Sunday, February 22, 2015

Work It

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Your aura surrounds you--it extends from just above the surface of the skin to very far out into a room, or farther, if you are consciously adjusting it through meditation.

Over and over Spirit tells us to 'do the work'.

Tonight I had a powerful lesson:  Anthony needed me to tutor him during our travel. The teacher had put everything together, but the instructions were left at home.  So we had a lot of catching up to do for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this morning all he wanted to do was play his xbox basketball. Then it was time for lunch with my sisters, mom, and niece and nephew to celebrate two of the three birthdays in the month. By the time we got home it was after dinner...

Anthony was clearly overwhelmed.

I realized we had to get to 'first things first'...I called him on it. I asked, gently, what was going on with him--he seemed to be resisting his work assignments?  I also asked him why he didn't do more of this while I was at sessions during the conference? He said he wanted me to teach him things, he needs guidance.

I leveled with him, and asked, do you even like school? (it was Math we had to work on, geometry).

He said 'I'm not good at shapes.'

My mother's intuition went up--last year Miss Mary Ann was a real traumatic experience for him, and he just said 'she was big on geometry.'

He denied she traumatized him on this.

I dug further.  And I leveled with him. I shared how I totally think math is the best thing ever, and it's fun for me. All I ask of him is to forget all the past, and just work on this stuff with me now. And to accept me for being the mathlete I am--not that HE has to like it--but to understand where I am coming from. Tonight we would get through this homework assignment together, just me and him.

Ross let me share how when we were both incarnate, I was the bookworm. Ross didn't enjoy learning, and preferred working with his hands, making things. Even now, to relax, he builds things as his hobby. He makes beautiful wooden things, two of which he has given to me--a cedar hope chest, and also a wooden boat model.

Then Anthony made the connection. He said, 'I like doing things with my hands too! We glued things last summer...blocks...'

I confessed how even though I was the bookworm and Ross wasn't, we loved and respected each other, and were a team. And even though Ross didn't LIKE studying, he PASSED. He finished what he was supposed to do.

Anthony said, 'Back then it wasn't like now, it was easy!'

I corrected him, and shared, 'On the contrary. It was very difficult. It was magic. And it was things that are not even taught today, they were so complex.'

I faced the challenge of coaxing him through his homework. And his lessons. Apparently we were to go past perpendicular, to parallel, and shapes.

I flipped through the booklets and showed him how much we were going to do. Then I made it fun. I noticed he gets overwhelmed so I used my arm and hands to cover everything else but the problem at hand. I had him trace his fingers on every line segment 'A-B', 'S-T' and so on. And I explained how we are 'talking math' when we use symbols like perpendicular or parallel.

When he drew the assigned lines, he used a protractor, and made dots just like I showed him. I would line the straight edge up and let him draw the line, while I sang, 'Connect the la la la...connect the dots la la la la.' just like Pee Wee Herman.

I gave him a warning too. I told him I REALLY like playing the game Bookworm. And before, he didn't really like it. But last night, on the plane, I noticed while we played it together he really thought it was fun, and did well at it.   I told him one day he just might be surprised to discover he really LIKES geometry--because it was one of my favorites, and I still enjoy it, even now.  When it got to the part with the lines having measurements, and having to figure out the question based on the lengths given, it was a puzzle! It WAS fun!

And then he did a spelling test I gave him--in less than five minutes--and got one hundred percent.

There was a lot of 'heart to heart' in there too. At the beginning, I said, 'You have a pattern--when things get hard you quit your sports, but this is school. Is it your dad constantly correcting you with this too?'

He told me it's not his dad's fault, it's his, and he accepts responsibility. He blames his dad.

Then the real issue came out--his dad basically ignores him, because he is so wrapped up in his own life--when Anthony is there.

I asked Anthony gently, I said, 'If your dad was the kind who could really make connections, wouldn't you think we would be married? After all, I am the mother of his child...that's as close as two people can get...'

I could sense he realized what I said was true.

So I changed tactics. I said my father was a good dad. He made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to do, as long as I set my mind on it.

School is Anthony's job. How does he think he is doing at it? Not the grades, but the figuring out what the teacher wants and doing his best...

Then I asked, 'What is a dad's job? (motivating and building confidence in their children) How good of a job is your dad doing right now with you?'

Then he spilled.

And I asked, even more gently, 'What kind of job did your grandpa do at teaching his two sons they could do anything they wanted to do?'

He realized they could do anything they wanted to do as long it was sports their father approved of...and he saw the pattern, that had been handed down from generation to was so much more than just his father and him. I could feel Anthony relax and internally forgive his father for not knowing any other way.

For added emphasis, I add these two links:

Then just in case you are wondering about me and MY lessons, take that last link, and compare it directly to what is written in this:

Who is the one who said, 'Fuck it!' and asked Archangel Michael to whack the cord that connects her to her past incarnation who channels messages that blather on and on and don't get to the point?  Me.

The council isn't happy. And immediately after reading the 'councils' link, I was right in my council, facing you know who, Mary Magdalen, my old incarnation. She was upset, about as much as anyone who is on bliss and divine 'vibes' 24/7 can be. 

I asked her if she was going to electroshock me with a Galactic Tazer or something for what I did?

We both laughed. She knew I was joking. 

I leveled with Her and said, 'I don't understand so many things, I just want to finish my assignment, my mission. But this feeling of being blindsided REALLY gets me unsettled when you go do these things. I feel better now that I disconnected from you so you can go on and do whatever you see fit.'

She asked, 'You think I am archaic? Do I bore you?'

I said yes. And Koot Hoomi did too--I skimmed most of his message until I got to the good part. By the way, here is the closest I found to how he looked--the Pat Boone I saw without knowing who he was at the time...

Mary Magdalen never promised me anything. I DID however have Divine Father step in, and we had some words, because he was concerned. I shared with him how with the veil as it is, it is very strange to think of 'another version of you' sitting on my own council at night--it makes no sense whatsoever and I hope for the time when everything will be clear. So I will understand the oversoul, the incarnations, the versions of me, and what is here typing these it all works in harmony, in synchrony, together, for the Highest Good...

I even shared if Fran Zepeda is the real Mary Magdalen, and I am something different, that's okay with me. She can do whatever, and I just want to go be alone for a long time until I can go home, because this is way too confusing and I just don't want to deal with it.

Earlier tonight, Ross had sent me this:

Um, to my knowledge, so far Fran hasn't channeled anything like THAT-- ; )  I adore how my man Ross sends me the cheesiest, most romantic songs from my just makes me melt.

Sometimes you just have to shrug and accept what is, you know?

I just have to take a moment to thank my Teams. And my Councils. You should too.

For if a mother can give that much love, support, encouragement, and healing to her boy in a one hour math session, imagine how much MORE your angels, guides, and deceased Loved Ones are doing right this instant NOW...for YOU.... <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla the Reiki Doc