Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12.2.2015

Working With The Universe

I got the assignment with the ortho team. 

The mean surgeon. I got a good block* in last time I worked with him. But today would I be so lucky?

I was. I asked for prayers and support from a close friend. Another friend helped me with the first block. (arm surgery needs a numb arm now for post-op)

The surgeon THANKED me for 'helping him today' after his cases were done.

At my work my boss is of the impression that 'there is a wide variety of skills' among the anesthesiologists; I have done everything in my power not only to ACCEPT the situation--perception is difficult to change--but to do my very best job in everything I do...including blocks which now are ultrasound-guided and completely different from my training.

Long story short--make a decision on your Life Situation--accept it for what it is, or Leave it--either way, the Universe will support you.

Make a move.

Get un-stuck.


A Note on Marc Gamma

Did you know he is the one Archangel Raphael contacted to give the Healing codes? He is the very first one. I immediately sensed their value.

Marc is Swiss German, and I got to know him by helping with the translations.

Marc wanted to move on to other projects. So for now, the Healing Codes have been--well--I've been the custodian of the list.  I have help from others but I keep the list updated and complete.

We get requests for codes all the time.

Marc is having surgery on Monday, February 16, 2015 for sciatic condition.

Please send healing and good 'vibes' to him.

A Note on Our Relationship

This morning Ross asked me to give him his Valentine's present--a poem. Made by me.

I spoke one out loud, from my heart on the way to work. He was touched.

All day long, I said to him, 'I love you because.... (fill in the reason)' for every reason I could think of.

He did the same in return for me.

Tonight I came home to my son and the sitter. On Thursdays I work late. He has the appointment she takes him too.

My house is still cluttered and disorganized from the floods I had in the ceiling of the garage last summer. I haven't unpacked. My microwave oven is in the garage--I don't like them in the house--but there was STUFF in the way, and my boy had heated up his leftovers. Well I couldn't get IN to the microwave and half my plate of pasta slid onto the floor!

I got ANGRY. I cursed. And I put the plate on the counter in the kitchen, picked up the mess, and threw out a lot of the junk that was in the way, condensing three boxes to one, chucking them into the trash can.

I said, 'I work hard all day with INCREDIBLE STRESS and when I come home I WANT PEACE!'

Later Anthony (the sitter sent him out) came out and asked, 'Mom? Do you feel better?'

I said yes I did. I also explained I can't live like this (I'm always working) I just needed to get angry to get motivated to clean this up.

Ross had sent me a song between the anger and the question from our son:

What an adorable honey I have, huh?

He asked me to be his Valentine earlier today too.

How To Co Create:

I see this one clear, and have advised two friends. And I thank the one who put me in the 'one who provides' position, so I could 'see' this lesson and explain it to all...

Let me tell you a story....about the Universe...from the role as a mother, okay? Are you with me?

  • I am in the kitchen, making lunches.
  • Anthony wants a sandwich that 'tastes really great'
  • I ask him, 'What kind of sandwich do you want, honey?'
  • He says, 'You know what is good, surprise me.'
  • So I make him what I like--one for him one for me--tuna sandwich on toasted wheat bread
  • I serve it to him with love in my heart.
  • He turns his nose up at the sandwich. You see, in his mind, he wanted peanut butter and jelly. He really LIKES it when I make it.
  • Finally he takes all the tuna off, and eats the toast--leaving the most valuable and nutritious part out--because he wasn't able to accept what I made for his lunch with the directions/input/request he gave to me.
The Universe is your 'mom in the kitchen'.

You deserve a nice lunch.

Your mom wants you to be happy.

You mom doesn't want to be confused, puzzled, and second-guessing why you do not like what she made in the kitchen for you.

She would rather you trusted her to bring you exactly what you need at the right time...lots of protein in this example, to keep you full, and build up your body.

But she being the mom, and you being the kid, like Anthony, have two totally different WAYS to looking at that sandwich, from the--in our case--Mom and Doctor, to the 'it's gross mom and I don't like it!' kid.

Decide in your heart what you want.

Then give thanks --in advance even--for everything going the way you wish/wanted/what makes you happy.

Be very clear on what your wishes are...but not to the letter.  Say, 'I would like a horse' not 'I would like THIS breed and THAT color and THIS and ONLY this is acceptable to me.'

Visualizing is great, but that Mom in the kitchen can only work with what's in the cupboards and fridge, you know?   Sometimes mom has to go to the store--and it's not going to happen exactly the way you ask--if the conditions aren't 'right' for it to happen.

A sandwich is a sandwich...more or less...does this make sense?


Carla had a hard day at work today.

It isn't easy facing your weakness and turning it into your strength.

Carla was surprised at the feedback from her colleagues:
  • The surgeons' pleased faces to find her ready and able to put in the block the minute they say 'yes'.
  • The surgeons' being surprised they went in so quickly.
  • The surgeon's gratitude.
  • The patient's comfort.
  • The nurses in PACU saying 'her blocks ALWAYS WORK'--and comparing her favorably to her peers.
  • The PACU nurse who took care of her when SHE was post-op (she is excellent) saying that one elbow patient came to the PACU with no block, no painkillers, no anything--and it took a long time because it was too late to catch up with the pain meds there--shaking her head at the anesthesia provider's ability to care for the patient.

Carla also had an 'aha!' moment from the mouth of a lady gastroenterologist:
A patient had been PROUD to have 'not gone to the doctor for a long time'. The gastroenterologist said, 'people are proud to not go to the doctors. But when you finally do go, often you get a lot of bad news all at once. Isn't it better to go more often and just get a little bad news here and there the whole time?'

This same lady doctor had a patient ask her, while wide awake and not under sedation, 'What flavor Asian are you? Would you like to go out to dinner after this? (the endoscopy).


The doc said 'her husband and she had plans'...and shut that one down right away.

People being what they are, I love them. Even for this. And I love you too. It is part of the cultural heritage of earth. 

You are going to have an awakening that is going to amaze you.

Try to take a little look around you, here and now, and rejoice at what you have accomplished in your lifetime...for all of this is going away in an instant, and you and I and Carla and the rest of us are never going to be the same a nice way...

Think of it as your long camping trip is about to finish/be complete. And you will have soft beds and all the comforts of home and a shower in a short time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Valentines <3