Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gaia News Brief 2.11.2014

Dr. Mom

I 'sense' it is time to let you know a little about me, and about my day I had today. Some people might think that I am 'special' or 'different', and I am not. The only thing I can say is that all in all I am about two years ahead in the awakening department than most people, and if I understand correctly, you won't need a whole two years to 'catch up'. Time is accelerating, and so is your growth. I am a pioneer, but not one of the first ones...there are many others before me who helped guide my teachers Anne Reith, PhD, and Margaret Mc Cormick.

I am fifty years old. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California. I attended public schools my whole life. Father was an elementary school teacher. Mother stayed at home. I have a younger sister, Christina, who is about four and one half years younger than me. Mom had a 'change of life' baby when I was fourteen. This is my youngest sister, Vanessa.

I have been married twice. The father of my son asked if we should get married. I said I'd had bad luck with marriage--let's just stay together and see how it works. I really loved him.

He left, but has been involved with raising our boy. He found someone else when our boy was two. They moved in together. And it didn't work out. I am proud of myself for opening my heart to this woman, and for always keeping the best interest of the child as my first priority.

My mother is still alive. Her name is Nicki. She had bladder cancer in 2013. It was a very long year. My nana Angelina almost died and needed to be put into a long-term care facility right before mother got sick. And once mom had her surgery, my niece--who has a living related donor kidney transplant as a teen--had an episode of rejection for her kidney.

It was a lot of driving between Kaiser in LA, Loma Linda, and the high desert where Nana was located before we moved her closer to us. I am glad that year is over.

My birthday is July 7, and I enjoy everything that has to do with sunshine and summer.

From a very early age, I have had a passion for animals--and have had just about everything you could have for a pet, as my pet. I have had snakes, fish, hamsters, rats, mice, turtles, tarantulas, a bird,  chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats (even though I am allergic and it was short lived being a cat 'mom'--one ran away--Cleo--when I was a tot. The other I gave back to the pet shop in medical school.)  My hobby is whale watching and dolphin watching. I travel just to see whales. I have seen grey whales, orcas, minke whales, risso dolphins, common dolphins, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions, humpback dream is to one day see a fin whale.

My other dream is to have a goat, and be able to milk it. I've wanted this since I was in grade school. For some reason I can't understand or explain, I just LOVE goats and also drinking fresh goat milk.

I love horses, and I ride English saddle. My other hobbies are surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and ballet..

Today I woke up in my scrubs. I had been first call last night. I take call from home, but I sleep in my scrubs because the nurse supervisor can wake me up and I have to drive in to do the anesthesia for emergency cases. My son was at his grandmother's house. So I woke up and saw sun and was thankful no one called me in!

I wrote today's News Brief. Then I just spent some time with Ross. We talk. We are close. And we have a happy relationship. He is the nicest person I have ever known. I feel his love, and kindness. He touches me, and I can feel it. It is like energy that touches me, and I can tell it is him, just as I would with anybody else.

It was picture day at basketball. I didn't go for that, just for the game. I learned the child is sick. But he played ball, and did well. I also learned that the father's family didn't want any pictures, except for the team picture, that is free. I went and found the place and ordered some. I think it is important for a child's self-esteem to have a recent photo of them doing something they enjoy that is BIG in their room.  I learned this from photographer Ana Brandt.

Once home, I became Dr. Mom. I drew a warm bath, put eucalyptus salts in it, and had the boy soak. I asked more about the symptoms, and made sure there were no rashes. At his request, I made butternut squash soup from scratch, with squash I had grown in the garden. I made tea, herbal tea, for us both too.

Because my boy had threatened suicide due to school bullying last June, we go to the counselor once a week, each of us. I know a nurse who is a single mom, and for her, it was the same, for many years, but her daughter who is heavy and bullied like my son, has done well.

Last Tuesday I had to cancel my appointment because of a school project with a tight deadline. So today was the make-up. I REALLY wanted to cancel. But the counselor didn't get paid for my son's visit. I pay her for both when I go. So we went. It was good to talk to her. I appreciate her input when it comes to raising him. He is doing much better, and is cheerful now most of the time. He enjoys school.

I took him for ice cream after. And when we got home, he had a fever. I asked him, 'Can you name me ONE good reason why you shouldn't rest?' He is always alert, even when sick. This time, he couldn't think of one. So he napped, and I did the puzzle, my thousand piece one on the kitchen table, of a 'country manor'.

But I wasn't just working on the puzzle. I was using my anesthesia ears, and listening to his breathing. The respiratory rate was high as he was bundled up on the couch. I had a list in my mind of what could go on clinically, and what to do next. (my plan is viral illness, permitted fever, and lots of fluids, and REIKI : ))) )

I also 'picked up' he is going through a 'cleanse'--this has to do with a big energy upgrade. Although he's a Reiki Master, he doesn't really work at it, his spirituality. Many times physical symptoms like this happen at the same time as spiritual rapid growth spurts.

He woke up. I ordered a pizza. We watched a movie. Now he is in bed.

I smile because spirit told me to 'Do what YOU want to do!' today.

I had wanted to put away the Halloween decorations really nice.

They are still out.

You might wonder, 'how much Spirit went on with her today?'

A lot. In the shower. A meeting of sorts. Nothing much to share--I just laughed because the 'reception' is best in there for some reason. I saw people you would know if I mentioned them, but right now, I am speaking about my day, and this is all that is needed to be shared.   I sent the healings to our readers with Ross when I was on my porch swing in the back yard. And I tended to the pages and blog. A new Divine Healing Code came through. I checked it. And added it to the list.


Carla is the same as you. She is a single mother who works to support herself and Anthony. Some days are better than others. She doesn't enjoy chores, but she does them as best as she can. She stopped 'pushing herself' to make the house 'pretty' some time ago--Carla watches her energy and cuts back now when she needs more rest.

Today threw her. It was a total curve ball for Anthony to get sick. She knew he was really having illness because she has had the feeling of 'coming down with something' herself. For two days.

Please note how Carla wrote about her day, for all this time, and never once mentioned how she is not well. She worries about Monday--who will watch Anthony--and she is totally prepared to go to work sick on Monday.

Many anesthesiologists go to work when they should be home in bed. Carla has thrown up in the toilet and gone back to do a case. She has spent lunch huddled under a blanket on the couch. And once in residency, as a surgery intern, she collapsed in the hall with fever while taking care of someone who was less sick than her.

The nurses came and helped her. It was tonsillitis. The on call ENT resident opened the clinic and got her samples of antibiotics.

She never went home. She kept working while she was sick.

When Carla had campylobacter, she finished her twenty four hour shift, putting in epidurals, while cramping and having diarrhea in the call room. At the end of her shift, she went straight to the ER and admitted herself.

What kind of world is this? Where doctors can't be sick in order to make the money for the surgeons and the hospital?  Where a mother can't take time off to be with her son, to nurture him?

Reiki isn't a cure all. People still get sick. There are reasons for it.

The most important thing for you to know right now, is not to look for change. Carla used to look for it--for 'signs'--in the newspapers, in the alternative news. It was an 'if-then' type of thing. 'If' I see enough 'signs' that the Light is beating the darkness, 'then' I will know it is safe and I will enjoy what they have done for me to set us free.

(shakes a finger and shakes head to say 'no')

That is 3D.

There is no 'winning' a war like that.

In 5D we open our hearts and our minds and our bodies and our spirits to the energies of Unconditional, Unlimited LOVE from Source. We do this FIRST. Then the energies and the vibration on Gaia increase (lifts hand up to gesture), and then the old horrible ways are totally incompatible with 'what is'...

That is when the solutions take place, and the victory is complete. Because THEN and only then, all hearts are in 5D, where intuition is NORMAL, and kindness is the only option there is for most people because love and respect are normal and natural, every day ways to be.

Inside (gestures to heart) we all have our growth, our lessons, and we aren't perfect.

(smiles) But we 'aren't perfect' in 5D, not 3D, and imperfection in 5D is a much easier thing to overcome and live with than imperfection in 3D....isn't it?

This is why we say, 'Raise your Vibration'.

Carla's aura is more protective against the viruses because her vibration is higher. It's just like with Reiki--you heal faster, you throw it off.

If you are riding a bike, and you don't want it to wobble--you want it to go straight and almost effortless, what do you do? You pedal FASTER, right?

The same is true with the vibration, the energy. And your thoughts (points to head) are crucial to keeping the vibration UP--way more than eating gluten free or GMO--although diet and lifestyle is a good thing, it is the FOCUS, the general 'mind-set' that REALLY makes a difference in the quality of life you will experience.  Head and heart working together, is the best way on earth to be...

This has been a long lesson. I want you to have time to digest it.

We have come a long way with these messages, haven't we, for me to be able to teach at the same level I once did when I walked the earth. (smiles and waves--he IS so handsome! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla