Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gaia News Brief 17.11.2014

Healing The Mother's Wounds

Ross was very excited today. I noticed a request from a woman who had been treated poorly by her lawyer ex-husband who took the children away from her, and now they reject her. As I sent Reiki to her, a new symbol came through. It is called, 'The Mother's Wounds'. Although I will make a video on it and share it with you in the near future, I sent it at once to all of my readers, followers, and Tweeple <3 because I know it is important to heal the Divine Feminine in us all.

One of my biggest 'wounds' has been my half-dead computer with all the baby photos on it.

Today was the day where Ross said to buy a new one. We could 'transfer' all the old photos to the new one, right? It was the long pass, going for broke, like a 'Hail Mary' to save the baby pictures.

We ordered it over the phone, and when we went to pick it up, Ross said to get crepes just to celebrate the baby pictures coming back! I had one with pear and caramel, but I was sad to note that they were the 'pre-made' crepes, like in France now, and not the batter ones any more. These are more like our tortillas, and simply heated up instead of freshly made.

It was a very long wait just to pick it up! But we had help carrying it downstairs...eagerly we set it up and it is beautiful!

But for the transfer? Not so good. Hooking any line from one computer to the old one makes the old one turn off. And for Wifi migration? The operating system on the old one wasn't able to 'talk' to either the new one or my laptop!

Undaunted, I moved on.

I took every card I had saved from his childhood, and used a card reader to feed over three thousand pictures back IN to this one! We had just about everything, at least eighty percent of the photos. And the others, if I can, with a little 'jump drive' perhaps take them one by one from the old to the new.

Now we have a 'family' computer, with only the family pictures on it. (my other working ones have many images I have downloaded from my photo service 'mixed in' with the family and cell phone images it is very nice to have just 'us' in this one <3

I had to clean up about nine year's worth of mess from the computer desk. I think that's why Ross is so happy. And I am also happy to be able to get rid of the old sad computer, soon...after I figure out how to get what I need off it. It's only scans of my credentials, my CV, and the photos I really need after all.

Ross told me, when I had scrapped dinner plans and drove my boy and myself to Chipotle--that it is our 'gumption', our 'grit' and our 'determination' that we 'pick up on our incarnations' that is the best education of all here on Gaia...and it will serve us in many more councils and missions and assignments in the future...

My boy at five months old

Thoughts On Life

As the images flashed by on all of the downloads, I realized two things--first, how photographs bias our memories because mostly we take pictures smiling and of happy things we have worked hard to see--a vacation, a wedding, a get-together, time with friends...and second, how these experiences define us and shape us our whole life through...

I also saw how our life IS like a movie, and all of the days and all of the experiences reflect who we are in our hearts, overall.

It is a beautiful thing, when you stop to think about it.

I also saw courage in the woman looking into the camera--there was a surprise pregnancy, abandonment, custody legal issues in court, being the sole support of the child, as a working mother, being laid off, searching for new work, and increasing from part time to full time for survival once the child was four.

I saw a child who has been to New York, San Antonio, Oahu, Maui, France, and Canada, having wonderful experiences too.

I saw extended family who had been through two kidney transplants, bladder cancer, loss of the father, loss of the grandmother, and estrangement of the uncle. There we were, intact, looking into the camera, and smiling for all the holidays when we were able to meet--not all of them, due to the custody and my work schedule, but enough to make me smile.

If you haven't had a chance for a virtual 'life review', take it!

I think you will like the person who is 'looking back at you' in the camera...and be glad for what you have accomplished to survive and to get here to where you are!

This is the first time I actually touched the beautiful Loire River.
I have always had a deep and lasting connection to my beloved France.

The Divine Healing Codes--an Update

Three new ones came through today--interstitial lung disease, sore muscles, and GERD. The first came from Ross (to help one of my patients), the second from Divine Mother (to help my son) and the last from Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel. 

As the energies of Gaia increase, we are able to better work with these healing codes if we practice, if we let go of the outcome, and like Reiki we allow Spirit to work through us to achieve the desired effect.

My son's muscle pain from yesterday's basketball game, which made him not able to go up and down the stairs without gripping the handrail for dear life--went away instantly when I used the code with the vogel crystal. I must add that before the code came through, he had a twenty minute soak with a warm bath and epsom salts to soothe and relax the muscle. It helped bring the pain down about thirty percent. The code brought the pain down about fifty to sixty percent more, so he had perhaps ten to twenty percent of the original pain left to contend with. He was still 'sore' but able to walk and much more comfortable overall.

