Friday, February 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27.2.2015

My Dark Side

As an incarnation of my Higher Self, Sophia, I have unique 'take' or 'view' on Life because my vibration is extremely high.

My better half--Ross--throughout history has been known as the mellow one who is always forgiving and loving and expecting the best...hardly ever getting upset.

Well, with the twin-twin 'split', I'm in some ways the exact opposite of him, in a nice way, but put it out together and it comes up like this:  I am a Tiger Mom

It doesn't surprise me because I am practically Asian on the inside--all my college friends were Chinese and Filipino, my mentors have been Japanese, Taiwanese, and from Singapore. I also am immersed in Vietnamese culture at work and by choice with my friends.

Sometimes I push people a little bit too far with my 'you CAN do it!'...

Here are some that came to mind just yesterday:

  • I redid a bracelet for someone, because I listened to Spirit when I made it. There was a lesson on abundance that needed to be given. The person returned it after Spirit finished the lesson. I could tell the lesson was learned because of a gift of kindness that was included with the bracelet , a handmade bracelet for me, which is on my right arm. I hadn't opened the envelope until setting about to work on it. It didn't surprise me that the energy had shifted. In a dream I had been shown how to design the new bracelet, using old and new pieces to make it. I could tell I had pushed this person pretty hard to learn their lesson and make the 'cut' to the next 'level up' in their Ascension journey...I wasn't sure if I had pushed too hard...sometimes a Tiger Mom doubts...
  • Anthony has very busy Thursdays. This was a tough Thursday because he spent the night the night before with his father. So the sitter picks him up after an activity, takes him to another activity after getting him something to eat, and then comes home to do homework. Typically homework for his grade is light. But he has been having anxiety and overwhelm, and also not communicating with me about the homework assignments...well, I hadn't given him money for dinner because his dad goes through his backpack. So the sitter sprang for the meal--they ate Costco hotdogs and sodas for a four dollar dinner for them both. He wanted more, and Ross had helped us pick an ice cream cake together on Monday night. So Anthony wanted the birthday song and candles from both the sitter and me. We  had very small pieces of cake, and it was time to get to work...he didn't. He wanted to talk about his father's latest thing that upset him emotionally. I listened for ten minutes, and then mentioned the clock--it's late!  He couldn't function. I went and unloaded suitcases and fed the pets--and he had only stared at the page. He was in a strange way, with the sleepy, half-closed eyelids he always gets after a night at his dad's. He said he went to sleep at nine and woke up at six but I didn't believe him. I put him on electronic restriction. It didn't work. Finally I took him by the shoulders and yelled and asked, 'What is going ON WITH YOU?!' It snapped him out of it. But still, he had to work. He was up until midnight doing two chapters of a literature book (only eight pages), twenty vocabulary word sentences, and a spelling assignment where you 'pick a game' and 'describe how to do it in twenty sentences'...Anthony self-defeats. He is in counseling. It has a lot to do with his father. But he gets overwhelmed and incapacitated at school. I usually give him a way out. Last night I didn't, because letting him give in to these emotions ends up reinforcing a sense of entitlement he inherited from his father.  He's sleeping now, and when he finished, he was glad he was done. I was right next to him sewing and reworking a new bracelet I have never made before...the whole time...and getting boxes and envelopes ready for shipping in the morning...

Being a Tiger mom is a form of love that is not always welcome, until after the lesson has been mastered and the skill is visible to all.

I was super Tiger Mom to one reader. I was going by intuition and the seat of my pants because this is a lesson for me as well.   Until now, every Divine Healing Code that has come to Gaia has been from incarnate Archangel to incarnate Archangel communication in 3D.  It comes from Source or Archangel Raphael to their 'kin' down here on Ground Crew. We are all related back Home. We know it, and we know each other.  There is an energy signature you can't fake. 

Some recent numbers are true, and they come from someone who spiritually I can't get a 'read' on them at ALL. And it gives me anxiety. I like to 'know' who I am working with and this person, I can't.

So I asked, 'Who are YOU?' and 'Please reveal yourself?'

Now I can kind of put the pieces together. I had asked Raphael--'WHO is this?!'--and he had explained to me it is like when you meet a traveler to your city who asks for directions, or someone kind of looking for some part of the hospital that they can't find--He felt moved and 'gave the directions'...

As a physician I could tell the diagnosis of the person or someone close to them because of the ailments given in the codes, in sequence, along with my intuition.  And something in me just had the straw that broke the camel's back--I get lists and lists and lists of people who ask for a code for their ailment or their child'

So I asked this person, basically, are you like that? Or are you like me?

You see, when I get a code, it isn't for my own ailment. I see it in the patient I am working with, and I am so overcome with compassion that my whole body VIBRATES and I KNOW Divine Mother is moved, and SHE gives the Divine Healing Code...I have to be quick and write it down.

Then I give it to the patient.  I write it on them. Only once I told the patient, because she was open to Spirit, and agreed to let me share it.

Then Creator--my Divine Father (I have two, a father father--HIM--and a 'sort of step-dad who loves me very much and is on my council, SaLuSa)--sent THIS!

Creator, through this, tells me in no uncertain terms, Carla--you are wrong and this innocent reader of yours is in the right on this subject--I want people to do whatever possible to meet their needs and solve their own situation, and THEN the community will be healed.   It is NOT the other way around!

I have known for some time, that a time would come, when the vibrations on Gaia would be so fast and high and filled with Light--that soon the codes would come to everyone.

Perhaps this is the first? 

I don't know.

So I give you my full, and public, apology for pushing you to discover and reveal who you are--and you might indeed be incarnate angel or archangel--before you are ready to know this about yourself.

I thank you for your dedication to the Light, to Healing, and for doing what Creator asks you to do. I will gladly do the work with whatever numbers you post. And if you would like a free bracelet designed for you by me, I will send it. Simply private message me your wrist length in inches or centimeters, preference for elastic, lobster claw or toggle closure, and your mailing address. I will send it.  (If anyone else besides this person responds, I will not respond to the request--I know the initials but I won't put them here--I know the whole name too--but this is between us, okay?)


My sitter Gigi is from Liberia. She is a wonderful lady, and we are family now--she LOVES Anthony. 

She even gave me a Valentine's present...a mug...

So I ASKED her, what do you think of the music videos like Ne yo's She Knows? As a woman who is from your culture?

She laughed--and said, in her easy African accent--'I don't WATCH those or listen to that music! I don't like it! I listen to Country and to African Music.'

Isn't it like a breath of Fresh Air?

Yesterday was a tough day. I learned to make earrings, over Skype, which was wonderful and pleasant. I made four bracelets--one was a revision--and two pairs of earrings. I can make them now, if you are interested. The price is fifty dollars, and they are sterling silver, in your choice of hoop, fish hook or European style open and close (is it a lever-back? I have to look it up.)

I had to go to work at four-thirty for a meeting. So it was one hour on the road for a one hour meeting (there is traffic). One hour both ways. But I was at least compensated for my attendance at this meeting.

On the way home, Spirit said, 'Take This Exit'.

I was like, 'Okay...'  and I did. 

Spirit said, 'Go to this sushi restaurant'

I had a bad experience there, and never wanted to go back. There are some sushi places that are very rude to single female diners. This was one of them. 

I parked.

I walked in.

It was too crowded! The sushi bar was full. And there was a private party on the patio. All the tables were full. The hostess said, 'Come back in twenty minutes?'

I smiled and said I will eat someplace else...

When a vibrational incompatibility is incompatible--until it's 'right' it's going to STAY that way--even after five years--I am NOT to eat at that restaurant.

This was Spirit's way of showing me 'how things work'. It's either energetically favorable, or it isn't. And if it isn't, it's not going to happen. Spirit can block anything if it is needed for the soul growth. 

Instead I had beets, radishes, plain greek yogurt, salt and pepper. A huge bowl of it <3

Sometimes I have to re-read things...and keep working to be more than I present...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Just Carla

(Ross will give message later, he doesn't want to affect the energy of this piece. However, he does say to me, in private, 'Carla, all is forgiven' and it makes me want to cry tears of relief...)

P.S. This is from SaLuSa