Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gaia News Brief 17.2.2015

Catching Up

I am sorry if I haven't been as 'connected' with you as is my custom. I am in Vail, at an anesthesia conference. It is excellent. As a result, I have been 'soaking things in' and 'making connections', both with my peers across the world who work in anesthesia, and with my own practice of anesthesia.

For example, blocks are now exceedingly common, and done with the ultrasound. There has been an excellent review. In the five years I have left academic medicine, anesthesia has transformed to embrace regional anesthesia. So I update my knowledge base, and I learn.

Anthony is better. He played a little on the hotel basketball court today. I am amazed at how fast he has healed. I applied the healing codes, and Reiki, and I give thanks to everyone else who helped in sending Reiki to him.  With the altitude, his respiratory infection concerns me, and now I too can give thanks for his healing.

There have been many lessons for me on a personal level on this vacation.

Vail is very different here both in energy and in the type of people who come here. Again and again I see the hollow dark in the eye of someone who is not 'in touch' with their Light (to put it politely).  Just about everywhere I look I see 'symbols and evidence' of 'Those who do not have our best interest at heart'.

I just accept that I am here for a reason. I connect to what is REAL--the crystalline core of Gaia--and anchor and absorb as much Light as possible. And I transmit! (there is more to it than this, perhaps, it would be too much to explain it, but know that all is for the best, and the Light is now blazing where it once was very dark.)

I also have had the luxury of having face to face communication with my Star Family who means so very much to me--the incarnate ones--and it really makes a difference in my attitude and perception.

We also had an enormous BLAST of new Divine Healing Codes yesterday. I thank both Archangel Raphael and Linda Jollo for their giving the codes. I put a lot of time and energy into bringing them forth to you. I was completely worn out as I fell asleep last night. What I want you to know, is that Ashtar himself made himself present to me, and wished me good night, before I drifted off to sleep. Ashtar was pleased.  I suspect a lot is going on behind the scenes right now, and doing what we are asked to do is of utmost importance for all members of Ground Crew.

While I was on a video conference call today, I discussed the Grabovoi numbers--something new--with my friend. Anthony listened and had an opinion. Ross came through Anthony and said that 'everything is taken care of' and 'I was not told about these numbers until late for my safety.'

My jaw dropped!

I gave thanks!

And then in the same breath, I told my close friend, 'Ross talks more to Anthony than to me these days! I must admit I am just a little bit jealous! But to hear from him is better than not at all, so be it!!!'  (Ross wanted me to share this with you.)

As a result, Ross sent a song later through a mutual Cousin to me:

Big smile...

Thank you honey.  I love you forever....

We had a new Reiki Symbol for Forever come through--


I am very busy, occupied with proceedings of an official scope. Carla is always in my heart. I send her the Love Squeeze that is powerful, and Carla can feel it.  I kiss her, and Carla can rejoice and go for the rest of her day, knowing in her heart that I am filled with affection and longing for her energy.

One day, all this will be past, and Carla will be next to me.

Until then, like official families, each does their part...helping for the common good.

When asked with the daunting task of bringing all forty three healing codes to the public, Carla felt blindsided. Carla knows Archangel Raphael, and talks with him on a routine basis. That this would happen is both a surprise, and an intrusion to her 'bubble' of 'safety' for 'what to expect in her routine', for Carla is on vacation of sorts, and has two books she has not touched, and also would like to spend time with Anthony.

Carla invested over eight hours into bringing these divine healing codes to you, in an impeccable manner, both for accuracy and for coherence with medical validity.

She did it for me.

Because in Carla's heart, if Ashtar and our team and I are 'sticking our neck out waaaay out to here'--there is no WAY in Carla's heart that she is going to rest without knowing she has done everything possible to the point of mental, physical, visual, and spiritual exhaustion until the project is complete.

Carla, in her own way, worries about me.  Yesterday she told our mutual friend, who is incarnate, that she 'wants to see with her own eyes more than ANYTHING that Ross is okay, even more so than being in his arms, which she would like, but his well-being is more important to her than the rest.'

Carla loves me.

She has a heart that will not quit.

I ache for her.

My baby, Carla, I LOVE you.

I will keep my word.

All of you shall be delivered safely from the Dark Cloud that has overwhelmed you.

Tonight, sweetheart, I want you to rest. I want you to read and relax and to enjoy yourself at the reception for your conference.

You have done enough...honey...only for today. <3

And for tomorrow? (he shrugs)

That's for me to know and for you to find out. (he smiles, then he waves his finger at all of you reading this)--and that goes for all of you too! (winks)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Forever...together... <3