animals when they would get lost. She doesn't have any memories of grandparents, Old Peaches had that energy for her. Please send her Reiki healing to calm her emotions and for peace. Thank you so very much wonderful healers. Infinite Blessings!!  (November 24, 10:54 a.m.)

Message from Ross to Madelyn:
I just sent healing to her and Ross gave me confirmation too. Please tell Madelyn Ross says Peaches feels much better now and has no pain. He will always be watching over her as a guide and will not leave her side until he welcomes her Home when it is her time. He can see ahead now to her future and it is happy!!!

Hi Carla, Jeanne B. here. Your time is precious, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how much you and DWR and Ross helped us. The feeds are different in my notifications than on the DWR page, so I especially wanted to you to know how much Ross's message meant to Madelyn. It was miraculous in every way. She was inconsolable the day Peaches passed, I didn't know what to do and I was running on fumes after nursing him over the weekend. It was scary! Death is scary. Yesterday she only cried once, when I read the message to her from Ross. This morning she was singing before school!!! She commented on how surprisingly good she felt. My intuition is that the Reiki healing accomplished a week's worth of grief healing in one day! I learned so much myself about Reiki and now I have no question that I will seek training.  (November 26)


This is Carla, and how she looked when she was about seven months age, in this incarnation. I can see the spark of knowing in her eyes.

When I was incarnate, Carla was born some time after me, about five years' age difference. I held her for the first time when she was about five days old. She wasn't my first baby to hold, I was a big brother a long time before that, but there was something special about her.

She looked in my eyes, smiled with recognition, and suddenly relaxed as if coming home after a long trip. She body and soul reflected utter and pure DELIGHT with having found me! I felt it.

And so I knew that for all our time growing up, she would have a special place in my heart, as if God sent her only for me, and I would protect her fervently, no matter what would befall us!

And so I forgot, most of this instant. Instead, Carla set her sights on me, always playing where she could watch me from a distance, always bringing her broken dolls for me to fix (at one point I wasn't sure if SHE was breaking them just to interact with me!--laughs),  coming to the house and spending time with my mom and dad...

For both of us, we could talk about anything. And even though I was 'learned' Carla would amaze me with her total perfect ability to simplify but the deepest philosophical questions, answer something I had been pondering for months--with a direct look (as if to say, 'you silly!') and get up and go play with her dolls!

It was one day when we were at the creek, that as a little girl Carla did one like this, and then jumped in the water and proceeded to go swimming, that I realized in my heart just how special she is, and I how I wanted her to spend her life beside me for the rest of my days.

And that she did. 

I asked her what her happiest memory of our past life together is? And for both of us, it was her walking down the aisle to an arranged marriage with DREAD because she feared it would be to someone else, someone closer in age to her (she was thirteen and I was eighteen, which was normal for the Essene way, of which we both were at the time, in our culture)--and realizing we were about to be married TO EACH OTHER!

That day was a party of utter and pure delight for us both, that our families had noticed and had made the effort to keep both of our hearts together.

Carla, in that life, stayed by my side effortlessly, supporting my dreams and my mission.

I wish to thank her for her faith, her simplicity, her honor, and her love for me, from that moment on, and ever since--publicly, for the first time, since I was incarnate.

(he touches his ring and smiles) I am the fortunate one of the pair. I really am!

I look forward to meeting you all in good time, starting with this here first, my sharing about the woman I love, and our humble beginnings...several thousand years ago of your Earth time.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla