Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gaia News Brief 19.2.2015

From My Heart To You

Today, my cup is filled.

I make a promise to you at this time to only initiate contact (write) when my cup is filled.

Without this, I can be of no help to anyone.

I filled my cup by enjoying my son. We took the shuttle to Vail Village. It was nice to see everything there. The energies were not pleasant in the town, but I liked the river, and we found a place called Up The River and were able to enjoy lunch in a sunny window.

We came back to the hotel, and enjoyed an hour playing three different video games together. One, 'Trivia Crack' is like Trivial Pursuit online. His babysitter plays it, and that's how we both learned to play. It's fun, and he likes how I know the answers to all the science questions.  After that we played, 'Akinator'--this game where you think of a character and he guesses it right! I tried some HARD ones, Joon in Benny and Joon, Adlai Stevenson, Buster Keaton...he got them all right.  The last is an old one, but he had downloaded the Halloween Version--of 'Fruit Ninja'. I ended up getting extra points for being a 'bomb lover' because I always hit them.

For dinner, I had asked Spirit to help me eat someplace else besides the hotel! And spirit pulled through! You see, the hotel is both overpriced and way too salty. So a new friend we met the night before at the reception invited us to go to The 10th, all the way up on top of Vail Mountain Gondola One. Anthony said, 'this is the fanciest place I ever ate in my life!' He wore a little sweater vest and looked so handsome. I was pleased to learn our anesthesia friend from Houston is a vegetarian who eats dairy and fish. This isn't very common from Texas, and it was nice to get to know her over dinner.

I also paid lots of attention to conference. There is SO much wonderful, new information, and I am starting to make 'connections' between my life with Doctors With Reiki and my professional life. In many spiritual practices, we are taught that 'Science and Religion are One'.

I have hope.

My Lessons

Everybody has lessons. I do too. Here is one:

You see, when I vented to my best friend about being overwhelmed with the HUGE list of Divine Healing Codes, Ross overheard. And he shared. His point was to let people know that I work myself to the bone in about every way there is--I do it for LOVE.  But it had the ability to hurt the one who so kindly sent the list.

I check through each one. And surprisingly, only once has there been duplication. I caught it, and modified it to both suit the intention of the person who found a new application to it, and not confuse others who are new to working with the codes.  (I actually am fascinated about how some of the similar codes group together--for example blindness and financial constraint and tobacco are very close in numbers--is there a connection? I don't know...)

I am being told to 'Be Patient'.  Part of me is in the future, part of my soul, and I want to get there in a hurry! But the most of me, the part that writes to you, understands and values the connection and the guidance I am sent to share with like-minded people...who have interest and benefit from the collaboration...with this page.

Another Lesson is full acceptance of who my soul IS...

One day, I was working with the Troops (a group, a closed group_, and Ross and I were present at a celebration. I was guided and moved to give spiritual gifts to each member present with their Twin in this spiritual meditation space.

One woman, a very gifted psychic, SAW me for who I am. The REAL me. The one I don't tell anybody. I kept my mouth shut, and never confirmed with her that what she saw was really me. They just know me as Mrs. Ross.  I stopped participating, although I am still a member, because something deep inside me warned, 'It's not time for this to come out in the open!'

I do work in this capacity. Yesterday was a huge day for me. There is a blog I post often. It documents what I do in my spiritual work.

Here is another one that my father wrote to my cousin, and I had to explain what it meant to my spiritual mother...because it reflects accurately what I have been sharing with the council..  This one has it too:

This one makes me smile. It says so very much, and it pleases me to  share it with you:

Ascension Flu

My son was terribly sick, with fever and terribly runny nose, this whole trip. It had been brewing. And now he is better.

Archangel Raphael has a remedy for him. He said that Anthony had Ascension Flu. Anthony asked me later, 'Mom? WHAT IS THAT?!'...I explained how when we get Reiki attunements, we get to experience 'A Cleanse' as our body adjusts to hold the new energy in our system. With Gaia's Ascension, everything upon Earth is getting huge energy upgrades left and right. This, like the Reiki Cleanse, often has viral-like illness as our body adjusts...

He liked that explanation.

What Raphael shared--he is here at my right shoulder guiding me--is that fine, pink Himalayan salt will alleviate the symptoms. It will help ground--so the energies will pass right through to Mother Earth and not cause so many symptoms to be experienced. A pinch of the salt, on the tongue, and followed by sixteen to twenty ounces of water, will help with the symptoms.

