Friday, February 6, 2015

Gaia News Brief 6.2.2015

Richness Of The Anesthesiologist

Today I had an unexpected surprise! And it was in fact, pleasant.

Last night, there was much disturbance in our anesthesia group. An 'emergency meeting' had been called for a Saturday, but the more aggressive in the group wished for six a.m. today!
(Anesthesia is in the OR, so we must meet when cases do not need to be staffed).

Since my hours had been cut back recently, and I've been super cheerful and working extra shifts just to change the perception of the group, I wasn't SURE if I was 'invited', but I got the email, and I followed up to find out what and when and everything late last night.

Fortunately I had set up a contingency neighbor to help take my son to school.

I learned when--called the neighbor--dropped off Anthony at five thirty--and got to the meeting.

It was TERRIBLE. People were upset because someone who had left had come back, and now there 'was not enough work'. I had worked every day this week. I expected today off, had appointments with the Termite Inspector--but was given work due to changes to the schedule for the next three months. There's been six revisions of it!

There was even insinuation of doing 'something drastic'--firing somebody--and the other two who were moved to part-time were not present, and that wasn't good.

The meeting ended.

I went to my room.

It was a special request case. For me.  

Our cancer unit social worker enjoyed my anesthesia so much the last time, she asked for me again.

It warmed my heart, and couldn't have been at a better time. Her smile and reaching for a hug in pre-op, with her little knit beret to cover her bald head, was so incredible!

I am the luckiest anesthesiologist lady in the world...

Moving Forward

I have had several key realizations and stark insights over the past few days. I'm not sure in what order to share them. Ross says to write a paragraph each, with no dots.

Today I was picking up the energy of my frazzled surgeon for the special request case. He seemed unhappy, and when I asked him if he wanted music for the case--when I passed him out in the hall--he relaxed.

He didn't like the drapes. The ones are supposed to stick. He didn't like the table. It didn't sit ninety degrees UP. He didn't like the scrub tech or the nurse.

He didn't even want to be here--but because the patient worked here, her deductible was fifty-percent, and besides, she wanted me. He wanted her at his surgery center...

I contacted a friend by messenger, and said, 'This is the WORST! I can't take all this 3D!'

And I felt Ross.

He asked me, 'Can you play the game just a little more?'

I'm honest.

I told him my heart isn't in it...but he asked...and I will do as he says...for however long it takes.

Then I figured it out! I've been wanting to escape to 5D or higher and 'go HOME' for all of my life. But I'm stuck HERE.

I'm stuck HERE because I am needed.

I am needed to infiltrate and earn the trust of people like that surgeon.

I am to be HERE, even though I would rather be in the less 'heavy' vibrations that are natural for me, BECAUSE THIS IS MY JOB THAT I WAS SENT TO DO.

So I did it.

I watched the surgery. I asked the Nurse Supervisor of the OR to mark the tables so we know which ones go ninety degrees straight up. I didn't GIVE Reiki, I WAS everyone present in the room.

When the surgeon talked guns, I talked guns.

When he talked 'his fancy school for his kids', I talked 'his fancy school for HIS kids'

When he talked about his special edition Lotus--only thirty were made that year, then the next year only two--and how his racing career is ending because he can't go for a day to leave the wife and kids when the wife shares his gun hobby now...I listened...and I did not judge.

I asked about how to suture a wound--I had a teacher who used to pull it tight--does that make pretty scars like he said?  I asked other technical things. I got him talking. And drawing pictures on the drapes at the end of the case. I showed INTEREST.

In my opinion this man is sick. In fact, sicker than his patient. His 'cancer' is materialism. And it's not going to serve him ANYWHERE in the Higher Realms.

And when I take my place in the firmament of Heaven, he is going to say, 'She knew me! And she listened and she me...and to my patient...' and he will get 'on board' with 'the new program'.

So will my coworkers.

So will the bitter, sad, Obstetric Gynecologist who has written me up and goes to Administration for every little thing any of me or my colleagues does, who talks about her Toucan (a ten thousand dollar bird) and her house rabbit and her kids and her new furniture for the house she buys every now and then....

I am so sick of people making money off of those who are diseased. I am sicker yet of their making money through hearts that are closed to their patients. And fighting over who makes the most money and 'has the best line up' on a given day.

It's time for change.

Ross sent me this song on the drive home. Then he sent Sugar by Maroon 5.

Life is Sweet.

Love (sugar) is the Solution For Everything.

I get it.

Then he played Pompeii--his signature song--it hasn't been on that station for months.

And I felt the amazing Presence of my man in Heaven... oxoxoxoxox


What Carla speaks is truth.

It is a very powerful lesson.

There is no way out but through the door (gestures ahead to a door that is open).

One way out.

Hate it or love it, Love for those around you--and patience--is the only way to lift them up.

Carla wants me to add you don't have to go out and seek it. The ones who need your presence are going to find their way to you (laughs) --'I know Ross, I know' you are saying, 'The Universe will send them!'

(He puts his finger on the tip of his nose) You are RIGHT!

And everything is happening at the best possible time, in the best possible way to liberate the planet.

All those 'Sleepyheads' (like the surgeon and OB GYN and anesthesiologists) are in for a surprise or two (he smiles REAL big! and rubs his hands together) and they don't know the half of it! (he infers that YOU do <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3)

That is the way of Heaven.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
(Ross pops some gangsta moves like a rapper just to make you smile--he's totally kidding--and talking about 'his team')