Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gaia News Brief 8.11.2014

Ross wants me to keep this one really brief....


On the way to work, after the healing we share with those who follow us on FB, Twitter, and here...Ross surprised me with a visit to a planet near Venus, in the astral and etheric realms, which is named Ariia (ah-rhee-uh).

Unicorns live there! A whole LOT of them!

Ross gave me a little something to eat--like, the size of a candy corn. It was amazing! The flavors were crisp, sweet and sour. I blurted out, 'Ross, this candy makes everything on earth that is delicious for candy seem like one BIG JOKE!!!'

He smiled.

I wat introduced to a unicorn, a high-ranking one, named Belorus (bell-oh-roose).  He was very patient and kind. I asked if I could touch him? He said of course.

So I examined him, just like I would a patient. The eyes had pupil reaction to light, just like we do. The mouth had teeth, which were very clean and in good condition. He had the little gap like our horses do, the place on the lower jaw where the bit would go. I checked the ears for hearing, not just telepathy like we were talking but for sound. I tested conducted bone hearing with a tuning fork, and also air hearing. I rubbed my fingers in his ear to check for his ability to hear quiet sounds.

At this point he was like, 'Ross, what is with this chick?' and Ross was like, 'She is a doctor on Earth, it interests her.'

The fur was soft and just like a horse. The mane was long but never needs combing (I asked, where are your people to groom you? and he said, 'who grooms your wild horses?')

The hooves were just like a horse but no shoes, and the genitalia was intact.

I asked to feed him, and I offered him handfuls of golden sparkly grains as I would handfuls of oats from a bucket. I wondered if he had rainbow poops and he said, 'No, I do not have rainbow poops. I don't even have poops. But I can pee if I want to.'

I asked him, 'Do you have to work to put your children through college?'

He found this ridiculous! He laughed, as only a unicorn could laugh, and confided, 'everything is already taken care of for us for this here.'  Working to pay for education for your children! LOL LOL LOL--that's the gist of it.

Real Exejutivo

I was in tears on the way home this morning. Just dirty and wanting a shower, and worn out from work. I'd spend the night on a gurney in the recovery room. My back hurt. We had a meeting (thank you for those who sent healing). It was sad. I thought OB nurses really liked me. But nope--they want a team of dedicated OB anesthesiologists to 'solve problems'--and my name wasn't suggested on the list. Here I am putting my heart on my sleeve for all this time, and now this?

I wanted to volunteer, but I don't like the overnight part. It really messes me up, and I'm not getting any younger. If there were OB days --twelve hour shifts--I'd consider it. But not the twenty-four hour shifts. It hurt not to be desired by that group of people I routinely work with.

I had to sign a contract. Another one to do with the money and how it is collected and how they can take more out...from the pool...

How much I wish we could discuss ways to best serve our patients, instead of compensation...

My highlight in my day was helping a woman with advanced cancer who was from another culture, the kind where women wear covers on their heads. I told the family, 'I will care for her like she is my family...' and the daughter asked, 'When will I see you again?' I said I didn't know--if I had time between cases I would stop by and say hello.  On the way in to the OR, I saw a tattoo on an elbow, 'We are ONE' and I knew that wasn't an accident.

The poor eighty-year old had been through chemo and was alopecic (lost the hair on the head). She had tears running down her face as we got her on the OR table. I dried them with gauze, and stroked her head, cooing words of comfort I knew she wouldn't understand, and pushed the drugs. She woke up happy.

There is so much suffering in this world today.

That's why I was crying in the car on the way home. Because Ross suffered. And it still hurts me to this day, what happened to him, what happened to us.

He came and told me he is better, and for us to move forward I am going to have to accept it. I cried harder and told him that what happened to him made me scared, for both of us, and it was so awful I didn't know what to do. Ashtar came. He poked at Ross to show me the wounds were all healed. He asked what I wanted, both of them asked?

  • oceans to heal
  • places for animals to live, just like in Agartha
  • homes for everyone
  • end to hunger--doesn't all have to be five star meals--but no empty tummies
  • clean air
  • no more disease
  • no more fear and suffering
  • no more advertisements for ANYTHING
  • clean earth--no more pollution
  • whatever technology to use galactic for transport-that--NOW--instead of cars and oil and freeways
  • people to have time to enjoy living and to do what interests them
  • a big fat RAISE for Ashtar for all he's done, and I invented pins of honor and other 'rewards'
Ross said, 'Feel my love in your heart'

The song 'La Vida Es Un Carnaval' by Celia Cruz came on the radio.

And the bus with the name Real Exejutivo rode by.

I told Ross his love in my heart is the most important thing in the world to me. And that it grows, in my womb, as our children, Alexandra, Benjamin, and Anthony (the first two are from our last incarnation together, the latter is from this life now).


While she was crying, Carla asked me, 'Ross, can one day can I have breakfast with you?'

It was the kindest thing she's ever said, from her heart, to me--to have a normal relationship, with the expectation that we could start our day together, as she has done every day of her life here for the last 'fifty years and change'.

As Carla was in the doctor's lounge getting her bags from her locker, she saw Dr. Son Duong, the surgeon with whom she had done a femoral-popliteal bypass late into the night last night. 'Carla are you still HERE?' he asked, surprised to see her. 

She explained it had been a late night, and she didn't want to drive back in the middle of the night, because there was a department meeting in the morning, so she spent the night at the hospital. She asked how last night's patient had done?, and he smiled and shared that she was doing beautifully. (Carla had done her anesthetic for her heart surgery five years ago)

She knew he'd be working a long time, because this is a long case. She held up some fruit from her bag, and asked him if he would like a banana for later, as she had an extra?

He said yes, and put it in the pocket of his white coat on the rack where all the surgeons put them.

Once he left, she looked through her bag, and found a Marathon Energy Bar. She placed it in his pocket, noting he already had the KIND brand of energy bar right next to it.

Carla is the kind of person who does things like this. Always thoughtful and caring. Even after more than twenty-four hours at her work, and before her cup of coffee...

I want you to know that this heart is what goes behind every letter that has been typed in any of her work...the heart that cares for you has selected every picture (a little with my help--smiles), every word (again, a little with all of our help--gestures to the council), and puts your needs before her own.

Today she wanted to take a shower, before going to our son's basketball game. But I asked her to do this, and to make it short, because people are counting on us...people with beautiful hearts like you.

Your hearts are the same as ours. As Carla's and her incredible giving soul. And yours are on the way to becoming open and filled with Heaven's breath and energy to Light the way for thousands!!!

I ask you to hold this thought, and take it to your meditation, just for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and sleepyhead Carla who had the worst bed head I've ever seen today--kindly for others, she chose to brush it! (laughs very loud at his own joke)