I just used the GERD one, as we had eaten Mexican food tonight. Again--instant relief, comparable to taking a pill. And this was from writing the number twice on my leg--well, once in the air above it for my aura too <3

They work.

With practice.

Just like with Reiki, self-Reiki every day is important! And using this healing often is good to keep the energy flowing smooth. The more you Reiki, the better your 'Reiki alphabet' in your hands becomes, and the easier it is for you to recognize energy imbalance of disease, and correct it.

With a pendulum, the more you use it, the better you get at this divination too.

So it is with the codes. The more you incorporate them into your life, the better they will work. Just keep at them until you get a 'feel' for how they work. Next you will grow in confidence in your ability. And after that you will be able to show others how to use them too.


There isn't anything I could say that hasn't already been said, but I will take a few moments to define what I mean when I speak of 'spiritual'.

On what it is not--exclusive, for those educated, for the elite, for those who are able to pay for it, for those who have some kind of 'gift' that is 'exclusive' in some way that separates them from everybody else...

And what it is?

spirituality is just as accessible to the lowly as it is to the great, and to all who have intelligence and those who have it not (for example, those who are developmentally delayed), to those who have abundance and prosperity and those who are in dire need...all it takes is a heart, a willingness to accept what is happening in your life as a 'lesson' of some kind, and a burning desire to manifest what it is you wish to experience!

For Carla, look at her photographs she has shared with you. Think of the time, the expense, the effort, the tears of both her and Anthony, the elation, the setbacks, and look how Carla wouldn't stop until she had them in her hands!

And I had PROMISED her that through the Akashic Records I would have all of them for her once she gets back home to me at the first sign of her distress!

Did she listen? Did she take the 'chicken exit' or the 'easy way out'? Did she give up?


Did she beat herself up against the impossible? Did she think of the outcomes in advance?


Carla took what she could. She fought back. She used all of her knowledge and her skill with the computer--which isn't excellent but isn't her worst skill either--and she did the best she could, working with me to guide her by gentle little nudges the whole time!

That is how it is with you and me and with all of us who have ever been incarnate...for some, it takes longer to 'get through the obstacles in their path', and for others, they face the challenges with a smile, and enjoy taking it on the chin.

I wasn't like this. Neither was Carla. Both of us were shy and not that outgoing in our incarnations. In her first one with me, Carla was very gregarious, an extrovert! Not me. And I was the one doing all the speaking for our movement we had, our raising the consciousness of those around us. Carla was my strength!

This time around, I am the 'social butterfly' who goes to meetings and councils, and Carla is the quiet one, by nature, who enjoys the circle of friends and family very much, but would rather be in the background solving a puzzle than making a change in consciousness for the many who depend on her and what she writes on the internet. She is not an 'internet seeking person', but she uses what she knows to accomplish the work that she has been sent to do, and she loves it!, interacting with people from all over the globe who share a love of Reiki and Energy Healing and Spirit and Angels and Galactics and the like.

And making a change she is! One of her friends, the head of the Breast Center at her hospital, is well into leading her daughter's Brownie Troop with Buddhist ideas and concepts to help them face the bullying with better tools and life skills...this same physician also is a single mother, just like Carla...and she gives her breast cancer patients free copies of the Buddha Boot Camp...even though she is a Christian...and practices...when not more than two years ago she had never heard of the word 'namaste', and learned it from Carla on her Facebook!

It is the quiet reverence for what is of the Higher Realms, and the steady working toward this daily, which will lead others to the Light of their own magnificence, their spark of the Divine right within their chest in their heart chakra...

Remember this.

There is no need to argue, fuss or fight about anything.

The Light will win.  It is inevitable.

Is this clear?

So 'Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken!' --as Oscar Wilde once said.

You are beautiful to me. All of you. And I thank you for walking on the Journey at our side at this time.

Always accept what is given to you. Always decide what is right for you in a given situation. And if you make a mistake--there is no loss! Just head the way you want to go next, and walk in that direction.

You are blessed.

Just like me. Just like Carla.

All of us are.

With so very much love,

Ross and Carla-in-the-flesh

Aloha and Mahalos