Monday, February 23, 2015

Gaia News Brief 23.2.2015

There's No Place Like Om

Today I was tested. Spirit and I did a dance. My boy, Anthony, was one of the primary 'dance partners' for this test.

Yesterday, he looked so cute playing basketball with my nephew that I went to get my camera. When I came back, I couldn't see the boys! I went out to see what happened? Anthony was on the ground, in tears (he doesn't cry easy)--he smashed his toe going for a layup.

We iced it, and it felt better.

This morning, he really had a big to do over that toe. I tested it after the injury--diagnosis was strain/jam, not a break.  I tested it again this morning--the same thing. I gave him ibuprofen.

He was in TEARS. My mom-dar (that's radar for moms) was on full alert. He didn't want to go back to school. He wanted to stay home with me. He feels entitled to hang out with me when I have a day off.  I knew the toe hurt! But in the grand scheme of things, school and socialization is way more important enough to hobble around.

We were one half hour late. We barely had breakfast.

I explained to the teacher what happened, and she is kind. She is a yoga teacher too, and completely 'gets' us.

I sat at the table outside the class, filling out the forms for a fundraiser, and also, writing the checks for extracurricular activities.

You can imagine my surprise when his teacher had a gift for him--a tee shirt with a big Om on it! LOL. Her husband had given it to her but it was too short, and she thought it might fit Anthony.

Just this morning I had used this symbol to send Karuna Reiki to all requests on Team Doctors With Reiki...Om is the highest vibration of all the Karuna Reiki symbols ...

It fit and looked cute but he didn't want to wear it.

I took him aside and asked, 'How many points do you think you will win with your teacher if you don't wear it?'

He agreed to keep it on all day.

Five D is in Your Back Yard

I went to the independent car repair place. There was something funny with some clicker thing, and a part had been ordered while I was in Colorado.

The owner was out, but his manager--Evan--the one who used to race cars and has pictures all over the wall--took my order.

He used to live in Breckenridge a long time ago. He didn't like Vail. Didn't like the town.

He asked me when I wanted to pick up the car?

I hesitated. I said I needed a ride home or I could call Uber...then they could take as long as they needed.

Evan paused.

Then he surprised me.

He said, 'Here, take MY car.' and handed me the keys!

It was an old Nissan power anything...crank windows...but automatic transmission.  I had asked, 'Is this a stick? It's just like what I grew up with --four sixty air conditioning!'

He laughed and said he'd heard that in New York someone broke into a car to steal it, but it was manual transmission, and the thief didn't know how to drive the car!!!

How Spirit Guides

I remember earlier this year, Isabel Henn and I had a Skype 'date' to show me how to make bracelets. I had NO clue. I had gone to a gem show months earlier, and bought raw materials for Linda--a super good deal.

I think what happened was I played basketball with Anthony at the gym, my beloved Reiki Scholarship Bracelet I never took off broke, and it needed re-stringing. Linda generously offered to fix it, and I couldn't bear to send it away...she was kind and sent me a replacement one until I could get it fixed.

I went to Jared Jewelers and they said they couldn't fix it. You have to go to Michael's to get the stuff to re-string it.

Well I complained to Ed, my hairstylist, about my bracelet. I knew he had gone somewhere and made a silver one he never took he sent me to his bead shop by his house.  I went, I restrung my beloved bracelet, and the owner showed me how to fix the clasp to finish it. She also advised me to take a class with her on Tuesdays if I was interested.

You know me. Why wait? I bought some beautiful beads. But wasn't sure how it works. So Isabel and I had a beading session 'face to face'...

I remember at the time sensing that Ross and Ashtar were SUPER excited about the beading we women were doing...and I thought, 'I really suck at this! Why should they care about two women with a new hobby having fun?'

This is 'Triumph'...

I never in a million years would have thought my own two hands could make it. There is smoky quartz, citrine, pink opal, grey agate, swarovski crystal...the energy in it is phenomenal, and each bracelet I make is a perfectly titrated spiritual vibration for me to take me through my next lesson.

Solomon was known as the one who wore the most stones (for energy healing reasons) than anyone. King Solomon. And there in the crystal guide book I have, they mention which stones are in a priest's breast plate or shield.  I wonder if that ring Ross gave me, the one with the Seal of Solomon in it, is helping me to somehow tap in to that energy morphogenic field on working with crystals?

