Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your Higher Self and Who You Are

I am Ross and I am writing this on behalf of my beloved, my Twin Soul, my delight, Carla.

A few days ago, there was a post by a reader on our Spa 5D site, which is a closed group for mutual love and support in the higher realms--there was a post about Quan Yin, and her higher self--this was to open a discussion, which was in fact, excellent.

There is a huge difference between 'there' where you are, and 'here' where I and all the Archangels and Ascended Masters 'reside' or 'exist':  our laws of physics don't apply to you--and YOUR laws of physics don't apply to us.

All of us take an interest in your hearts, your souls, to love and to protect and guide you.

Each of you has a team.

Allow me to explain.

Each of you are incarnate for a special purpose, or a mission.

Some of you may be in fact, first and second incarnations of us--the full thing--all of us in all of you, as much as can be expected.

Even that, a full incarnation, is like being able to put only a toe into a full sock.  The rest of the foot doesn't fit. Imagine it was like trying on your child's clothing when they are one.  It wouldn't fit.

That is your Higher Self--the rest of the energy that is YOU that wouldn't fit into the tiny vessel.  It just as connected to you as your heart is connected from the inside.  You are your organs all summed up, more or less, while in a body, but unless one of them is not working properly, you hardly give it a second thought...

We have the ability to be present in many places at once, in an instant.

All of them are Conscious, intelligent, and kind.

They are from Heaven. order to know more about you, and who you are, one would imagine it would be helpful to learn a little more about us, and the way we 'run things up where I am', wouldn't it?

As the veil lifts and dissolved, all of the Illusion fades, and you finally 'fit' in all of your body...

It is no longer the toe, but the whole foot is able to be encompassed by the sock, to pardon my analogy.

Ascension is a process of becoming reacquainted with who you are, your Higher Self included.

It is quite manageable, and in fact, pleasant, to know one's higher self...even as it is for Carla, who has had her 'moments' a few times with her higher self...Carla was one of the most bitter ones to ever be incarnate, for she knew in her heart of hearts 'something wasn't right' about her existence, and Carla wanted it repaired and back to its usual state of not being confined with her energy.

As you grow, as you meditate, as you recollect, some of you will be surprised to discover there are more than one of me!

Well how can that be?

What is the use of being alive if there is more than one of me present?

There is VERY GOOD USE, and also, AN EXCELLENT REASON for these things to happen.

All will be revealed, both at the right time, and the right place.

(he waves his hands, both of them, to say, 'and wait for one more important thing!'--ed)

Our 'rules of conduct' for this space from this point on are to RESPECT everyone and everything for their perceptions, and to give the Benefit of the Doubt to 'How we do things in Ross' world'--no matter how far-fetched and extravagant and possibly redundant they might appear to you who have 3D goggles, for lack of a better way to explain it.

Energy doesn't lie.

Go in your heart.

And if your heart trusts, it is okay to pursue that line of thinking.

If you feel threatened in your heart of hearts, that might be ego doing something, for 'Life has done a number on us all'--even me, when I was incarnate!

So when you feel the fear of 'not being unique', and 'unique' is something important to you...or for that matter, if your tiny (gestures with hands--ed) 'cubbyhole box' is being stretched beyond its comfort--I want you to ask for me, for my help, and I will send either myself or my teammate to help you 'sort things out'.

There is going to be 'cognitive dissonance' for some time, as the newly awakened find their way.

I will hold my hand to help you walk, until you regain your balance when something unsettles you.

That is enough for today.

Ross, with all my love, as typed through the hands of Carla

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your couple of twins