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Gaia News Brief 5.11.2014

Reiki At Dawn

Today's Reiki Healing was sent by us, as well as the Divine Peace Healing, while I sat on the back porch swing wearing only my pajamas, and it was COLD!

Ross dared me to do it! So I did. And soon I lost track of the cold. Instead, I noticed things I never see and appreciate--the early morning birds, the breeze, and the very LOUD freeway noise I never notice other times of year, and other times of day.

I was sad because of it. All the trees, all the wildlife, all the pets, and all the people are bathed in this rumble 24/7, and the pollution from the cars too. For my whole life, in all of Southern California and Northern California, I have always heard cars and traffic. I read once that people who life in apartments on the street have higher blood pressure than those who are on the other side of the building, because of the stress.

I asked Ross if the transportation of the future, like his transport, is silent?

(((BIG SMILE))) It is!

I am totally looking forward to this.


There are three:

  1. The ENT surgeon smiled and was surprised to see me at the bedside of our patient in pre-op holding. I asked about the airway, since we were going to share it on this case, and how would he like it to be managed to suit his surgical approach?  He told the patient, 'you have a GOOD anesthesiologist! You are lucky. She is going to take very GOOD care of you.' 
  2. "You are my hero"  I am the second lady anesthesiologist this patient has had. She is MENSA, and quit medical school when she had three kids and a husband who wouldn't help her with anything. She said how she knows what it is like to go through the training, and to have completed it is a significant thing that most people don't know. She said, 'When I hear some people talk about the 'stress', many have no clue how compared to 'med school' and 'doctor' stress, the other 'stress' doesn't even come close!'
  3. An OB-Gyn I know was embarrassed because her patient wanted to do Reiki with the pregnancy and childbirth, and wasn't sure if it was safe, so she asked her doctor who needed an answer--quick! So she called in to my case at the surgery center, and asked, 'I have a stupid question--you don't even have to answer it. But I know you do this and I thought you could help. What is Reiki?'  I appreciated her candor and trust. I shared, 'It is like acupuncture without needles. It uses the body's own ability to heal, and activates it. There are no side effects or risks. It can't hurt. It can only help.'

Dream Girl

The daughter of the medium in the GI lab, the technician, tracked me down. 'I HOPED I would see you today! You were in my dream last night--you were here and had shorter hair, blonde, and very wavy with curls. You asked me if I liked your hair and I said I did.'

I show up in people's dreams. I have for my whole life. I have no recollection of it, but I did.

Kudos From Ross to me

There is a neurosurgeon I have known over fifteen years. We both worked at my old hospital. Then I left. Now he is at mine. He married an ICU nurse who is my friend from the old hospital. I always thought we worked well together. He's very particular about things, and likes control.

Well, for a certain procedure where he bolts a frame onto somebody's head with only a little propofol, he doesn't like my 'style'--we miscommunicate, and the patient moves, then stops breathing, because the surgeon is making me do anesthesia 'his' way, and telling me how to do it.

So I haven't worked with him on any cases for like, whenever there is an option for someone else to do it.

I was embarrassed last year, on my birthday, on call, when I had a case. I wanted to hide, but there was no one else to do it but me. And this surgeon was very kind, and even bought me dinner to celebrate--we had it delivered to the O.R.

But we still don't work together. We just made peace.

Well today, he was nice. And asked questions about my boy, and how I am? I did the same for him.

Ross was beaming and came to me, and said, 'Look at what you have done with that person with your love and positive outlook! LOOK!'

Love had replaced fear...

Spread The Word

My 'nudge' has been on overdrive. I 'boosted' the Daylight Savings Time post. Then I 'boosted' the 'with a grain of salt' article from Ron Head--so people would know what Reiki in general is about.  Here is the article, and my introduction:

I Invite You To Take This With a Grain Of Salt: 
Doctors With Reiki discusses energy healing that is on the 'cutting edge'. Most Reiki practitioners, once attuned (given a little energy from their teacher, like a sourdough 'starter') experience the presence of their Reiki 'Guides'. I have them, and many readers on this page have them too. These are angelic beings and Ascended Masters, who assist in the healing process when we give Reiki Healing to another. They provide the energy to us, which flows through us, and into the patient or client, and it can be felt by both the healer and the person receiving the healing. For me, it is a sense of energy flowing through my body, and it is pleasant and does not hurt in any way. It comes out my hands, and they feel 'warm' to myself and others when this happens. For others, it feels different, but it is still Reiki that they feel. It can feel cool, 'like pressure of being touched', tingly, or mildly 'electric', and still be Reiki energy. It is quantum energy healing that instruments can't yet measure. Studies show receiving Reiki improves 'relaxation' in cancer patients, but that's about the only thing 'measured' and in the literature yet. But people are working on it!
Many others, who are not Reiki-trained, are also starting to experience this type of 'guidance' in meditation, yoga and their dreaming state.
Here is a message through Channel Ron Head, who is known for bringing in well-reputed messages from Archangel Michael, with a message from a group of these Ascended Masters, called simply, 'The Council':  click here for article

Well, here is a response from someone who is not one of our regulars--bless her, for she brings up a valid teaching point for us all, including myself...

