Friday, February 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20.2.2015--A Brief Discourse on Freedom

You Are Here

Imagine a great big map of the Ascension Process. There is an arrow on it, with the markings, 'You Are Here'.

St. Germain has asked me to write to you tonight about what to expect with the Ascension Process.  As you may know, I am a little farther along on the same path as some. Ahead of me are some true Pioneers. And there is a long line of us walking in their footsteps.

Many of us have been sent to some of the darkest, lowest vibration environments on Earth.
The purpose has been for us to hold the Light, and to make it possible in some way for those lost to Awaken.

We are very skilled at this, and were selected from the competition for our skills we have in our hearts. Everyone has a mission, a purpose, a plan...for their life.

In being born, we are given amnesia, which is both a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is that without it, we would not stand to be five minutes here in the dense, depressing, very low vibration on the planet. We would not be able to work with and encounter the dark ones and do what we were sent to do.  The curse is that we are not 'whole' in our limited consciousness, and we suffer because we willingly accepted it without knowing why we did so in the first place.

I awakened myself about two years ago, all the way, completely. I didn't really have a relationship with my Beloved, my soul Twin, until a little over one year ago.

Frankly put, once you wake up, you want to go back.

Part of you is upset at the others for their slumber--when in all reality, it was only a short time ago that we were deeply asleep like that too.

So what is there to do?

I read between the lines in all the channeled messages from the best--John Smallman, Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa), and Creator Writings...I also talk openly and honestly from the heart with others who are of 'like' vibration to me.

St. Germain says, 'this process will take time--but not as much as for the early awakeners.'

Simply put, it will take a direct aura-to-aura transmission of the Higher Vibrations from those awakened to those asleep. Already now we can see Mc Donald's is losing money as more and more awaken to the health risks of this kind of commercially produced food. It is gradual, almost imperceptible, and yet the world is slowly waking up. Our families are waking up.

Just because they are awakening, and the Ground Crew is 'exceeding expectations' doesn't make it any more pleasant to be alive here in society when it is our birthright to be on a soul level--what our souls are meant to be.

We are torn.

All I can say to you, and St. Germain blesses this whole topic--is that the path to cope, and to Freedom, lies within.

Recently I arrived at the awareness of the energy balance of my soul. Just like in engineering--what goes out must be replenished. Although we are surrounded by Love of Heaven, we are human, and we run out of energy like that really quick. This is where the meditation, the being with like-minded people (even if it's only online), the spending time with activities we enjoy, and being close to our loved ones (the ones who REALLY nurture and love us, not the ones we are obligated to be with...)...are important.

As we awaken we are tempted to exhaust ourselves, under the belief that 'if we only push a little more' the others will awaken like us.

They can't.

Like popcorn kernels--each one will 'POP' when the conditions are right.

Our 'Light' is the heat. And by the 'take' on what the guides say, it's like the oil is sizzling in the pan, and people are going to 'be popping' (awakening) 'any time now'.

But for us, we must think of it as a long-distance race. It is not a spiritual 'sprint'. We must pay careful attention to the 'balance' going out and going in.

St. Germain says that the more we 'let go' of memories, beliefs, and ideas that do not match our current vibration--things like worry that 'lower' our vibration--the easier the 'stride' will be for our race.

He is sorry the road is rough terrain, and that our journey has been a struggle...he does assure us that like a hike all the way up the hill, the view at the end will be spectacular, and it will be totally worth the trip.

Only a handful of souls in the grand scheme of things will have the rights to say 'I Ascended With Everything On Gaia Surface'...he wants us to know it is like the special clothing that is given to the athletes in the Olympics--there is only one way to get it--and that is to be IN it. It is so much better than a tee shirt or hoodie, you see?

So take stock of where you are. Survey the probability of those who are going on with their lives around you. Do what you can, but know that it is the VIBRATION and the lifestyle you have chosen that is more important than anything you may do, say, think, or write to anyone else at this time.

He says, 'I thank you for this message Carla and the opportunity to speak to a new group of Lightworkers through you.' Namaste.

On Me Update

Snowstorm today. Conference ended. Spent the day in Vail Village. Had fondue at the Alpine Rose. Saw a movie, Kingsman. When you are awake you see that fiction isn't 'fiction' at all, but only a blatant 'out in the open' flaunting of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interests At Heart. Anthony wanted to see it. At least it was fancy, and had recliners and ottomans to place our feet.

We rode up Gondola One for our last dinner in Vail. And we talked about some things that are important...Anthony is a good kid.

Ross has been very quiet still, except for when he writes these messages.

I miss him. That's the worst part of this whole experience here with the Ascension. it breaks my heart to be here and him somewhere else--in this sense the veil is brutal, and I hate it. I want to be Home again more than anything else...

When I feel like this, I stifle it. I push it all the way down to my ankles, throw my shoulders back, and stare straight ahead at my work. No amount of begging, pleading, writing or praying is going to bring me Home. Not until everyone wakes up. And like the popcorn, there isn't a whole lot I can do.

I'm pleased with the reception of the Team Doctors With Reiki group on Facebook. This way people will be more likely to post a request (only the group members can see them) and the responses hopefully won't trigger a cascade of notifications for the group. If you wish to join, apply, and you will be allowed to participate.

Thank you for your courage, your enthusiasm, and your interest in our work. Ross is's his turn now to speak.


Two mornings ago, I woke Carla up to this.  I usually play for her a different song. I wanted her to know I love and support her.

On the gondola today, I told her I was THERE. 

Carla couldn't see or sense the energy. 

At the Tenth restaurant tonight, I gave Carla the most powerful Love Squeeze.

Yet, Carla is 'here' and I am 'there'.

When it comes to our relationship, Carla looks at her days as one big pile of days to get rid of, notches on the wood of the 'mental cage' she feels her soul is trapped within, when in fact she isn't and she can leave it any time--not through death--but in her acceptance and cooperation with the Ascension Process.

It doesn't have to be like this.

It is my wish, and the wish of all my brothers and sisters who are with me--for this suffering to cease.

Carla has spoken eloquently with the guidance and direction of St. Germain on this.

Every movie ends. Even the ones you don't enjoy or 'connect' with. You can't walk out of the theater like you can on Earth on this Mission. But you can change what is your expectation--I advise you to set them really LOW--and to take heart that we are eternal creatures--so no matter how much suffering incarnation after incarnation seems--take heart.

Every movie ends.

Try to make the best one you ever imagined.

Carla is.

It all starts with letting go of everything you ever hoped or wished or dreamed. Those are the expectations which block you from your full ability to create and enjoy what you 'draw to you' in your co-creation efforts.

I love Carla with all my heart and Soul. On a soul level, Carla appreciates this. As a woman, here incarnate on Earth, Carla would like nothing more than for us to be in our bathrobes drinking hot chocolate together as a family and watching the snow.

One day this will happen, Carla.

I promise.

One day this will be.

And I will ask you, 'Carla? Do you want the whipped cream or the marshmallows in it?' as I make it for us and for Anthony too...

I want you to rest, and to know you have done good work on your mission here at Vail. Your assignment is complete...until the next one...with all my love...go now to Anthony. He wants to play the card game with you. And let him win. Reward him for his patience with you. Don't let on you did it, honey. (he smiles)

For all of you, out there, with Twin Troubles and without--know you are on your way to a better life. And Carla and I will make hot chocolate for everyone too...with all the comforts of our new home in the Higher Realms.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla