Monday, November 3, 2014

Gaia News Brief 4.11.2014

A Joy-Filled Day

We have been both sick, Anthony and myself. He stayed with a friend, one of my friends, and I went to work. I gave thanks for this, one who would watch him when I can't.

I did four cases in three different work areas, and would have had one more work area--but the teams were pleasant, and I didn't stress. I shared joy and happiness that I felt inside, just by being relaxed and smiling.

I got a massage during a long break--or 'gap'--between assignments. I walked to a local grocery store and bought lunch from the salad bar. Even though it was terrible, I was happy, because it was the first new thing I had for lunch in five years instead of 'the usual'.

I also surprised the pm shift charge nurse with a Christmas ornament with Tinkerbell on it for her daughter (her three-year old Filipina angel wore the whole costume, including the blonde pixie style wig and was completely adorable. Her mom said people stopped and took pictures of her at the mall, when they did the trick or treat, she was so cute).  I also gave an 'Elsa' to my friend whose daughter THINKS she is Elsa and introduces herself at a party AS Elsa...and of course, dressed as Elsa for Halloween.

It felt good to be present, open-hearted, and giving joy to others.

It really did.

Time Passages, Karuna-style!

The end of the day was gnarly. I sat and waited for a cardioversion/TEE, going up at one thirty but was told the case was scheduled set and couldn't move up. So a friend finished their cases, and relieved me, so I could go home.

I raced to the school and just barely enough time to get his homework when--the TEACHER cornered me and offered to do a conference for my son. I'd misinterpreted the sign ups, and thought my 4 on my line where I signed was a time slot, not an 'order of signing'. So I missed the parent-teacher conferences earlier last month.

I had to stay. He's doing well. And I can tell this lady is more than a yoga instructor...LOL.  We spoke of a rivalry, or jealousy over a classmate's 'faux pas' of bragging over a high math test score. I explained how I told my son they could EACH excel, and enjoy one another's passing I mentioned to the teacher, 'that IS an advanced spiritual lesson'.

She got it! She agreed wholeheartedly. She wasn't expecting yoga talk from a doc, that's for sure!

By this time, my friend needed to go pick up HER son at the same time I was going to pick up mine! So she was kind and offered to take him to my house after...

I blew it. I completely lost track of the time. Just GETTING to the store has many stop signs.  So my friend waited at my house for forty minutes when her son had 'lots of homework to do'.

I completely lost track of the time...and she got upset.

I owe her an apology. I have something in mind to help patch things up...too.


The energies out there are AWESOME! I manifested a lemon-cucumber spa water, and a solution to the massage store owner's dilemma of needing an 'in' with my work. She wants to offer massage to the hospital--both the employees, and ultimately, family of patients and in due time, patients.

At the 'Open Enrollment Insurance' Faire, the head of the 'employee health' program was at a table! So I sat next to her, mentioned the interest, and asked if she would like the number of the owner?

She laughed and asked, 'Are you a yogi?' when we settled things. I smiled, gave her a mysterious look, and slyly said, 'I am a Reiki Master'.

I think that was an understatement <3

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Tonight's dinner pleased me. We had chicken 'steaks' --mind you, my boy is on an Insulin Resistant diet, and I went on it to encourage compliance with this 'new lifestyle'--non GMO corn on the cob, and a salad with arugula from my back yard, green apple peeled and diced, green onions, a little romaine lettuce, apple cider vinegar, and sunflower oil.

By this time I ran out of steam....I am running on fumes now. Working today took a lot out of me, although it was a pleasure.

I love being home. I hung the school picture up--I had a spare frame and it looks quite handsome. I fed the pets, did the dishes and stayed 'up' when I wanted to lie on the couch! The only reason I bring this up is that being fatigued is very common to me, and I don't mind it. I find it funny how frail we are.

But even tired and sleepy, I love being home. I love it, I love it, I love it.

One More Thing

Another symbol came through, from a reader. I am working with her to make sure without a doubt I understand the design pattern, and in the next few days I look forward to sharing it with you.


My Carla is ready to sleep. I will let her. I want you to know everything happens for the best, no matter how it seems. (he looks plainly and simply at us, I 'sense' he is talking about elections).

Everything will be much improved in every way, in a short time. Try not to get too involved in the results. (he blows as if blowing off dust)...things can happen (snaps fingers) and change overnight.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla my beloved, beautiful Twin