Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gaia News Brief 7.2.2015

My Second Birthday

Yesterday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of my having had neurological surgery.

And I didn't get a chance to celebrate it.

It's poignant.

We had the six a.m. emergency meeting at work--no nice breakfast at home. Then my son had a birthday party after school--the family took him directly to the party. I ate a kale salad by myself before I went to see our counselor (when children are in counseling the parents have to go weekly too).

I was a little surprised because she asked me about the bracelets I made that Anthony loves--the energy in them?

She had to dig, I wasn't talking--I am a DOCTOR and Doctors don't talk about that right?

It turns out she is a sensitive too--an acupressure and massage therapist at first, with referrals from a major hospital in San Gabriel. She believes food is medicine. And is completely open to Reiki!

So that--acceptance of who I am in a clinical setting--was my greatest gift.

The second greatest gift? Having spirit guide me to make bracelets. I have made three yesterday and am looking forward to making more. The energy and clarity that surges through me as I am making them sometimes makes my whole body shake. And clearly, this is a skill that I once knew 'before' is a joy to rediscover it.

And the third? Learning not to expect much on my birthday.

Spirit has been weaning me from holidays for two years now. I hardly decorate the way I did before--I do just a little to make it nice for Anthony--but not whole-hearted 'INTO' it like before...

In the practices of the 'religion' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they have two really BIG days of the year, the birthday being one of them.

My gift of today is that yesterday was 'just another day' to remember 'something that happened', and to focus on the gift of TODAY--the birds, nature, being able to visit a friend, my son being home, and not having to's just the right size and I don't have to return it or write a thank you note! LOL ; )


I am keeping this short because Carla has things to do. She is going to mail out the first bracelets. They are custom, and everyone is delighted to be having their order filled so quickly.

We hope you wear them in good health!

Everything is progressing fantastically on our end up here.

I love you.

All of  us do--your family in the skies--whether you have your Twin or not you get the whole bunch of us and our affection and fondness for you, our Ground Crew--with the mix.

It's a 'Package Deal' (laughs)

And it's not 'BOGO--buy one get one free'...(laughs and smiles at his own joke)

That's only for me and Carla. With one you get the other! I am the FREE ONE! (totally laughs his head off at that)

I love self-depreciating humor... (Big Smile)

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla who know how to enjoy life.