Monday, November 17, 2014

Gaia News Brief 18.11.2014

Notes On Today

Three new Divine Healing Codes came in today. One was from Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel/Lauren.

Two were from Ross.

He gives them to me for my patients who really are in need, case by case, one at a time. I never know when they are coming, but when they do, I am usually occupied with my case. I jot them down on the foil alcohol packet and put them in my pocket of my scrub top.

If I have time, I cross-check them against all the others on the list. It amazes me how there has never been a duplicate, and how some of them form patterns, some for the diseases, and others, I think, by who the numbers arrive to.

There are a few who actively receive the codes. I am currently one of the most active. Namaste.

On Being Sicilian

I need to talk with you. It isn't going to be easy. You might not want to hear it. And your vibration might not like what I have to say, and it might totally upset you. But it needs to be said.

In Sicily, we put up with things, we put up with things, we put up with things--and then? When someone has crossed the line and we are sick of it what do we do?

They are DEAD to us.

They no longer exist. We go on with our lives, and we ignore them. This is the most painful kind of punishment there is, and it sends a very strong message to the one who has offended you or your family or your village.

The reason this is going to be painful to you is because there are many who believe in 'The Fight'. Heck, I went to Berkeley! Once I got stranded at the laundromat and my husband couldn't get me because of a protest that was blocking one of the main streets.

  1. Protests are an Illusion in fact resistance lowers the vibration of everyone and everything, and EMPOWERS that which you wish to have removed from the situation.
  2. That which you hate, you will become.  It's the Law of Attraction at its finest--Energy plus Attention/Thought CREATE reality.
  3. You might not be Sicilian, but this is the tried and true technique that is going to get us OUT of 3D and firmly into the Higher Vibrations-- we focus on our lives as we WANT them to be, and we give thanks for it as if it has already happened even though it is in the future. Emoto did this technique.
At this, I am going to push more buttons:
  • About GMO--use the Divine Healing Codes to neutralize the toxic additive and effect, and also the nutrition codes to boost the life force/nutrient energy in the food, even it it's not Organic. Or buy organic if you can afford it--you can still apply the codes to it too. Then you support the people who grow it.
  • About Illuminati-Controlled entertainment--spend time in Nature. Cut back on TV and movies. If possible, stop. Even the newspaper is filled with means of altering your perception of 'reality'--not just bias, but complex neurolinguistic programming that is scientifically developed and applied.
  • About Beheadings and other disturbing things on the News and in Politics--FEAR is what makes the Illuminati-backed systems 'go'. It is their source of power. Acknowledge the tragedy. Pray for it. And put it in the hands of The Divine and The Angels to take care of the rest. For the sake of your own Vibration take care to dwell of things that are going to raise it, not things that are 'announced on news media' that are built to LOWER it.
  • Professional Sports--do they make a lot of money? How can the Illuminati stay out? It's like a magnet, right?
  • On Health--do everything possible that will heal--you might not know to what you might respond--crystals, conventional care and drugs, whatever 'resonates' with you, is bound to help improve the situation until our new advanced healing methods and hidden cures and technologies come in and we can use them. (Big Pharma keeps a 'lid' on many, many cures for just about everything so we buy their products.)
  • Your Life Situation and YOU--what part of you can you take to Heaven? And get to keep forever? Your soul, isn't it? Are you tending enough time to the upkeep to keep your soul healthy and in shape? All you need to do is open up, do quiet things you enjoy, and spend time in Nature. It will take care of the rest.


I took my first Barre exercise class tonight. It was fun. It wasn't ballet, but it was an excellent workout. 

There were muscles I had never known I had that were used. 

I think I will be sore tomorrow.

P.S. I totally cracked up when we did pelvic lifts to the song, 'Bubble Butt'. It was SO funny!


Love Is The Solution For Everything.

There are a lot of unpleasant 'truths' and 'discoveries' that are going to come to your awareness in the near future. Some have been knowledgeable of these  facts---things organized systematically for the purpose of population reduction by the ruling class, the elite, the one-percent.

It is shocking--although I would prefer that we switch to the word, 'mind-boggling' when we speak of such things, as the 's' word is used for control of the masses, along with the word, 'heartbreak' and all its derivatives.

How do I recommend you face these messy and unpleasant concepts?

With Love.

For we are One.

Even the shysters who need a kick in the keister are our brothers and our sisters and our family too, in the eyes of The Divine.

They are no better than us, and no worse...but each has their own karmic debt, just like you would not judge someone harshly for having a great big debt on their credit limit. It just happened, most likely due to something we will never understand in the first place, no matter how hard we ponder it.

Love Is The Solution to Everything.

Make it STOP--the killing, the poisoning, the control of the masses--by simply voting for the other team. OUR team, me and you. 

Why not put all of your energy in that?(taps his logo on his shirt, the one from his ship) Instead of trying to anticipate WHEN the system will be taken down and being all anxious about it?

And the bad guys will shrivel, with their power, and soon we will take them--we the experts as in me and my team, not you on ground crew incarnate--as matters into our own hands.

Love is gentle. Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not jealous or envious. It hardly notices when it does not get its way. 

You get the picture.

I want you to think about this, your message that I had (and I ordered it--'invite' is a better philosophy), and how it affect YOU.

You are the Light of the World...that walks around on two feet.

I wil go. I will be happy to answer any questions some of you might have...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla