Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gaia News Brief 14.2.2015

Just For Today I Will Love Myself:

Every day we are presented with the option to speak to our hearts with harsh, judgmental, 'should of, could of, would of' thoughts--OR--the chance to give ourselves loving forgiveness and connect our highest dreams to Source...with unconditional acceptance to US for Who We Are At This Moment.

We are constantly changing, both in the physical--where even our very bones and the composition of them is constantly being absorbed and built up in delicate balance--as well as the mental, emotional, and astral parts of ourselves.

We are a masterpiece we are creating one day at a time. (there is no accident to use the 'one day at a time' motto, either...for all of you who have experienced addiction in yourself or someone close to you...)

So why not celebrate this?

Just for today...

We Write Our Own Scripts

When my beloved Nannu Filippo crossed over, he came to my mother, and told her, 'we write our own scripts' (in this life).  He said life, 'is like a movie'.

So when I heard a close colleague mutter with disgust about how someone at the Surgery Center--an investor surgeon--had told her that another colleague, 'she doesn't get the nuance of outpatient surgery with her slow wake ups.' and was going to administration....I knew it was me.

I hadn't been to the surgery center for a while after my last time there. It's another hostile place where the nurses may seem nice, but the admin nurse will stab you in the back.

It's the same place where I gave Marcia a Ross and Carla Reiki Scholarship Bracelet. She accepted it enthusiastically. But Spirit told me to give one to Dana, too, because she didn't need it now but a time would come where she would REALLY be needing it.

So I asked Marcia to give it to Dana. Next time I saw Dana, she thanked me for the 'bracelet that gets rid of evil spirits' halfheartedly...and I knew she resented the gift.

So the surgeon and the admin were my two 'data points' on my performance (I've worked in MANY surgery centers over my career, and this is the strangest because of the 'investor' part of it)...and this surgeon--the only one who would USE the term, 'nuance'--a plastic surgeon who has 'moods' and displayed them to me at the hospital recently in the doctor's lounge--being curt, abrupt, and short with me...

Yesterday I was assigned there.

And I knew what to do.

Fast anesthesia, rapid turnovers, and hardly any pain relief for the patient to make them wake up FAST. For example, if the surgeon put in local, I gave iv ibuprofen (ketorolac) and no narcotic, because the local was doing the work.

People couldn't believe the transformation.

My surgeon was really happy.

My patients were happy to get out of the surgery center.

The circulator nurse TOLD me, 'you haven't been around here for a while but you are a really good fit for here.'

My BOSS literally gave me a hug.

This is because it takes a personality and a skill set for this 'picky' place to work.  It's taken me three years to figure this place out.  First on the personality (be NICE to everybody even when it is 'under furnished' when it comes to anesthesia supplies and safety equipment--they have NO oxygen tanks to take patient from OR to PACU--it's unheard of in any place I have worked.  Now we are at--the charge nurse admits 'it is embarrassing not to have the oxygen and we will work on it.')  Now on the 'expectations' of the surgeon.

Do I WANT to work in this environment long-term?


But do I want it to get the best of me, and make me feel like I can't do it?

No way.

Because I can.  I will. I DID. And I can relax knowing that when I need to be sent there, I will do just fine.

All it took was a hint and a practice of 'situational awareness'.

So whatever has been 'getting you down' -- why not keep loving yourself and working on it--because you CAN DO IT!

This is a chakra balancing bracelet from Divine Mother--it is an energy BLAST--very similar to the Tsunami of Love. Look up Isabel Henn on google, for her Divine Mother jewelry, to order it. 

This bracelet was created with the input of a Twin--who like Ross is UP, not incarnate--for his Twin who is Incarnate. The owner cried for two or more hours when she opened her gift. It was perfect, and exactly what she needed at the time. If you would like me to create a 'healing bracelet' for you, Private Message me on Doctors With Reiki to inquire.

This design came from Haillie Treamer in London.
It is for me.
It means that the Galactics are surrounding Gaia, and we are close to the final 'push' in the Liberation project.

This is the highlight of my week, meeting the closest vibration to Ross on earth, who I haven't met yet--Andy Bojarski--who energetically is Ross and my cousin. It was a joy to be free and meet my Star Family...

This Reiki symbol doesn't need Reiki. You just use both hands, go UP and OUT like 'Brand New Day' symbol, then add a 'sparkle' up at the top. It's name IS Glory, and this energy first hit the planet in my bracelet about two weeks ago. I have anchored this energy onto the planet. Now it is freely available here for you.

This was from the potluck at work. Isn't is a beautiful cake? My boss brought it. What is significant is that HE is on the Medifast diet like about all my peers--but he chose to give--to the workers too.

This is the commander symbol.
It was given to me yesterday morning to give to Marc Gamma.
Marc likes it when I give him Reiki online through video calls.
Marc laughed.
He asked, 'Did you know who gave you this symbol?'
I didn't.
It was Ashtar himself.

I don't know if this symbol will work for anyone but me--I have the some of the highest energy there is on the planet. I am a commander too. 

But I think you should know about it.

It doesn't hurt to try!

This is the bracelet FREEDOM.
I made it last night, thinking it was for another.
I wanted to mail it.
Ross started talking to Anthony, and trying to get me to stop and keep it.
I was like, 'It doesn't fit. It's for this and that'
Ross commented to Anthony--it sure is difficult to negotiate with her!
So I kept it.

I am anchoring the energy of FREEDOM now on the planet for you.
Just like I did the vibration of GLORY.



I second what Carla says.

Life is a journey.

I want you to enjoy the trip.

Life is sweet.

There is no need to diet where I live.

Enjoy a little treat every now and then...even if the treat is a little workout, and exercise, like Carla did when she wanted a boba drink from across the street at the hospital to wake her up.

She walked two laps around the place, got some sunshine, and later, ate an apple.

It's all good.

No matter how you slice it <3 It comes up VICTORY.

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins