Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gaia News Brief 11.2.2015

A Little Bit Of Everything <3

Gaia has been raped. Gaia has PTSD.


Does Gaia charge sparrows rent? Is there a 'flying license' for Canadian Geese?

How much money does it take for the lilies of the field to show all their splendor?

Gaia provides for FREE.

It is the humans who create inequity and social 'castes'.

This is because of MONEY.

If you focus on money, and wish for a prosperity package, Gaia will gladly invite you to explore the wealth of 3D in another planet.

Gaia wants to focus on 5D.

If 'money is proof that God loves me'--Lady Gaia Sophia is going to pick up the phone and dial the nearest Uber galactic equivalent and have you go to another dimension. 

Your mind and your heart are not compatible with where She is At This Time.

A famous Lightworker said, over lunch, 'If you are not in a position to pay your bills and you are looking to healing work to pay your bills for you then you need to rethink things. Take your focus on your bills and look to take care of that first.'

He also mentioned 'the energy exchange'.

I have thought long and hard about that.

Many people look to the 'energy exchange' as an excuse to keep the status quo.  You do this for me, and I do this for you, and this is how I will pay my bills.

What is the ENERGY EXCHANGE with GAIA???

Like the song from the nineties, Gaia has every right to ask, 'What have you done for me lately?'


This is all Gaia asks.


Give Her your dreams, she will support you and put a word in for you with the higher realms.

Give Her your sorrows, she will listen, and pray for you to find your way out of your current situation.

Try to place the focus on someone else instead of you and your bank account and your greed/need/ego--whatever you wish to call it--your LACK.

Open your eyes and see WHAT IS GOOD.

Appreciate something.

Give thanks.

Give tenderness.

Give what you can to someone who is in more need than you.  This gives HOPE.  This uplifts the vibration of the planet. And THIS will bring you more into alignment with Gaia and her path she wishes to embark upon as soon as she can, with all of you who are willing and interested to take this route, with Her.


Look to the Mother, Divine Mother, and her daughter, Mother Earth...and follow the example they are setting for you.

Give of your heart.  And if this is true, then what are you going to do about it?

Half of everything I make goes to income taxes for the state and the government. This means that one day I work for me, the other day I work for someone else.

With the free education and free money--I don't see how I can manage to work one day for me and TWO days for others, if not more.

It all rests in the balance--in the ability to master the ability to co-create--within.

When we are in balance, all else in the Universe will support us.

It takes some time to learn--possibly many years--possibly many incarnations--yet it IS possible to be able to adjust the 'give' and the 'take' so that THIS energy balance is optimized to sustain life...not to excess...but to enough to make this world pleasant and hospitable to ALL sentient beings who are alive upon the earth.

There is no me without you, no you without me, no us without the animals and plants and oceans and mountains.

All of us are in this together...

Find what you are able to give--be it a smile, a kind word, listening with your heart, free healings, anything...find a need, find what you are capable of as your Divine Gift--and fill it with your gifts from who you are and why your are alive on Gaia at this time of new beginnings.

Walk away--or accept--that which does not please you--either way, you will find resolution, Spirit will support you, and you will move forward on your walk in Life, as Spirit embodied in Flesh---two beings in one harmony...

You are needed.


Whether you are hungry, tired, haven't been to El Torito in eight years...or not...


Your eyes, your ears, your heart, your hands...everything is changing...

If this is true, what are you going to do about it?


I have my Twin Flame--my Twin Soul--Carla.

Carla accepted that we would never meet. 
That she would grow old without Love--her most precious wish.

Carla decided to accept this loss, and look for the best--her work, her blessings, her being a mother--and said, 'two out of three is pretty good--come to think of it.'

Carla never in a million years knew what was coming when she opened her soul to What Is, and accepted Life on its terms.

Now look at us.

If Carla had any idea how I was watching the whole time, very close, guiding and supporting her in her lessons...she never would have been able to make the progress to where she is at this time!

She is loved.

And Carla knows it.

For this, for ME, Carla is always giving thanks, 24/7, with every heartbeat (with all her cardiac output! she quips)--and with every breath.

Carla is talking to you as one who has mastered her most painful and delicate Life Lessons across multiple, many, many, many incarnations.

You will too.

One day at a time.

Accept accept accept what is. 

What is REALLY happening. 

And you will be on your way to a New Life.

Our blessings are with you. 

This is from both of us--I speak for my wife from time to time too.

Carla lets me (smiles SO adorably with that too--ed)


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla 
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.   If this is true, then what a powerful loving support we have only a prayer away!

P.P.S. My favorite story has always been Sleeping Beauty.