Monday, February 2, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2.2.2015

On How to Manifest

You have the ability to create. Not with your hands. With what you think. For example, you get an research go to the store or contact experts...then with your hand you make it possible. You do this without thinking about it every day. You make breakfast. You take the children to school...

Your thoughts and your reaction to life's events actually SHAPE what happens.

It has to do with the energy...and your birthright...which may not be apparent to you but it's the way it is.

Here is a bit of help for how to get the manifestation process--bringing things you want to come to you--in 'focus'.

  • When you LIKE something, make is LOUD and CLEAR to the Universe you are happy and you want MORE! For example today I had an easy day at work, and got out of work early. I was HAPPY and very glad, giving many thanks, for this type of day I could live with long term.
  • When you wish to 'turn it up a notch', why not try the technique of Dr. Masaru Emote--always give thanks for what you want TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE as if it had already happened--so you give thanks in the PAST TENSE. For example, on awakening, Dr. Emote would bless his water and drink it, talking to it, and thanking it for the wonderful day he already had, with specifics, on meetings and projects and other desirable things. Even though it hadn't happened yet! He thanked the Universe as if it already DID happen. Does this make sense? That's why it is 'advanced'--just play with it and see how it works.

Ross' Day Off

Ross has had the first day off in about fourteen months. He is in his robe, and lounging around, and very happy. 

We are celebrating, of sorts, good things for his work that just completed.

It is a good day for us both.

The Seal of Solomon In The Video

In one of the video links in yesterday's post, there is an image of a Seal of Solomon with a broken gingerbread man on it. 

I figured out who the gingerbread man is--and why it's broken--and it's not nice!

They are making fun of someone very special to me. My beloved. 

From what I understand, yesterday was a sort of 'evening the score' between my beloved and I, and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I will make it clear and state only once, that the channelers I support are SirianHeaven, The Silverplatinum Flame,  The Creator Writings, anything by John Smallman, The Council by Ron Head, and SaLuSa (both Mike Quinsey and Laura Multidimensional Ocean) and GaiaPortal/EirePort.  Anything I may have posted routinely in the past that is not on this list, I have good reason--to keep them off this list.

Some are 'hit or miss' and I take them with a grain of salt--specifically, Sheldon Nidle--I go by the vibration and what resonates--and some I avoid like the plague because they do not resonate with me at all.

There is some very subtle and bad disinformation out there that has blatant things in there that can trip you up.

There is no substitute for Discernment.

Please use it.

Every day.  And stay focused and alert for the next developments.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla the Reiki Doc (for Ross too--he waves and is totally happy and relaxed)

My Beloved?

I give this song to honor you.
It is more beautiful to than any professional recording--what is more beautiful than a parent filming their child, to honor the efforts of their precious young?

For everyone else--please forgive the film quality, and the sound quality, and FEEL with your heart the wonderful gift this music and this energy of young, vibrant hearts IS...