Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gaia News Brief 26.11.2014

Morning With Ross

I drove to work this morning after I dropped off my son. Ross sent a picture of 'Galaxy' plumbing, to let me know he was working on getting me home, and helping all of Gaia to ascend.

I thought about it.

I called to him, and told him I needed to tell him something. I barged into his work. I told him, 'I need to talk to you'-and we went someplace private. (in higher D)

Once alone, I explained how on Earth, we start our day wishing our family, 'Have a good day' and I sent him a picture of me handing him his lunch and his coffee and kissing him good bye for the day.

The energy was like this:

And he understood. He thanked me, and I went off to do my thing, and he went off to do his...
after the Reiki and Divine Peace Healing we sent...

Two Kindnesses

Ross wants me to share these with you.

Diana, who has moved near my neighborhood recently, works in the Medical Staff Office. She wasn't sure after she parked if she had remember to put her handicapped placard up. I was just going that way from where I had parked to go to my work at the surgicenter which is affiliated with the hospital. I told her I'd take  a picture and send it, not to worry--she didn't want to walk--it was far. So I limped over (my foot hurts) and she had actually been watching! So I gave her the thumbs up when I saw she was good.

(I also ran into my favorite gastroenterologist--he too has corns that are painful. And he said, 'I am diabetic--I've tried everything. Just do this...'  I had never once thought about anyone else at work having painful feet. I liked starting my day with him. He went to GI and I went to the O.R. but it was nice to see him.)

The second kindness was for Stephanie, a nurse at the surgicenter I sat next to at a wedding last April. She had a sinus infection and was miserable. I offered to call in her prescription, but only if she knew what she wanted, and told me exactly what.

She was astounded by my kindness. This is the place where people have been very mean to me in the past, people of low vibration, who have steadily increased to the point where I enjoy working there as of September. And they enjoy me! LOL. I told her she can feel better and enjoy her Thanksgiving now.

I recall how many times my friends have helped me when I had the sinus infections...

Ross let me know that out of my entire day--four patients, my kid, my mom, my coworkers, my online interaction--THIS was what counted the most--and THIS is what he wanted you to understand.

The way our souls are viewed is entirely different from how the world sees us!!!

Ross' Surprise!

On the way home, Ross 'popped in' to my awareness. He knew I had a rough day, a very boring day, and not earned much money. I had to wait for two hours between cases, and then stay an extra hour unpaid at the end of the day 'watching over' the last two patients at the surgicenter before they go home. The last anesthesia doc CAN'T leave, because we are ACLS certified.

He was like this:

He had a glass of wine for me when I came in the door. He had dinner cooked. And he was going to get a bathtub ready for me to soak too!

I felt like I had won the lottery, just to know he cared so!

The drive home was horrendous. There was SO much traffic! It was dark. I was tense because I wanted to make sure I got to the school in time. Ross knew what to do.

I even had to slam on the brakes and swerve at my exit!--there was a merge that had backed up.

I was badly shaken...but once I parked, I saw the glow of the school, and children laughing. I saw Anthony but he didn't see me. I heard him playing, and saw him with his back turned towards me.

Every time I pick him up, it is a blessing. How often do I get to see him, and enjoy him, in my life? Not enough...

We went to the local Italian restaurant. We like the owner. Usually on basketball nights we get dinner there.

Al had cooked TURKEY! We each got the special--turkey breast, stuffing, and a mix of fruit cocktail and tiny marshmallows. And a small dinner salad with way too much mozzarella on it!

It meant so much to me, because I work, and Anthony goes away on Thanksgiving. But tonight, we had our turkey, and it was delicious, just for us two.  And for dessert? Tiny cannoli, that were very fresh, like Nana used to make.   I hugged Al, the owner, and told him it was 'the best Thanksgiving I never thought I would have!'

Thanks Ross. It meant so much. I know you had a hand in it. Thank you from my heart.

