Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gaia News Brief 22.2.2015 -- The Triumph Edition

The Blizzard

Yesterday we were set to travel home from beautiful Vail, Colorado. A snowstorm was due to hit. Our flight was at seven p.m., but my research with the shuttle bus driver helped me to understand that one car wreck can shut down the roads for five hours on the road back to Denver--and that safest speeds are fifty-five to sixty miles per hour in the snow. We bought thirty dollars worth of food and water and filled the tank before we ever hit the road on the way back.

Back home before I ever left, an obstetric nurse, Danielle, who is from Denver, had advised me to ask for a four-wheel drive vehicle. I couldn't reserve it, but I upgraded to a BMW X-5 at the rental counter when I arrived one week earlier. It quadrupled the car rental cost, but the alternative was a front-wheel drive and intuition said to take the better equipped car.

Even though we only drove it once during the trip, opting for shuttle service, on the road home, the investment was worth it. We did okay by following Ross' advice--leave at noon.

If Anthony hadn't needed to pee, and I hadn't stopped at Mc Donald's to check with the free wifi on all the 'Team Doctors With Reiki' issues, we would have had smooth sailing.

But in the hour we were there, the snow quickly piled on the car. And by the time we got to rental car return, it was a full-on 'I don't think this is Light Snow anymore mom!' BLIZZARD.

We didn't buy the quarter tank of gas to fill it, because of the weather. And the lady at the counter gave us the normal price for gas because of it.

We went to the counter because we weren't sure if the flight was cancelled, so the check-in lady with the parka said to go there. The manager called, our flight was 'on time', and she told us that 'Denver NEVER closes, only once, for 9-11.'  She said, 'We are used to snow here. It's not like Washington DC where they get two inches and close everything down.'

Eventually we checked in. And we gave our huge bottles of Essentia water to the guy who checked our bags (we would have to throw it). Then we gave a smaller SmartWater--much to her surprise--'are you sure you just don't want to chug it?'--to a woman whose business trip to India was cancelled.

Our plane was at the gate, and covered with so much snow the windshields were full of white.  A fellow traveler took a picture and said to me, 'I hope they wipe those down before takeoff!'...just about everyone with a cell-phone took a picture of the plane at Gate 33B.

I spoke with a friend who lives in Germany--she's been through winter flights--and de-icing the plane. And lived to talk about it. So I set about on watching the activity of the workers. The snowplow trucks and bigger snowplow for the runway. The flight that landed safely and taxied to the next Gate. The 'gear de-ice' truck. The luggage being loaded. The food going in.

The worker at the Gate said on the overhead, 'We know the weather is bad. We are going to put you on board, and get pushed out to the tarmac where you will go to the de-icing station. It will add an extra five to ten minutes. Be careful not to slip on the snow that has come in to the walkway as you go to board the plane. Due to the weather it will be minute-to-minute whether your flight goes or not.'

As I shared with my friend, 'I have so much more respect for the Galactics now. Here I am, a native Southern Californian, completely unnerved by what I see. But for these workers here, they know what to do and have been doing it safely forever. It's just like with Ascension of the Planet. The Galactics are doing all the stuff that needs to be done for our safety. I can only watch and wait and trust.'

The Test

This was one of the toughest ones I have ever experienced. It began the Friday night before last, when we were readying ourselves for travel.  I created THIS bracelet, the Freedom bracelet:

I wanted to ship is out to a person. And Ross--who communicates with Anthony very well--wanted me to not send it. He had Anthony tell me, 'You are quite difficult to negotiate with!' and 'Give it to someone very close to you.'

It was a six-inch bracelet. Very tight on my arm. But I put it on for lack of knowing what to do with it.

I went on the trip, and indeed, I discovered Freedom. There is a blog post about that. But also, I experienced more. You see,  my higher self and I, Sophia--we get along. But one of my past-incarnations won't shut up. She channels to Fran Zepeda, and the time before last I got so upset I went to Divine Father and begged for 'internal consistency'. I don't have full understanding of what an oversoul, soul, and past incarnations DO compared to me the version incarnate. Well Fran did it again. I refused to read it. I mulled over it, and complained--technically, formulated my complaint argument--and finally I just said, 'fuck it!'--I don't need her! And I asked Archangel Michael to WHACK the cord between me and my past incarnation, severing it completely, because I couldn't stand the energy hemorrhage of her spouting off on stuff I already write for whatever reason. I can't muzzle her, but I can go on with my life, and do my mission. Here is example of what I wrote--and I didn't have the courage to read Fran's message until this morning)  Here is the one where Ross talks about how to Manifest--published one day earlier

I also met a new soul, an Angel I was told, but it also seemed Ascended Master, who looked like Pat Boone with a little age on him. Very tan skin. Blue eyes. Kinder eyes than Pat. And wrinkles. He wanted to have a soul connection with me, and I welcomed it. But he was super tentative and almost not very confident. I looked everywhere online for images of him. Was it Serapis Bey? Paul the Venitian? WHO WAS IT?!

Nobody would say.

Now I know without a's Koot Hoomi (she spells is KutHumi)

I guess he knew I am a hothead, and had on kid gloves to deal with me-- ; )

Anyhow, once home, Anthony said, 'Mom, we need a LONG TALK.'

Okay, On the couch, we sit.  I vaguely recalled him finding a Mormon flyer--like a postcard--on the train at the airport and making a comment about it.

Here are the questions on the back that struck him deeply:

  1. What is the Purpose of Life?
  2. What is the true nature of God?
  3. Can families be together forever?
  4. Where do we go after this life?
He said, 'Mom? When I started going crazy last summer it was because I was worried about this. And now I KNOW. I am here to help people. That is why I am here. To help and be a helper. And you?'

(At this point Ross started helping with Anthony on the discussion.) 'Mom? Do you know what YOU signed up for?'

Then I knew they both HAD me--I signed up for Extra Credit, didn't I?

Ross said, through Anthony, 'Have you had ENOUGH?' with a laugh.

I said, basically, 'Bring it!' and 'I'm still in!'

My boy looked at me, straight in the eye, with Ross, and said, 'You are more than a helper. You are to be among the people. You are a leader.'  I knew in my heart this was true--recently the energies have been supporting this movement...

Then in the same breath, like the ten year old he is, Anthony told me Ross wants me to make a bracelet TONIGHT--he will design it as my gift--because 'Sundays are busy' and 'Saturdays we have time to do such things.'

I also knew Anthony wanted to play his basketball game on Xbox.

So I called him on it, and said, 'After I tuck you into bed I will make the bracelet.' And according to Anthony, Ross said, 'That works!'

Well when Anthony went upstairs to brush his teeth, there was a terrible smell upstairs.

I came up. It was choking, gagging strong smell of death. Just in case, I flushed the toilet in Anthony's bathroom, perhaps it was plumbing odors from the sewer if the u-drain thing dried up?

Nope. It was right from under my sink in the master bedroom.  So I got some shopping bags, and tucked Anthony in.

I found the air freshener (the natural one), Windex (It cures everything! ; )   ), and a lot of paper towels. I also put a drop of Chef Ito Oil under my nose, because it helps with the smell.  I braced myself for maggots.

Behind my makeup kits, in the trap, was a very dead, bloated rat.

Anthony wanted to see it. I let him. I almost threw up from the stench.

But I knew what to do. I used the plastic bag to pick up the trap, and released the rat from it into the bag. As I pulled, something unusual happened--skin and fur from the rat and the tail stuck to the shelf lining. I contemplated pulling up the lining. But I thought, no, that's my lining, and it's impermeable. i will clean it.

And I did. Everything came off. Chunks of fur. I sanitized everything. And threw the mess out into the big garbage can down in the garage.

This was the third time I have come home from vacation with an unpleasant surprise. The very first rat I fought it--I FREAKED--and I wanted my Daddy to be alive again and take care of it for me.  The second time, with the maggots, I HATED HATED HATED it, and cursed my fate as I cleaned it up.

This last time I realized it's just like a planet that is infested with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--although it's unpleasant to have rats, a dead one--in my house, it's still MY HOUSE and that doesn't change. And I know what to do. So without ANY emotional investment in the cleanup, I do what I know how to do, get the job done, and go on with it.