  • Healing is a spiritual gift for some given by God to glorify Him. Reiki is not to glorify God. I believe that these folks are trying to deceive many that have had a true God-given healing ability to glorify self and take Him out of the equation. If you are a Christian and have a gift for Healing, or prophecy, tongues, visions, etc... please read or re-read the epistles of Paul in the new testament for starters and seek some Godly counsel in your church. Much love to all, in the name of Jesus Christ.
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    • Doctors With Reiki Ross and I would like to thank you for your courage and commitment to the faith, and we embrace you for following our page.
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Doctors With Reiki We hope that many more will follow our example, as brothers and sisters in faith, in humility, meekness, and love. Peace.

A Message From Today, Not The 'Holy Book' from millennia ago

See Addendum, below, for a message from Marc Gamma on Twin Flames--German is first, then English Translation by Bing....

(P.S. I apologize for the font changes due to the pasting from FB.

Domestic Peace

My boy was hungry. I had horrible, bad, bad, bad traffic coming home. My friend picked him up from school, and waited at my house. 

I had to sit. And relax a bit. My menu was chicken from last night, cut up and in salad. He didn't want it. He didn't want any chicken. He had no suggestions.

So I invited him to look with me. We found an pizza dough 'in a refrigerator roll', and some proscuitto that was ready to expire. So we made homemade pizza, prosciutto wrapped string cheese, and prosciutto and pear slices, and salad.  

It was his first taste of prosciutto, and he liked it. He also asked if it was the same meat we ate when we watched Pulp Fiction? (we had a 'picnic' with cold cuts from Claro's Market--capicolla, sopressata, mortadella and provolone with good Sicilian bread <3  --I was so pleased he remembered)

He also lost a tooth today. A next-to-last baby tooth.

I cleared the table and started to work on my puzzle. It's the funniest thing--when I work it I sing, contentedly. Pieces went together as I sang, 'Close to you' by the Carpenters...

Next I heard was slow steady breathing. The poor kid had conked out. I had to put away the pineapple I had for us for 'dessert' with our evening tea. I took care of the animals, and cleaned out the mouse cage. The baby mice were running around as if they were saying, 'WTF?' and I sensed the mom saying, 'she is okay'...and they calmed down.

I came back up, and my son, asleep sitting up, opened his eyes. I thought he woke up but he must have been sleep walking...I got him up the stairs on his own power, but when I went to get his bed ready while he used the bathroom, I heard him yell out in surprise!--but he was still asleep--he had mistaken the sink for a toilet and peed a great big puddle all down the vanity and the floor. 

I had to clean it up. He got clean clothes, changed, and was finally awake.

It was the grossest thing I have had to do in ages. It took all that was left of my paper towels in the room, and I had to get more. And to get some disinfectant.

Even INSIDE the vanity got urine on it! 

I realized many things:
  • It could have been the bed or upholstered chair
  • he could have NOT told me, and in the morning--YUCK!
  • Gaia probably feels this way about 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'--they were so asleep in the Matrix, they pissed all over everything, and she has to clean it up. She doesn't like it. But they aren't 'right' and are not able or willing to help, or even say 'I'm sorry'. There is no remorse. 

My Vacation With Ross

This morning he asked me where I wanted to go? It had to be on Gaia, not off it.

I wanted RUSSIA! I wanted to see the cold, dark, bleak because I was curious. How do they survive the cold? Is the borscht as good as the one I loved at the Russian restaurant near my old home in Berkeley?

He said, 'It's not a mind vacation, it's a heart one Carla!'

He sent us instead to a Four Seasons in Bora Bora, where the little rooms are on the water in little huts.

It WAS better. He was right. I enjoyed spending time with him. I recall dinner together clearest, and he asked me to dance before the food arrived. He held my hand on the table, I saw him reach for it...and felt so loved! I tasted the food. We had an appetizer--vegetarian, then a curry with rice, also vegetarian, and for dessert, a coconut pie. I tasted it. 

I am still happy from our trip.

Lady Gaia and The Assisted Suicide

I witnessed this in meditation this morning:

B:  I am okay!
LG: I am disappointed in your action.
B:  What?! (was expecting congratulations)
LG:  It is my wish for my children not to have the FEAR that in their illness someone will want to kill them.
B:  But I did what I WANT! I didn't want to SUFFER! No one has to suffer!
LG:  (shows the B as a puppet on a string, like a marionette, being manipulated by the mass media--which is controlled by you know who--by Big Pharma, Insurance companies, and Hospital Administrators who KNOW that the most health care spending is in the last six months of life--which is ALSO controlled by you know who...)
B:  No reaction whatsoever.
LG:  ( has pre-birth contract brought out for B's review--points out the end, where the disease was written in there by B before birth. The contract was not honored and completed as promised.)  Clean up your mess that you made. Clean it up in (set amount of time). Get talking to mediums, and in people's dreams...
B:  (realizes mistake--not only will have to repeat an even harsher contract, but has influenced people to give up their autonomy.  You see, higher self decides with Source when to exit. Not the conscious self, independently of their teams.) 
LG:  Do you know how many people are going to copy you and suicide this holiday season because they do not wish to 'suffer'?

It ended when the 'team' of B reassured them that this was indeed, the real deal, and LG was correct in the interpretation of the Life Contract and the Way It Is for others incarnate because of the precedent that B set.

Basically if the soul of B doesn't set things right, because they never apologized or seemed interested in what LG has to say, then, this soul will be taken 'off planet' at the request of LG.

The soul was surprised, as it thought it had an automatic right to remain and stay in contact with the bereaved. 

B will ultimately decide their own fate, along with their team of guides, and Source.


Carla has an awful lot of talking today.
It is late.
I will excuse her.

I did enjoy our little vacation though.

If you know your Twin, and even if you don't yet, you might want to consider taking them.

I look forward to tomorrow because it's my turn to pick. 

So far we have gone to Maui, horseback riding in Wyoming, the Banff Springs Hotel, and now Bora Bora : )))

I highly recommend it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins 


Botschaft der Liebe – Zwillingsflammen, von Marc die kosmische Brieftaube
ICH LIEBE DICH und ich sehne mich nach dem Tag, dass ich Dich in meinen Armen haben darf. Ich sehne mich danach in Deine Augen zu sehen, um zu erkennen, dass ich angekommen bin. Ich bin angekommen bei meiner Königin, von der ich so lange getrennt war.
Mein Herz blutete, diese Zeit zu überbrücken. Mein Herz blutete, bis der Schöpfer, unser Vater uns endlich das Zeichen gibt, dass wir uns endgültig vereinigen sollen.
Die Liebe in mir ist der Funke, die Liebe in Dir ist die Explosion.
Zusammen sind wir eine kosmische Bombe, welche das Universum mit der Liebe des Schöpfers Von-Allem-Was-Ist einhüllen und durchfluten wird.
Dies wird das Zeichen sein, dass das Neue Goldene Zeitalter angekommen ist. Es ist das Zeichen, dass wir es geschafft haben. Es ist das Zeichen, dass ein neues Universum geboren wurde aus der schöpferischen Kraft der Verbindung zweier Seelen, welche sich wieder nach all den Jahren gefunden haben.
Die Schöpfung ist ein Kreislauf und die Schöpfung schliesst den Kreis mit dem Abschluss einer grossartigen Wiedervereinigung.
Diese Botschaft habe ich vor einiger Zeit geschrieben und beschreibt die Zwillingsflammenvereinigung, welche immer noch im Gang ist. Noch nicht alle Zwillingsflammen haben sich gefunden. D.h. es werden sich noch einige Menschen auf der Erde finden, welche diese Göttliche Vereinigung vollziehen werden und ihr Leben auf den Kopf stellen wird.
Diese neuen Paare werden die Liebe auf der Erde verändern und die Liebe auf der Erde verankern, welche sich mit der Ankunft der schöpferischen Kraft der Göttlichen Mutter nun ausbreitet. Das Pendel wird nun in die Mitte gehen und es herrscht nun bald wieder die Balance zwischen dem Göttlich Femininen und Göttlich Maskulinen.
Mit dieser neuen Energie und die daraus entstehenden Balance werden wir den Frieden auf der Erde in greifweite haben. Der Hass, die Wut und alles was niederschwingende Gedanken und Emotionen sind, werden keine Bedeutung mehr haben. Das Licht hat gewonnen und wir SIND ALLE SIEGER
Message of love - twin flames, by Marc the cosmic pigeon I love you and I yearn for the day, that I may have you in my arms. I long to see me to recognize that I have arrived in your eyes. I arrived at my Queen, of which I was so long separated.

My heart was bleeding to bridge this time. My heart was bleeding to the creator, our father finally the character gives us, for us to finally unite.

The love is the spark, the love in you is the explosion.
Together, we are a cosmic bomb, which will envelop the universe with the love of the creator by-all that-is, and flood.

This will be the sign that the new golden age has arrived. It is the sign that we have managed it. It is the sign that a new universe was born from the creativity of the connection of two souls, which have found again after all these years.

The creation is a cycle and the creation of circle with the completion of a great reunion.

<---> This message I have written some time ago and describes the twin flame Union, which is still underway. Not all twin flames have found themselves. I.e. it some people on earth are found, which will take place this divine Union and will devote their lives to the head.

These new pairs will change the love on Earth and anchor the love on Earth, which is now spreading with the arrival of the creative powers of the divine mother. The pendulum will go well in the middle and there soon again the balance between divine feminine and the divine masculine.

With this new energy and the resulting balance, we will have peace on earth within grasping distance. The hatred, the anger and everything low vibrating thoughts and emotions are, will have no more meaning. The light has won and we are all winners (Translated by Bing)