Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gaia News Brief 13.11.2014

The Discernment Special Edition

Most truth is somewhere in the middle.  Today we are going to present sources in order of controversy.  Please advance to the level where you will have some sense of being 'uncomfortable' with the information that is presented. Then go ahead, and say to yourself, 'this is enough' and just forget about the rest. There is no 'extra credit'--so just do what 'feels right' to you. So when you are 'done' with what is right for you, skip down to Ross' message at the end.

A huge part of this resource is to 'shake things up' a little, enough to get you to look at things a different way...

A Government Official with no Remorse When Caught in a Lie:

The architect of Obama care talks about 'stupidity of voters'--click here for the article

The Fruit that this 'Tree' is Growing:

Is this news truth?

How will this affect access to Health Care for those who have no money?

How will delaying surgery impact those who need it?

Karen Hudes Speaks:

click for part 1
click for part 2

Karen is a whistleblower from World Bank, a lawyer who is now a spokesperson for all who are concerned about corruption in world finance.

Lies In The Bible?

Here is the article:  click for link

How can this be true? Is it ALL of it? Some of it?

Here is the hint--what 'resonates' with love and gratitude, the energy of Spirit?--and what doesn't?

Spiritual Truth from a Sirian High Council:

Is  it possible for there to be people on earth who are not at the same level of spiritual development?

Could they have access to information, and perhaps, missions, such as the Heavenly Keys, that others do not?

Why is there such a test of each person?

Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Arcturians Episode of Earth Changes:

Video on Ascension about Earth Changes
  (Evita is a clear Light, and one I trust very much, very much a leader for others in these 'topics')

Programming of Kittens 
(this is very dark, very disturbing, and may set off people who have survived Monarch programming)

For those who have never heard or studied Monarch techniques, this information from Cathy O'Brien will be too intense, and I recommend you skip it. Especially is you have history of multiple personality disorder.

Here is the link:  Kittens--and Cat People

Could this possibly be true?

The Basis Behind The Work Of Kevin Annett

Here is the  webpage of Kevin Annett, a human rights activist--click here for Kevink Annett

He is spending all his efforts with his team to 'take down' and 'stop' people who create individuals like the 'cat people' in the immediate prior paragraph. And he is winning in the courts!


I love you.

Unconditionally. Just like I do my beloved Carla, my Twin Soul.  Together, we are working at this time to awaken the masses. This is just a test for you to experience in yourself what the reaction is going to be like when everyone 'wakes up'...this is important for you both as Healers and as Emissaries Of The Light which undoubtedly you are or otherwise you would not be reading this.

Your Higher Self would protect you, and you would have no interest to read any of this blog--not this post, but all of the messages from Carla and myself.


I will do a cleansing prayer to stabilize you, and to help you adapt in time of changes:

Oh Heavenly Father and Divine Mother, come to our children, your beloveds who walk upon the Earth at this time.  Awaken their hearts, their minds, their bodies, their them to shake what is left of the old 3D 'societal distortion' off of their energy systems.

Help them to reconnect and attach to the Higher Realms with simplicity, ease, wonder, joy and delight.

Have this take place at ONCE!

Open their hearts, and may all Divine Assistance be theirs in the coming Awakening of the Masses.

Help them to be anchors of abundant High Energy that is grounded both into Gaia and connected with no 'wifi interruption' like a CABLE to SOURCE at this difficult time, when everybody is facing the changes to 'life as we know it'.

It is better, a vast improvement, to health and humanity and society across the globe--what lies ahead.

May angels guide and help them walk to it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flames