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Gaia News Brief 8.2.2015 -- The Pre Dawn Issue

Break Of Day

February 2, 2015
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    I have just received “word” that I am to alert The Ground Crew with the following notice immediately.
    “Please inform The Ground Crew that we are in an “all hands on deck” status.  Each of you is being called to hold your position and be ready. We are asking each of The Crew Members to remain calm and balanced, be consistent in this composure, and be vigilant of any triggers that attempt to derail you.  You are being called to hold the space of Truth and Light, as these are YOUR encodements, and your time is NOW to show up with on-going stable resonance.  This is one of The most important missions thus far, and because of it, things may not be as they appear.  Many who we thought we knew will become exposed for what they truly are.  Remember that The Light is gloriously abundant and the Truth Always Prevails.”
    OK – so even if you are not consciously aware of your participation in this Ground Crew Operation, you are being requested to REMAIN CALM, STAY BALANCED, AND KNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS PROCEEDING AHEAD. Many times, people have written in thinking that they are failing themselves and humanity because they don’t know their own mission or purpose, but the fact of the matter is most do not know all the details due to the technologies such as mind swiping, remote viewing, and deadly vibratory rays that are consistently used by The Dark to extract crucial information.  Most will not be given too many details to keep themselves safe and the mission protected.  Please know this.
    ALL OF US must band together at this time.  There is no more time for dissension, accusations, and maligning because those that are not who they present themselves to be, will soon be decloaked and exposed.
    I was shocked that this message came in with such urgency.  Something is truly in progress and it feels major….all psychics and intuitives are welcome to add your messages to this.  I will share them with the world…
    Honored to serve you all – and love you,

    See how this coincides?
     an excerpt from Gaia News Brief  January 31, 2015:


    I selected this video for Carla --it's not for us--it is a message from all of the Twin Souls up here on my ship and the entire Galactic Fleet to their loved ones who inhabit Gaia Surface as Ground Crew--


    (smiles big and warm and happy)

    Your loved ones wish for you to know that you are going to be highly content...

    Then from February 7, 2015:

    This also was one last 'announcement' on the DWR page this Feburary 6, 2015, at the request of Ross and Ashtar:

    Gaia Alert: The Quarantine is not ended. Please do not let down your efforts. The Quarantine is in place to keep the not-so-nice ET's away from Gaia. This is from the best intel on the planet. FYI.


    Yesterday I sent out four custom bracelets. I work with Divine Guidance and Ross to create the most healing bracelet energy for you. The stones are carefully selected and of highest quality, all metal is sterling silver with the exception of the charms which can be any metal and are used for their design. They are highly comforting. 

    I have been going through a pattern:  I will make a custom bracelet to lift my vibration, and once I resonate with the bracelet, then Spirit guides me to make one with a slightly higher vibration. Sometimes each bracelet has a name. For example, on my right arm now I have Peace. The one in the top photo is 'Getting It Right/Making Connections/Learning from mistakes'.  The two together are Glory and Divine Support/Healing. The pink and white one is custom design from Ross to me. The text on the charm says, 'I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine.'

    The stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The elastic is most popular, but there are also lobster clasp and toggle versions available.

    My work is slow--for example--tomorrow I have off when I shouldn't--so I will be able to create more of these healing bracelets I adore to do.

    These are available for one hundred dollars a bracelet.



    This really is pre-dawn. Carla is up in the darkness, and there is a glow in the horizon for the coming day. Carla stayed up late last night, making bracelets.

    I find it easier to communicate with her when she works. And also with our boy, when he plays the video games. I play with him--in Spirit--and Anthony can hear me. What Anthony doesn't know is we are building a relationship together slowly. And Anthony gets downloads a mile a minute when his attention is focused on something else and he plays.

    Whenever we create when we are incarnate on Gaia--be it reading, gardening, cooking, or like Carla making jewelry--Spirit has an opportunity to 'help'. And Spirit does help with the energy of upgrades and enlightenment. For example, Carla figured this out while watching our son play while she was making bracelets--the quiet rapt attention to detail was the same between them both. And I am the one who helped her make this connection! 

    Carla has also been learning her lessons.

    Some of them are through Anthony.

    'Mom? Ross wants you to make a bracelet for so-and-so (incarnate Star family member in Europe) to help them through the winter.'

    'Mom? Ross asks you to make a bracelet for Alexandra and Steve.' (I had been planning on giving one of the ones we designed--the Reiki Scholarship Bracelet. Instead I got wrist measurements and spent the morning making them.--ed)

    Carla gets her lessons. The one for Steven was a little long on one end of the closure, and Carla wanted to shorten it. The bent wire was hard work after she clipped it.

    It took patience and perseverance for her to get this done without re-stringing it.