After that, I stayed up late and made the bracelet. One day, perhaps, I will show it to you. What is important is it has lots of citrine, and three grey agate beads to represent these rats. Each bead is flanked by the most beautiful Swarovski crystal bicone beads in a magnificent lilac, to represent the LESSON that is behind each rat.  Ross named the bracelet Triumph.  This is the next lesson after Freedom, for me.

I love my Team.

The following video was sent from Phillip--TWICE--to his incarnate Twin, Ming of Reiki Fur Babies.

This is another piece of healing Ming did for us without my realizing it--the message from Buddy to his 'mom' describes how the situation is with Ross and me, with Ross being like Buddy is to his mom...

During Buddy’s session, Buddy :

Buddy said Buddy feels so grateful for the kindness and love every day from Mom. Buddy will ALWAYS be with Mom because Buddy and Mom have a soul connection that goes on for always. Buddy’s physical body will pass but Buddy’s soul will always be here next to you Mom. Buddy feels the guardian angel Mom brought to be with Buddy...Just always know that Buddy’s body may not be with you but Buddy’s should will be close to you always in the NOW and the here after.
Thank you.


Carla had a handful of almonds today. She offered to take Anthony to Hawaiian breakfast after she writes this. But he didn't want it. He wants something home-cooked with love from her.

Carla didn't have a lot to say. In her mind, she has categorized her 'tests' into something like in the movie she saw recently, The Kingsman, where an ultra-secret spy establishment helps 'save the world' and to join you must pass lots of tests. The entrance examinations in the movie Men In Black are highly similar.

Carla accepts this and goes on.

She just knows there is this task that must be done, she has to do it, just like breakfast. Although she ENJOYS creating breakfast and planetary Ascensions, she doesn't make it her be-all, end-all of the consciousness...she does what it has to take, and moves on.

Her energy is shining now (he smiles, and his eyes light up -- ed).  Can you see it? (he rubs my arm--ed). I am very, very, very proud of her accomplishment. As my Twin. Carla has done what I have not been able to do. 

It is finished.

Nothing is going to stop us now, as a collective.

I had to put my foot down on our project Team Doctors With Reiki. It was a clarification more than anything, but it had to be done in a timely fashion. If you look, there are healers who want to rise up to the very highest vibrations possible--that is in service to humanity--and they want to do this with focus and concentration and a very high efficiency of their energy as a collective. There was a lot of comments from the group about their needs and how they wished the group to form in exact alignment with the mission statement.  Let's see how they do.

I must talk for a moment about the work.

This is not what Byron Katie is about, although it is very close, and highly effective, her method.

The WORK one has to do to Ascend is like Carla experienced with all the dead rats--both in her house, her back yard, and under her sink where she puts on her makeup. This was selected as her test to make her the most horrified reaction, under stress, from a 'high' of coming back to vacation to a 'low' of the gag-stench of dead rat and having to clean it.

The lesson will be repeated to you until you are able to master it.

Carla thanked me deep in her heart for her Valentine Gift. She knew I had put a lot of effort into planning her experiences of the past week. These are the roses we give in the higher realms--the lessons and the opportunity to master them.

This applies for all of you.

And when you meet your challenge (recall you have unlimited help and guidance when you have questions and are 'stuck')--and overcome them!--this is a victorious elation that no one can describe and no one can ever remove from your consciousness. It 'sticks' --forever--like a medal on a soldier or a badge on a girl scout sash, or like the little words 'Fitness' and 'Focus' and others the Martial Arts teacher Anthony used to have would give to the students--just two per class--after each lesson when they earned it--then they would stick it on their uniforms...

This is our gift to you.

Will you open it?

All it requires is an open heart, situational awareness, willingness to do the work on the lesson, and the patience that it takes to achieve mastery. As your ability to co-create strengthens, you will actively SEEK challenges to lift your skills even more--like a black diamond run on the ski slopes <3

That is enough for today. Carla has spent ninety minutes writing this...all from her Sunday morning free time.

She loves us that much to make the effort so we can share with one another...tenderly...that's my lady...<3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
And Anthony their boy