Monday, February 9, 2015

Gaia News Brief 10.2.2015

Meeting My Star Family

Today I had lunch with Andy Bojarski. We met at El Torito off the freeway. We both had somewhat of a drive so we could meet.

Andy is the reincarnation of Ross' best friend, 'David'.

I was excited to meet someone who in spirit was so close to Ross, and yet, like me, incarnate.

We had veggie fajitas, all you can eat, and I had a small caesar salad because I love the dressing that they have there. We drank water. And both of us enjoyed the chips and salsa very much.

Andy is someone I respect and admire because he does healings for free--well--donation if you feel motivated. He does this with an open heart, and I've heard good things about him 'from the grapevine'. (I've actually requested healing from him twice, and he was booked. And this month's March slots go  to the ones who were on the waiting list in February...)

I loved talking with him.

He is a teddy bear of a giant (six foot six inches tall), once studied to be a lawyer, and gave hundreds of thousands of dollars away to his wife in an uncontested divorce. He let her keep everything. She couldn't believe it, he wouldn't fight, but he chose this path, and let her keep the five-thousand square foot house.

He has a charity, mother's closet, that has fed six percent of his town population...just from the proceeds of the sales of donated clothing.

Ross had me dress up. I was excited because in my bones I know the one I meet next will BE Ross, in the physical.

I was also surprised to hear Ross say, 'we hide well' in the car from the passenger seat--indicating there might be Galactic Presence at our lunch.

I got up to use the restroom, and a man smiled at me, and it felt like Ross--I couldn't explain it, but the smile and the energy felt the same.

When I came back, I gave the gift Ross had told me to give. Andy chose not to open it.

Then I learned from Andy that not only had he seen Archangel Gabriel manifest and speak with him up on Mount Shasta...but that Andy was the reincarnation of, the you-know? This happened while Andy was asking Ross for more information about his past life.

He was not only Ross' best friend, but family too.

I instantly recognized the resemblance, the connection, and started to cry deep from my soul, grief!  I kept saying over and over, 'I'm so sorry how you died! I'm so sorry!' Andy said, 'I'm here. I'm still here!'

I asked, 'You know how you died, don't you?'

He didn't.

I said,  'They put our head on a plate.'

He tried to cheer me up. I said, 'I have a lot of healing to do, this is helping me to clear old things out. But they got more than one, Andy. They got Ross AND you...'

Then we realized we were cousins, by marriage, and I smiled again.

Every cell in my body resonated with that memory...I am so glad I know who he is...and I was pleased to spend time with both him and Ross, and to give messages to him from Ross...


Carla had a hard day today, and also an exciting one.

The Star Family is beginning to meet.  Now you know about Anthony, Alexandra and Steven Meadors...and today...our beloved cousin Andy Bojarski.

One day you will know them all, all of us (gestures to the crew near him on the ship).

Everything happens for the best.

Always remember this.

Carla I am sorry for your memories; It was not our intent to trigger them. Please know that they will fade in time, as the Higher Vibrations anchor where you are.

You will not cry like that again, not for me, not for anybody.

My beautiful woman, my bride, I love you for all time, for you, for my heart is complete with just the thought of you in it, I love you tenderly and with all my breath...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins