Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gaia News Brief 1.2.2015


Today was special. Because of the Super Bowl, my ex traded his work shift to go to a Super Bowl Party. This meant I had an extra six hours with our son, and I was very happy.

He said, 'Mom, you make the best omelets in the world!' and gave me a big hug. He likes a ham and cheese omelet.

For myself? I had arugula, chard, beets, and enoki mushrooms in my omelet with a little bit of Brie.
I liked it!

We also had potatoes, and it was very nice.

What Happened This Morning

Ross was in a good mood and woke me up. Of all things, he presented me with a new spiritual ability--I got to meet and befriend a Black Garuda. (wiki on Garudas)  Without my knowing it, the Black Garuda is both ancient spiritual meaning, and also, in modern day, a form of healing--

So my energy in spirit is now able to work with this healing too.  I sensed Ross was happy to share this and be the one to show me about it, he was pleased with my development, and that I could make it to this level of work.

The Party

There was a birthday party for a former pre-school classmate of Anthony's from two to four. So we went. The family is Persian. So Anthony went off to play, and I sat with the moms--the hostess, four friends, and me, the only non-Persian. They spoke in Farsi, right in front of me. I didn't understand a word!

Was I upset?

Not in the least. I listened, and I watched, and I learned about the culture. Later, when the children came in to eat pizza, I watched the families with love in my heart, and gratitude, for healthy social interaction.

There was a muslim in full head wrap and dress, with her son, and the hostess thought she was from Turkey. There were Asians--who typically do not attend birthday parties--so I could see they were raising the children with our culture.

I also had three Persian cookies and a cup of tea...I blessed everyone, and hoped that more people will be able to enjoy one another like this on a more regular basis.

The gift? A magnetic levitation science kit. I hope the birthday boy likes it!

The Game

We came home early to watch the game. I worked on some bracelets like I do during sports. About ten minutes before the halftime show, my consciousness was drawn to the 'headline performer'. I released her from the cycle of Karma, and she went UP to Ross. I saw them together, and this performer was happy. In her place, just like a basketball game--a different soul, one trained from our team--went in its place. This is called a walk-in, and is virtually identical to the original. But it lacks the 'firepower' that is needed for the events planned to work. It's gone.

I went back to my bracelets.

My spirit was called again, quite abruptly, to a small room underneath the stadium or in it. It was where the hidden sacrifice was to take place. The energy was very low, and I encountered a tall entity of Baphomet. 

He kicked me in my side, and I fell, and he put his foot on me to hold me down. I asked him, 'where are you?' and asserted that THIS planet is of the light! I also made flowers sprout up between his toes on the ground (he had toes--not hooves--this is odd).

Others hurt me too, many kicked me and I felt the pain. I also felt resolve. I told them this is Illusion, and not Real; they are not long for this world! 

He laughed and told me they like to make fun of angels--they are used to them--and he was not afraid of my talk. Then I raised my right hand up.   I used my ring, my one with the Seal of Solomon* in it, and summoned the Guides of Compassionate Mercy to escort them UP and AWAY from here. They came and they did. Immediately after, I raised my other hand with my golden ring from Ross, and I gave the highest angelic consciousness, the Christ Consciousness--to everyone who would watch anything related to the game or listened to it. I saw all these rays go OUT from my hand. Next, Ross came behind me, and told me I had done well.

Then I was back to my bracelets, and five minutes later, the halftime show--not the entertainment part but the sports review part, began.

When the halftime show came, I saw and felt it wasn't--it was, um, lots like the other halftime shows. It didn't seem right. But I didn't think anything of it--I just noticed the hair and the voice were not very pleasant, among other things.

Ross told both of us not to worry about it. But my son was quick thinking and rewound the program to look at the tattoo on the inside upper right arm. We tried to read it but couldn't. Then the show was over.

My son was hungry in the third quarter, and I shared these events with a close spiritual friend. This was confirmed to have happened as I saw it, by Divine Father.

At the loss, my son got very emotional. He cried for one hour. I took him to get fresh air outside, and walked. I said, 'The stars are REAL. So is the fresh air. And the ground. These are built by nature. But the cars? They are built by man...when you get upset, go to nature. It will heal you. Not things like sports which are made by man.'

It wasn't until I looked up some footage by The Vigilant Christian on YouTube that I put two and two together. I agree with them on ninety percent --the ten percent being that there are 'good witches' and 'bad witches' basically, so not ALL are 'bad witches' although the person on the channel says they are all 'bad'.

  • This is the play-by-play Illuminati symbolism exposed, and it is accurate:
  • Here is the pre-show evidence--date and location--along with a chilling confession by both daughter of Anton Le Vey and Madonna--of how this 'event' is the 'holy of holies' and anyone who views it is thought to 'participate' with the 'ceremony'
  • The first link provided--be sure to look at the comments--they show how asleep many people are, along with a few awake ones. You can 'feel' it in the 'energy signature' of the people--who is spiritually awake and who isn't.
  • The second link has over one hundred thousand views already!! In one day! It's catching on.
  • Here is one more link about the performer, if you are interested
* this ring I bought for myself at a Renaissance Faire in the 1990's. Recently, in the last few months, Ross was shaking as he gave the spiritual overlay to it. He had always had the ability to use the seal of cast out dark entities--and he gave this ability to me. I have used it a lot ever since he gave it to me. There is only one person who can use it so it works. 


Someone is contacting me with a dilemma. I can see easily they spiritual dynamics of what is going on with the co-creative energies of the Universe.

What this person doesn't realize, is that they are teaching ME too, on the very same subject, where I myself have been stuck. My work, and my security.  Fortunately, I am always an independent observer of my own ways.

I am going to have to decide for myself what I want, with my career and work situation. And my home life. And once I decide, I can't fail--the Universe will support me. There are no mistakes, only lessons. And it is totally fair to ask for help from your guides when making a decision.

I will in my meditation this week, ask my heart of hearts what life and career I want-no call, no weekends? More time for this spiritual work? And then let go and trust in the Universe to provide for me.


A lifetime of love and togetherness.

This video speaks to the testament of what is holy--love and family, and what is blessed.

In sickness and in health...


I don't want those of you who are new to the Illuminati to get worked up about them--with Carla and my teams we are aware and active over the situation. Educate yourselves. Have awareness. And know that their 'nuclear bomb' was deactivated not only by Carla and my team--we are only instruments of the Will of Source--but by the wishes of Divine Mother and Divine Father themselves. 

Everything happens for the best. Even in the ritual in the Super Bowl, at the time and place that was set, it was not able to happen. 

We are watching, monitoring all activities on the planet. Even the hidden ones. We are recording them too, for all posterity to know what happens 'behind closed doors' (from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart). When the time is right, we are going to expose and share it with everybody.  On everything that has been hidden away, and secret. Just like this (snaps his fingers).

I do not want you to get worked up about these things. Take them with a grain of salt.

It won't be long until everyone receives their Higher Awareness...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Original Reiki Doc Twins