Anthony heard Ross tell me to make a bracelet for Marc Gamma--he's my first 'celebrity endorsement' LOL--he has such a nice sense of humor!

Ross told Anthony for me to make bracelets like Alexandra makes remedies to help heal people...

Guess what I got in the mail today?  A pleased customer who is from New Hampshire:

My Dear Carla,

     I wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful healing bracelet. I could feel the energy even before I opened the package! I have also enjoyed looking up the meaning of the crystals.

   After I put on the bracelet, I got busy doing other things. After a couple of hours, I realized that I was feeling really good! I didn't have my usual feeling of walking under water! I felt lighter and clearer than usual.

   I couldn't understand why until I remembered the bracelet! All of that high vibrational energy was exactly what I needed. The feeling has continued for the entire week. I do not plan on ever taking it off!

    Lord Metatron has been helping me with my healing and on my path toward Ascension. Your bracelet is a wonderful addition to the work of that very special soul...


Just today I sent two bracelets to Mexico...I've learned how to use Western Union (Imagine--Mexico sending money here! In my neighborhood, it's usually the other way around, and the people at the grocery store where the Western Union is got a really big kick out of it--it's way less work for them. Bless their hearts...)

I also found some beautiful options for a new project, for a woman who is ventilator dependent, very interested in healing, and has very delicate skin--she is in Canada. I discovered some wonderful options. And thanks to a shared gift from Divine Mother to another healer that was every so briefly posted on the Team DWR page--I was shown a raw material--hemp cord--I would need ever before I realized I needed it.

Long story short--I had NO CLUE about my bracelet-making and healing abilities...but Ross and Ashtar did...and that is why at the beginning I felt the electricity of excitement from those two, as they watched me make my very first bracelet...with Isabel lovingly guiding me...this incarnation...

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? What healing gifts are hiding right now inside of YOU?

I gave this bracelet to Anthony's teacher, with love and gratitude, for her Om shirt to him.

A Message From St. Germain

Lots and lots of GRATITUDE!
For I am RICHLY BLESSED to be talking to you tonight. Not through her hands, but right smack at you through the filter of Carla's beautiful soul.
She magnifies my message to you, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you through her.
I have a great 'reach'...for all of you are listening, and I am with you--this is entirely possible--as you read these words...

(a pause...St Germain is such a thoughtful type! -- ed)

(he clears his throat. In this he is a gentleman too...for I delay  -- ed)

(he puts his hands up in a shug) and asks, 'WHAT IS UP?!'

Kernels are popping and what is all that stuff? (he smiles the most funny smile that reminds me of a kindergarten teacher getting way too into the expressions while reading to the class... -- ed)

Is everyone coming awake? (huge arched raised eyebrows and a look of mock astonishment in his eyes)

What is this?

How can it be?  (he shrugs again -- ed)

Why do I answer a question with another question? (he really giggles over that one -- ed)

What do you know?   (now he shows a time out with his hands  -- ed)

What I want to extend is my most loving congratulations for your accomplishments in the last few days. Ever since I gave you my message, many of you have 'gone to work' and 'rolled up those sleeves' and 'put in a little elbow grease'...

Guess what?

That was enough to make it tip! Like an avalanche that was just getting started, now is the time to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! (he is laughing and really proud of making this analogy--ed)

(he puts his finger on the tip of his nose--and smiles--as if to say, 'I think you get it!'-- ed)

(now he smiles and waves bye.  -- ed)


All our love goes out to little Isabella with Down's syndrome, whose mom has never told her about us--me and Carla--and when her mom asked her, 'Who is Ross?' she ran to the window and pointed out and UP!

Thank you so very much for your gifts, your letter, and the delight it gave to my wife, Lisa Wilder. WE are both happy and amazed, and we thank you for your generosity to the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Lisa made four pieces to put up for auction, and this we are going to do!

We are also, to start it off, going to give away one free bracelet--the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship Bracelet--to the one who needs it most. We will take requests for the bracelet on the DWR main page, and then the TEAM DWR will decide who to give it on the basis of the one who would most benefit from this healing intervention at this time. WE will take the Reiki Bracelet healing 'requests', and together as a group, decide where that healing is meant to go.

Are you up to it?

(he is very happy and smiling)

For all of you who love me--like beautiful Isabella with her pure heart--who love me and Carla, we thank you for your confidence and Light.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins
(Ross says, 'I am BACK!--yesterday Carla went 'solo' on her Work It post... and he winks)