Saturday, February 7, 2015

Activating The Sigil For Ross


Last night as I was falling asleep I heard a word, 'Sigil'.

I tried very hard to remember it, and repeated it, but I forgot by morning. I asked Spirit for guidance to help.

Ross spoke to my son. As I was cooking breakfast the word came, and I wrote it down. Again I forgot. Over breakfast Ross told Anthony to have me 'go to the computer and look it up and blog about it'.

This SATOR square is seen  in Pompeii, Siena, Rennes-le-Chateu in France, in Malta, in Syria, and in the UK. Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania used it as an invocation to protect their cattle.

Unfortunately, this word square is on the front cover of the infamous magical tome, The Bood Of Sacred magic of the Alma Melin the Sage--a big Kabbalah book...

A sigil is a magical symbol that is used to represent something else.

And in making one, you may use the first letter to represent something you wish to come true.

Then you take the letters of the sentence--all the first ones--and repeat it.

I was intrigued by the mention of The Lesser Key Of Solomon in the articles I looked up on the's a list of demons of hell--by rank and title and number...I didn't like it.

I used my ring to clean them, and it didn't really work.

But the other ring made these entities extremely uncomfortable, and they left where I found them. Ross' teams took them up.

Then I looked into something called a Tetragrammaton, which led me to a list of all the names of...anyhow...then I got to the Ge'ez language, and I resonated like crazy as I pronounced the words in the square with this Ge'ez accentuation...then I got this:

The first sentence of the Book of Enoch:
ቃለ፡ በረከት፡ ዘሄኖክ፡ ዘከመ፡ ባረከ፡ ኅሩያነ፡ ወጻድቃነ፡ እለ፡ ሀለዉ፡ ይኩኑ፡
በዕለተ፡ ምንዳቤ፡ ለአሰስሎ፡ ኵሉ፡ እኩያን፡ ወረሲዓን።
Ḳāla barakat za-Henok zakama bāraka ḫəruyāna waṣādəḳāna ʾəlla hallawu yəkunu
baʿəlata məndābe laʾasassəlo kʷəllu ʾəkuyān warasiʿān
"Word of blessing of Henok, wherewith he blessed the chosen and righteous who would be alive in the day of tribulation for the removal of all wrongdoers and backsliders."

Ross says I am finished with my assignment, having blogged it at this place and this time. Now I go.

(if anything else comes up I will be sure to blog it)