Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 5.2.2015

Sugar Is The Devil

This isn't to contradict Ross with his 'Life Is Sweet' Campaign.

This is the beginning of my awakening process. It started in 1999 at the Long Beach VA. There was a beautiful anesthesia resident, Pam, who was on rotation from UCLA.

Pam said, 'I don't eat sugar'. We asked her why? She hadn't eaten it in eight years. She said, 'Sugar is the DEVIL.'

We asked 'how can you live without it? It's everywhere?'

She was also a vegetarian. We thought it's because her mother died of breast cancer and she was afraid. She wasn't. The family was vegetarian, non-sugar eaters, and runners since she was born.  She ate Tofurky sandwiches.

Little did I know in 2013 I would become a vegetarian myself, fourteen years later. I was for eighteen months. And when I have the option, I do eat vegetarian. But my son needs meat--to lose weight--the Insulin Resistance Diet--and it's too much trouble to cook separate meals every day.  So I have 'little meat', 'mostly fish' and 'am an opportunistic vegetarian'.

Why do I bring this up?

Because being faced with a truth that is outside what society tells you is startling, and something so uncomfortable you want to dismiss it. But the seeds are planted, and one day, they sprout <3

Medicine Is Bad 

This was a woman who made my SO angry I wanted to unfriend her. It was the mom of a friend of one of my fellow ballet dancers at the company I danced at before Anthony was born.

She accused Health Care of being one big crime against humanity to fill the coffers of Big Pharma, which is an offshoot of Big Oil.

I FOUGHT her on it. Vehemently. I went to my career to HELP people. Yada yada yada.

She was right.

My motives were pure.

But the playing field isn't.

I have seen things that would make your toes curl. Out of sixteen anesthesiologists in my department, according to the nurses, only two 'care about their patients'. Me and a chinese guy.

Yesterday I saw a nurse look at me funny in pre-op. She had overheard me explain to the Vietnamese patient who had never had surgery what to expect before, during and after the surgery. She blushed and said, 'You are SO good!'

That same day, I ran into a patient who was wandering the halls, completely lost. He was looking for the blood draw lab. I walked him there because it's kinder than explaining it.

He said, 'I am VERY sick. I need labs drawn.'

I asked what happened?

He had gastric bypass surgery. With someone I know.

I wish I had never had it done...he said.

I felt a twang of guilt. The gastric bypass cases are the big money-makers for everybody. It's so risky anesthesia has a good day. When we are first call, and get first pick of the cases, we always pick this room. I'm sure it's that way for the surgeons too.

I realized for the first time, 'is it worth it?'. Although everyone comes to the OR with hope, I only know three patients who are happy. And the rest? Not doing so good. They have anemia. Or pain. Or indigestion.

All the gastric bands we used to put on, now, are recalled, and we remove them. Still for good compensation...

One surgeon I know, really really really cares, and explains everything, and most of his patients do well...The others are good, and seem to do everything right too, and are nice and all. I love working with them.

I don't know. It's so risky...long term...

My Homework

Ross and spirit asked me to read The Book Of Tobit (

It's my favorite book in the bible. I went to my bible to find it, and was sad. It wasn't there. Catholic bibles have it, others don't. I LONGED for my high school bible, the old one my mom bought me. The one with all the highlighted verses.

I went to my room and FOUND it. And took it to work. I read it today. I hope you might like it too.

Archangel Raphael is in it. <3


Today was a trumpet sound. It signifies the passing of current life situation, and the warning to herald a change that is in the works.

Did you hear it?

Carla heard it all day, starting all day.

The Dark has been notified of its impending destruction.

You are free, and soon to be liberated with all the inhabitants of Gaia.

Carla is living the life of her dreams. It is in her heart.

I am in it.

Carla is looking forward to her new life.  Carla wants to have a family with me, a bigger one.

I will gladly oblige.

What is YOUR heart's wish? Your fondest imagining?

Imagine it could come true.

I mean it.

And soon you will be living the life in your soul you always wished to navigate...

(touches his heart)

It all starts within.

I for myself am incredibly happy with my lover, my wife, my Twin, my Beloved, my angel in the flesh, my help mate, my confidante, my best friend, my 'eyes', my 'teeth', my 'ears' (these are Middle Eastern endearments), my honey, my sugar (it is not bad for me--winks)...the the mother of my children...

That's why I surprised her with this song today on the radio when she was driving out of the hospital.

You're heart's wish is right around the corner.

Walk to it.

I did.

And see what I got? (holds up my arm--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc ohana