Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gaia News Brief 20.11.2014


I am going to let Carla rest.

This is a 'catching up' sort of blog post. There are chores to be done to get the day off to a good start. And Carla doesn't really have much of anything to say except that 'she is hanging in there', 'by her teeth' she would add.

Oh how I love it when she complains about the life in spirit!

No one up here complains pretty much about anything. Although we have gotten accustomed to it, all of the Ground Crew barging up here (most of them in their dream time, just like Carla did last night and has no remembrance of it.) and saying in one way or the other, 'This Place Sucks!' and 'I Want Out!' 'I'm Homesick' and 'I Want To Go Back Home'.

Many, many, many--just about ALL of the Lightworkers at one time or another COMPLAIN!

And that is okay. It is fine we me and with all of us. It is part of the process of Spiritual growth.  If there have been tensions all throughout your Spiritual 'infancy' swathed in 3D and 'protected' --if there is such a word for it--by The 'Veil', then the next step in finding your True Self, your True Purpose, and your Assignment of your Mission is first to reject and then to pick up what 'feels right' about you and your soul.

There is much healing that needs to be accomplished by us, on behalf of you, the human population in general, as well as the many Lightworkers--they are LEGION!--who are 'out there in the field and suddenly waking up' to a whole new life and way of thinking and looking at things.

This is all a part of Spiritually 'growing up'.

This is expected.

And we are ready to help you grow, to awaken, and to go on to the next part of your Journey.

Ashtar and I both thank you for your Light, for your effort, and for your Heart. (touches his fist to his heart area).

It will pay off.

It is Worth It.

You will be happy.

(puts his arm around my neck and draws me close) Starting with my Carla here--Lumpy! (laughs at how ridiculous this whole situation and my reaction to it, with Love...for me and the situation, like he's been through things like this with me before, a LOT!)

I knew Carla would find a way to make a joke out of it!

(He sends a healing out right now to all of humanity, and it is green--and very soothing, especially for me.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Twins
At Doctors With Reiki