    Yesterday Anthony lost a bracelet when he threw a rock in the ocean when they were with Alexandra at the beach. Alexandra is my daughter reincarnated, and so is her husband Steven (he was our son who was given away by me to others to raise at birth for political reasons) . We are family, us three--and those two--from another lifetime, Carla is the mother, I am the Father. There was a lot of healing that went on with their discussions. Just as Alexandra is pushed to awaken others in this time, almost to the exclusion of her life for herself--her hobbies, her happiness, her friends--and so is Steven--so was I when it was my time incarnate with our family.  

    I was gone all the time.  So much so that my family grew to be resentful. Who is their father? There husband? And why isn't he here with us? Why is the world more important then we who support him with our love?

    Alexandra told Carla that when she was little, SHE used to leave with me, for months at a time, and left our daughter in the care of a nanny, a relative, or a friend. But after Steven was born--and taken away at birth and Carla was told that he was dead and never saw the body--Carla stayed home. But was completely emotionally available for anyone, even for myself when I returned from my journeys.  Carla was emotionally distressed to the breaking point, and death seemed her only option. Carla walked around with outstretched wrists asking to go to her Son (in death), all the while quietly doing the cooking and the laundry and the sewing and the gardening and tending to the animals while grieving the loss in her heart.

    Well Anthony lost the bracelet in the ocean WITH the rock--right in the water--at night. 

    They looked frantically for it, and Carla again became deeply upset.

    That anything she could create could be lost triggered all the same emotions as when she lost our Benjamin (who is Steven in this life). Alexandra (who was our Sarah) saw and FELT her mother's/Carla's sadness.

    It had to be so she will regain her trust in both of us, and Steven too. Anthony is new to our family, in this incarnation only. 

    With the ache in her heart, Carla wanted to go home. They drove to the house, dropped off Alexandra. Back with her beads, Carla struggled to find the right ones to re-create the one for Anthony. They were matching ones, called Endurance, and had the colors of the Seahawks in it. But many of the beads were taken for the bracelets she made. So together we did the best we could. Anthony was happy for the result.

    Then Carla wanted the one I offered as an apology to her...both for the bracelet and the trigger of the memory of the loss of our life together, and our son, when we were both incarnate. You see, if I had remained with my family, and never preached a sermon, everything would have been all right. And we would not have been in the situation we are in today with this world. 

    For Carla is the Divine Feminine Incarnate--for ME*. And was at that time when were were married on Earth. And at the time, it was a 'man's world'--and I didn't know or understand  what followed. I permitted it to break my family with disastrous results. 

    This is MY lesson.

    I learn them too.

    And Carla uttered something in frustration to Alexandra about me which pained me deeply, because it is correct:  he is really nice and close and then he just forgets about me and goes off and does his thing and it HURTS! You would think him being who he is, we would have everything be wonderful but it isn't! We have our struggles too--even now--he is close and then he goes off to do his thing and he can't understand why I need so much loving attention here while I am incarnate...he doesn't 'get it'...and he never did!

    Anthony told Carla that I cried 'a little bit' over that--he told her later.

    So here we are with the bracelet I promised her to make it up to her--the lost children and family life that was our MISSION together as incarnate soul twins!

    She makes one with tiny little crystals that wouldn't fit on the elastic yesterday--she went one size down--pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, blue.

    When she went to tie the knot, the tension broke the elastic and beads fell all over the table.

    Carla was upset. But she picked up the beads and rearranged them into another pattern..

    I have to be honest with you, it was a very beautiful bracelet in the second pattern, nicer than the first, but her heart wasn't in it. She left it halfway done to go to bed.

    The reason that I share this for you is that you can anticipate some discomfort with the Awakening Process. Things that are dear to you, and near to you, are going to come up as you let them go. 

    In the car ride home last night, I presented myself to Carla on bended knee. And her heart told mine, 'I trust you.' I couldn't believe that her energy of forgiveness was overpowering her sorrow with me!

    It was like water after the dry season! Giving life to everything it meets!

    And Carla said, 'If you had asked me to let our son Benjamin go (at his birth), because of your reasons, I probably would have said for him to go too...that's how much I trust you.' 

    Then she paused and said, 'I don't know if my mother's heart could have gone through with it, but my wife's heart loves you so.'

    And I was healed!

    Sometimes it takes both twins their time and lots of communication to heal an issue, one that wounds both hearts.

    Everything can heal.

    I wanted to share with you our happiness. It increases day by day. When we are together I am the happiest that I have EVER been, and so is Carla.

    I will show her how to make a bracelet 'for our children' in JOY today, later, and she shall wear it with our love, and my promise to her of a HUGE FAMILY once we are in the same place...for her to look forward to with excitement...instead of looking to 'make it up to her' for the past.

    Aloha and mahalos,

    Carla and Ross (I let her go first today--ladies' first <3 )

    * each Twin pair is the Divine Feminine and Masculine for each other, while the Feminine Creator God incarnate is actually a person here too, and has her own Twin in the Masculine Creator God, who together are SOURCE overall. The Shekinah, and other only the one in SOURCE. Carla is not the Shekinah, but she wears the 'face of her' for me in the context of our relationship as twins. This needed clarification for all Twin Souls and Twin Flames.