Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gaia News Brief 9.11.2014

Weekend edition--Sunday Morning

Ross woke me up shortly after my alarm at four-thirty a.m., and asked me to write.

I wanted to sleep.  I enjoy not having to go to work, and the warmth of my bed, and the dark. It is so nurturing. 

But Ross has his ways, and I agree it is important that I write.

He first had me work on the 'tab' you see above you for the first time, Known Incarnations Of Archangels.


We are taking them out of the closet!

Speaking of closets, lass night Ross invited me to make popcorn and watch a movie. I rarely watch movies. As a matter of fact, I didn't know how to turn the TV on. I had to text my ex, who had our boy, and ask him to explain how the  sequence of the cable box works to turn on the 'inputs' so I could watch. There was a little 'input' box on the lower left hand corner of the cable remote I would never have noticed.

As I scrolled through the list of over four hundred movies on pay per view, I was amazed at how few of them appealed to me. The only one, remotely I found of interest, was The Perfect Wave, with Cheryl Ladd as the mother. I watched the preview. It looked okay. But after, as I scrolled down to 'check and see if I really wanted to watch it', I saw in my heart it was the same old story--young person, surfing, tragedy, and resolution. I just didn't want that same old recipe again with new actors and Cheryl. Not for my Saturday night 'date' post-call. : )

Then I saw this--I love Uncle George on Facebook--and also Brad, his husband:

I watched the whole thing, with delight. I fondly remembered the cast of Star Trek. As a child I was about three and was permitted to stay up late just to watch it.  I remember watching Sulu and 'sensing' he was 'different' as a child, but I couldn't put my finger on it or explain it. Yet, at that early age, I knew this actor was on a mission that was more than the others, and that this would not be the last I saw of him.

During the movie, I realized, as I watched political speech after human rights speech (the internment camps) after openly sharing his experiences as a homosexual --and the homophobia treatment that goes with it--and it dawned on me I was watching an archangel incarnate!

Only an archangel could touch so many lives, and speak so sincerely and confidently on Truth.

Then the fun began! WHICH archangel was he? And was Brad his soul twin? What a marvelous assignment!

He is Uriel incarnate. I quickly looked it up online--and yes, the characteristics are the same--our perceptions, truth, advancing our get the idea...

I confirmed it not once but two different ways, including contacting Source.

And this is the image, the angelic one, spirit wanted me to share with you, the colors and the golden energy are important.

George? And Brad? I love you and I thank you for your service to humanity, and your love for all.


I rested yesterday after a very long, and worthwhile, day at work. I enjoyed the teams, the patients, and the cases very much. 

I also am recovering from some disturbing news at my work, and, like Uncle George, am now working to have a positive 'take' on it. This is the only thing that will help, in the situation.  The first is that some members of our anesthesia group are leaving, but the boss didn't say who or when. He only said, 'they are leaving of their own will and I am not letting them go.' I had to ask another who it is? We figured out one.

The other is more difficult. The OB team wishes to have a dedicated group of anesthesiologists like we did in the past. I started with the group in this capacity. Not only would I have to dedicate myself to exclusive OB practice, I would take calls more often than I do. And I didn't even get this choice. For some reason, the 'popular ones' list of anesthesia providers didn't include me or any of the women except for two. 

It hurt. Deeply.

Yet I realize I want to have more time with my son. Those late nights on OB call are really getting hard on me. And I am not getting any younger.

I tossed and turned all night because of it.

And as a blessing, I saw a way I can keep my skills up. I will take it.

The part that is confusing is the one anesthesiologist that OB department threw out, and made leave the hospital two years ago, now is 'very much loved', and is going to be taking the most call for the group, and the leader of it.

We must not go backwards. We should always move forward. And for me, forward is this energy healing and Reiki work, and getting it into my hospital, and also, mainstream.

I am going to miss my OB patients!


I have done a lot of work stabilizing the energy of my Twin as of late. Together we balance. I know her and I feel her heart next to mine, at all times--though she does not know this about the Twin relationship.

I have a lot of work to do. Carla knows it. But Carla is my Favorite Work, out of all of my assignments, tasks, and projects I oversee.

Carla was low, in both her energy and her mood all yesterday. She felt stunned and was struggling to 'right' herself energetically. It was a huge outpouring. The puzzle was the only thing that gave her some comfort.

Yesterday she ate chocolate by the handful, pieces of good See's candy she found in the back of the fridge. She didn't want to eat a meal. She slept. And she felt overwhelmed by her projects, her housework, and the fact that she had to say goodbye to her son after their first win on their basketball team--because it is his weekend with his earthly father, Jared.  And this morning? The rejection without warning by the incarnation of Archangel Haniel just about put her over the was sudden, with no explanation, and Carla has the feeling she has been judged harshly. Carla has resolved to take steps to make things 'right', and to give it up to the Universe for resolution after this.

Carla was never meant for all of this. Yet she is here, 'putting one step in front of the other', and moving forward with her life.

How about you? What is it that is overwhelming you?

I want you to know a little trick Carla has found to be most helpful--she focuses on me, her Twin. I am her strongest 'connection' to source. Whether it is your partner, your Twin, your pet, your garden, a beautiful vista in nature...I want you whenever you struggle to think of that very strong connection to Source and the Divine. Only of that. And relax the muscles inside your soul that are so tight and so wrapped up with survival. Let everything go.

A wonderful warm burst of love will open your heart. It is like breathing fresh air for your soul. Take great big gulps with it.


I cannot emphasize this enough. Your rest is the best time our teams have to 'talk' to you, for there are no distractions from your body, or your mind, or your daily tasks.

We shall get through this, all of us. And I thank you deeply, from my heart, for all the loving support and protection you give to Carla and our son (I am the father in Spirit, of the soul, and Jared is the biological father--if this makes sense?) every single day. I take note of it, I can measure in your heart how you love her unconditionally, and her son.

It means so much to all of us, your caring, your healing, your concern.

Thank you for all you do for the Light.

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla and Anthony

P.S.   I was mistaken about Haniel. She changed her name on FB, and actually sent a glowing communication of love and gratitude to me--Carla--which I just saw this morning. I had no idea it was the same person, and was extremely upset that they had 'gone away'.

Please take a note of who and what upsets me. It is a pattern which those who watch will understand why I react like this, and why anything that reminds me of Ross' brutal death makes me suffer.

Not only will it give insight to you who I am 'on a soul level', but it will give you the tenderness you need to have for your own soul, as the memories 'surface' from your past lives lived...