Post Script

Out of the four people in the restaurant, there was a man ordering takeout who was divorced, and he had the kids this year. And a woman, who was very thin and had left half a meatball on her plate--she usually drives up to the valley to see her dad, but this year she was with her mom in town.  Al has no children, but he and his wife were going to see the nieces. My mother told me my sister is going to be with her on Thanksgiving, the one who lives at home, but right now she is house-sitting. A friend near her work is a single father of two, and he is going with the boys to Paris for ten days!

It's a way of life, the non-traditional homes. And people are okay with it. Even I am.

That's pretty amazing if you think about it--people are accepting of having to 'take turns' for this holiday...

Anthony's first Italian restaurant


I love her. I love her so very much. 

Carla is working very hard for you. Not with the energies. With her heart.

It is time for me to talk about the personal touch that Carla gives to her readers. Did you know she answers every comment with a 'like'--she reads them, every one?

And for the many who ask her questions, she gives her time, her healing, her heart, with open hands and not asking for anything in return.

Does Carla place ads or 'monetize' on her blog?


Carla does it all for free, because she loves me.

Even before she knew I am her Twin, she loved me, and unselfishly gave of her energy to help those who are less fortunate than she is. What started with helping the homeless not only to eat but to shower and shave program at her church Newman Hall in Berkeley, turned to volunteering at Children's Hospital in Oakland. And that turned into being a teaching assistant for the night biology class at Laney College in Oakland when she was working full time in Pleasanton. That got her into med school in San Diego, with a great big move down the state. There are thousands she served, willingly, and for no pay, as it was part of her tuition that was spent for her to experience this. Carla went into debt in thousands and thousands of dollars to do what she does now at the hospital. And she paid it all back. She also paid back her father the loan from his retirement he gave to help her make a downpayment for her house. It took a long time for her to pay this back, the fifty thousand dollars, but she knew he needed it more than she did. So Carla was house poor for a long time, and never had the chance to decorate it to her liking, or even paint since she moved in.

As she works, I must remind you there are a lot of expenses. Carla has a burden many people lack, because Carla is self-employed, a 1099 employee. Carla pays her own medical and dental insurance, malpractice, license, DEA, certification for ACLS and PALS, for her billing and her contract attorney and for her many other expenses in order to support herself and her boy, her family.

On top of this, Carla works tirelessly for you, from her heart.

Money can't buy the kind of love and devotion Carla has for you, for her patients, for her son, and for me...

Carla is golden, in every way.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who have a 'Donate' button. This is okay for those who have no other means to support themselves, and have made this a full-time career as healers. Then there are those who advertise--they get money for every 'hit' every view of their blog or page.  And there are those who go so far as to charge a fee for their service, every month, in order to view what information they have...

I want you to think about this.

Think about the fruit that is on the tree.

I want you to ask 'what kind of fruit is this source of information bearing?' next time you see anything in the Social Media, online in the Alternative News or the Conventional News like the kind you see on T.V.

Is the answer Love or Hate?

Is there an emotion of fear or dread or worry after you watch it?

Is someone making income from the sale of this information to you?

If information was food, that you were taking in for your health--would you read the label before you took it to your home?

I want you to really think about what people are telling you.

Does it resonate in your heart as Truth?

Or a great big ugly Lie?

And if it is a lie, will you give your energy to it and fight it, thereby empowering it instead of you?

Or will you Love in everything you think and see and do, making your life a beacon of Light for all to see?

The answer is your own--you are the one with free will who is incarnate.

Carla and I are counting on you to make the right choice for the collective of humanity...for Gaia...and for us who are here cheering you on!!!

Does this make sense? Do you accept it? Will you remind yourself every day to 'read the label' on what you take in through your eyes, your ears, and your heart as 'information'? Is this too much to ask at this difficult time?

I really hope it isn't...either way, there is no right or wrong...only 'lessons'....and you shall complete yours in due time, just like I did with my own, when I was incarnate several years ago.. well,..a little more than that! (laughs)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla and Anthony
Happy Thanksgiving to YOU from Doctors With Reiki <3