The Himalayas were once ocean bed, before the continents shifted. Our oceans now are sick and energetically full of sorrow, pollution, and pain. Sea salt contains all of this disharmonious vibration. However, the Himalayan salt contains the frequency of pure, fresh, clean and energetically 'bright' ocean life.

This is why it is good for you.

A Gift From Raphael and Divine Mother

During lecture six new Divine Healing Codes came through. It was a pleasure to double check them and to add them to the list:

sepsis  25 79 512
septic shock/ARDS  99 61 542
sore throat from post-nasal drip 52 18 913
adjusting to altitude   15 36 896
to ease financial constraint  99 67 153
to experience unconditional love  56 57 893

It is wish great love I share them now with you.

Self Mastery through Self Reliance

St. Germain has offered to come guide me as I share about this lesson to you. SaLuSa alludes to it in his most recent message to Laura Multidimensional Ocean--keep your job, pay your bills, and develop your spiritual connection to Source.

I laugh because recently two TV shows caught my attention--we normally don't watch but my son is enjoying it here in the hotel--the first was the South Park episode where Obama wins. One of the dads, who is Pro-Obama, proceeds to get totally drunk, and tells his boss EXACTLY what he thinks of him! The next morning, all of the Dad's dreams of 'change' didn't happen, and he has to pick up the pieces of his life, and find a new job...with a hangover!

The other one was a commercial, with a motivational speaker Pinocchio telling his audience 'you will do GREAT!' and the nose keeps getting longer...

What is shared through channeled messages has a lot of BOTH in them. The 'financial rescue' prosperity package is being tracked by just about everyone...and we know without a doubt 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' and already jumping at the chance to get their fingers into that one, don't we?  And other channeled messages remind me of the Pinocchio--I see the lies and the outright unbelievable 'declarations' every day. It makes me sad to think of how so many wish to continue to lead others astray.

They can't lead you anywhere when your connection to Source is STRONG and highly developed.

What is a practical way to go about doing this?

By letting go.

By letting go of old memories, and traumas, and moving on. By the practice of forgiveness, both to yourself and others. By turning off the news. By going to enjoy Nature, such as talking to a tree. )Trees are very wise and very compassionate once you get to know them!) By carefully editing your thoughts and only resonating with those that lift you UP. Simply 'pluck out' anything of Lower Vibration, and place it in the huge burlap sack St. Germain carries around behind you, to 'compost' all the lower vibration thinking into something that will help New Earth to grow.

That is all that St. Germain wishes to explain and he says he will return to give more to the lesson.


I have been working with Carla on her spiritual writing and exposure project for us through Doctors With Reiki. I have advised some very small changes to boost your own connection to Source, as well as to the community DWR and to EACH OTHER.

I recommend having a 'group' for the community to freely post all of the Reiki Requests. It will be a closed group at first, so that only our readers may participate.

The reason I mention this is that the group is exceedingly strong at meeting these requests, and there have been some who would participate even MORE if the 'notices and updates' weren't so prolific to their personal page from the comments on the Reiki Requests.  This will provide a forum where Carla and I, our energy will lovingly direct and support the work...and each of you will be able to step forth as the healers you are in every way, starting with this. : ))))

As you may know, Carla is very busy, and so am I. We are like two ships who pass in the night on both of our current assignments. Carla is growing into her 'balance' as a teacher, guide, and student, which she is and all of us are. Carla understands and is looking forward to learning how to stay present, fully in the moment, and not to act when it is not her soul's desire for her to say it, write it, or force it from her sense of duty. (He points his finger and moves it from side to side). All of this in 'our realms' (higher realms of Spirit) will get you Nowhere! (duty, honor, obligation, promise that doesn't 'fit' any get my drift...Ross)

Isn't this incredibly FREEING?

By connecting to your 'core', your 'heart's desire' and LIVING IT in any given moment--your are living like we do. All of us are powerfully committed to your growth and take great pride in our role as guardians and guides with you on your path to (gestures)UP! We really WANT to do this. And we take the delays in stride, because we know without a doubt that everything will happen for the best, in the best possible way, at the best possible time, unfolding in Divine Perfection.

You are on your way. Many of you are 'already there' and just haven't realized it yet. (smiles and puts his arm on my shoulders--ed)

We watch with interest as you awaken to your truth.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Couple