Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gaia News Brief 4.2.2015

My Lunch

There is a neurosurgeon I work with who has a very high vibration. He is also a vegetarian, but he eats eggs.

Yesterday he did a very difficult case. It went twice as long as expected. Towards the end, I asked him, when he made the comment, 'With this case, I retire!'--when he was planning to retire, and what would he do in his retirement?

He set down his instruments, looked at me over the drape, and said point blank, 'My wife has informed me that I will continue working until my last breath. She has grown accustomed to living like this. She also wouldn't want to have me in the house under her feet.'

I thought, 'Oh my God! This man is a SLAVE! to HER! And he must produce until his dying day!'

I thought about my response carefully, with my heart. I commiserated with him. 'My boy is only TEN! I am going to have to keep working forever to pay for college and everything else. I am right there with you!'

I also shared about the friend of another neurosurgeon, whose wife, after ten years, said, 'I really love you, and you love me. I always felt strange about our prenuptual agreement. Why don't you show you love me by getting rid of it and making it go away?'

He did.

She filed for divorce, and took everything he had ever worked for during the marriage...

I left work yesterday, unpaid. It was a cash case. I am supposed to have this conversation in pre-op holding on cash cases, 'I am to ask you for the check you were told to bring with you for your anesthesia. Do you have it?' Then I go and make a receipt and give it to the person. Sometimes they try to negotiate there, and it is awkward. I have had one surgeon cancel because of the family's refusal to pay for my services (hospital, surgeon, and anesthesia all get compensation from the patient).

I smiled inwardly, because a cash case is a 'perk' in my department--we don't often get them, and typically the senior anesthesiologists grab those cases first. But I had told my boss the night before, when he asked who I wanted to work with--and not telling me it was a cash case--I said, 'I love this doctor! I would even scrub toilets with him!'

So it was one day, and I scrubbed toilets! It's no big deal--as long as other days I get paid. I asked my boss what to do, he told me the fee, and to wait to see when the surgeon asks--because he had said, 'I will make everything right and take care of it.' to me before the case.

That night, not much later, he called into the OR. He asked my fee. I said exactly what my boss said, 'this to that'. Then the surgeon asked me MY fee in that range? I said the lower one. He said, 'you did a good job and the patient did well. I will give you the higher fee, and make it available to you in the morning.'

He did it. He kept his word.

I had told him that the patient wouldn't pay--I sensed it--when I was on the phone and he asked me how it works. I knew we could bill but not collect. 

Today, with my intuition, I believe he paid me out of his pocket, out of his fee he collected from the patient. I just know.

I sense it.

So today I sat next to him in the doctor's dining room. I had invited him in, he usually doesn't--because they have a vegetarian entree every day. But today they didn't, because it was Pasta Wednesday where they make the sauce for you fresh.

He made a comment about where he is from, in Peru.  He is from the South, and speaks Aymara. Chechua also exists. And he said in Lima--people are fair skinned. And to the North, fair-skinned too. They speak Spanish. But where he is from? No.

And that the dark skinned non-Spanish speaking people were treated with prejudice and hatred.

I asked about the segregated bus?  There were no buses.

I asked about the water fountains?  There were no water fountains.

The Spanish invaders had decided to keep the Spanish language to themselves as a means of control. If you spoke Spanish, you had a right to an education. If you did were not permitted to learn.

I asked with astonishment--how did YOU get HERE?!

It was the last missionary they sent, the one that didn't get killed. He knew he would have to do something different or else he would get killed by the natives too. He thought long and hard and came up with a plan:  he brought healthcare and education. He built over one hundred eighty schools in a short time. And he taught in SPANISH. He taught everyone the language. And this surgeon was the oldest in the family--half Japanese, half Inca--learned first and taught everyone else.

Then he got college, medical school, residency...and HERE.

It takes a person of very high vibration to endure all this; I realized at the table with me was an angel, an Earth Angel, and I am honored to share his story with you.

The Ark Of The Covenant Reiki Symbol

Here is the official announcement to go with it:

Today's Reiki Healing includes for the very first time this new Reiki Symbol. It is a gift from Ross to everyone. It will work for those who are most closely aligned to our energy--as Ross and Carla--and who strongly resonate with our work. It is used in healing practice and is quite strong to work with. As Ross shares, 'it's got a kick' to it.  Namaste.

That's all I have to say.  There is no plan to make a blog post for it at this time. It's just here.

The Reiki Healing Bracelet

If there is interest I will create a custom Reiki healing bracelet for you,  using All Divine Assistance to create a bracelet that will bring harmony and support you in your spiritual growth.

I will offer it with the energy exchange which is appropriate for the energy I put into it. This will be done on my time, at a first come-first serve basis, and the orders will be filled as I can get to them. The fee is one hundred dollars a bracelet. 

I would like to state that this is to support myself. Work is slow, and there are too many anesthesiologists in the group. I will have more days free to work on this joyful project I adore!

(My son inadvertently started this project. He loves the Endurance bracelet I made--ours match--in his favorite team, the Seahawk's colors. Today he asked me if I can make him one with Ross for his birthday, which is this month.  I thought, if he would like it, perhaps others might like it too?)


There is my girl! 

A lot is going on right now, with everyone, not like 'this' -- but like THIS.

Something very wonderful is happening, right now, before your very eyes.

I hope you appreciate it.

Hold on to your hats!

And I love you--each and every single one of you! 

Even the ones who don't like me, and deny that I exist--to them I send my most amazing heart energy I can create--my Unconditional Love.

Nothing can withstand it.

Not doubt.

Not fear.

Not humiliation.

Not pain.

Not sacrifice.

Not death.

Only the Love can withstand the forces of pressure, stress....that is how you create a diamond! You press on simple carbon, and heat it, and cook it for a very long time in Gaia.


Out comes the little diamond, who is so sparkling and beautiful to see. Of course you need a master jeweler to cut it properly to enhance the it reflects...and the shape...

I hope you get my drift... (smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins...