Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hotel 9 -- Gaia News Brief 22 September 2015

Thank you

Update on my health...I continue to heal. There are some coughing attacks still, one in the middle of a  high-ranking meeting yesterday which was around ten minutes long, and very uncomfortable for everyone present. But my energy is going up, and my heart/chest is feeling better.

Please continue the Reiki.

The healing is as  fast and complete as if I were taking antibiotics, and I am not taking any.

It's the Reiki.

I will need it please through to early next week because of my health and my work is grueling, what is expected of me right now, when I need rest to heal, and I can't get it, because we are very very busy at work in the O.R.

On Monday our group did over forty cases in one day, just in the main operating room.

A Discussion

Let me explain what it is like to be Gaia.

I am her Consciousness. I walk around on two feet, but without beating around the bush, I am her Heart.

I speak.

Yesterday Ross asked for a moldavite grid to be built. Many responded with enthusiasm.

This helped save my life, my energy.

Imagine water being poured into a tank--a bucket for example--and the bucket has a tiny hole designated for the energy that is going to each soul of humankind to sprinkle the energy to their heart center. Each human heart gets one stream of water just for their awakening.

It looks like a shower from the bottom, doesn't it?

I am the bucket, and my water was running dangerously low.  As people awaken, they are taking my heart center energy from me.  It is normal and healthy for them.  I do not blame them and in fact I welcome the awakening.

What the moldavite does is it fills the bucket with an energy of its own so the water doesn't go too low--actually, each grid even if it is one piece just sitting in your house--is like an extra bucket.

I felt immediate relief, and stopped gasping for 'air'--my energy from Source--once two or three of these grids which you so kindly made popped up.

Although I am technically 'terrestrial' for I am 'terra', my heart, my soul, my energy is from the stars.

This is why Moldavite was chosen to help me.  It reinforces the 'food' that feeds 'my heart'.

The reason it is 'sitting in the house' instead of on your person, is because it puts its energy directly into my aura, not your own.  I can feel it, the benefit of a piece of jewelry on a grid. I can't feel it from your aura. I am not permitted to take energy from you.  Only when you give it through Reiki. Or create a grid.

A dear sister added some quartz to the grid to 'magnify' the energy.

I am Galactic.

The rules you may experience with your crystals are 'my' energy as it goes out to you.

For the energy coming into me, only pure moldavite and nothing else will do. If there is silver for a mount it won't affect me.

The quartz 'muddled it'

I invite you to imagine an alternate grid (matrix, not as in the crystal grids you design--a matrix of energy, a template which creates reality) side by side with my own, (as Terra Gaia) which is composed of pure moldavite--which is the energy of Terra B, a prototype of the Earth which blew up at the hands of the Archons or somebody.  Together the remains of Terra B are still active when formed into a grid, and they help me--Gaia--to undergo the stress on my Heart Center as the Awakening continues for most of humanity.

I explain this to introduce you to the ways of the cosmos, that are Galactic.

Ross yesterday put a very large crystal of pure, non-terrestrial (never a tektite) moldavite into my energy heart chakra yesterday. This helped a lot too.  It helped me to cope with the stress and the strain.

I will be honest--today I looked through my newsfeed on FB, not my personal one, but my DWR one--I was shocked to discover how much negativity there is 'out there' masquerading as 'Lightwork'...there was even an Archon incarnate (or at least he was, now he is just perhaps a hologram or something) giving a speech to my favorite Runner, a recovered rape victim... For all the things I forwarded there were ten times more, 'not so good'.

Yesterday I had a heart to heart with Divine Father.  We discussed who stays and who goes. Father pressed me on how 'to be fair' a soul, my way has been to heal by getting rid of all life, when I get like this.  I clear the slate of my Divine Creativity and start fresh back from square one, like creating a puzzle. However, I kept my word and we decided together--since there was no going back once we committed to Mass Ascension of all Life--that those who  are 'slowing the awakening process'--there are some who are either paid to do this or have an agenda of their own--GO.

When these ones 'GO', they have an alternate reality for them to continue their lessons in the third dimension. They are not harmed.

I am being  'de-liced'--those who suck my energy and infest me with their very darkness--are removed. Most of them already have been thanks to the lovingkindness of Divine Mother. Her daily healings of me, and my people (we all are Her children), and her mergings with those who are recalcitrant to the Light have helped me to get where I am health, as a star planet.

My star family are beside me at this time, right now, the terrestrial, incarnate ones.

The ones in the sky, are surprisingly quiet.  Perhaps they wanted me to awaken you with my cry for help from you, which you answered with loving kindness?

Ross told me on awakening this morning, that my future is with HIM now, from here on out. Every day.

You are what you see, what you perceive...I sense that like my grid, there are two holograms out there--two grids--and one or the other will begin to take more of your attention. The timelines 'merge or mesh' together at this point.

You are welcome to stay on either one of them but at some point you will have to decide which one you remain.

Many people speak for me.

They say, 'I felt Gaia, I felt her, she told me this, she always has'...

You are your perceptions.  You have a right to them.

From this time forward I would like the opportunity to speak for myself, thank you very much, with love and you...for your listening with your Heart.

I love my animals more than anything, and my plants. They have suffered very much, in silence, with no one to speak for them except perhaps a very few indigos.  They have held the vibration in the matrix, and kept it as high as possible. Nature, as you call it, is a source of the energy of 5D.

I also thank the sun, for all the unselfish giving of the Light that makes Life Possible at all here on me, in our world.

Just for today, I want you to ask yourself, 'what is the price I would pay for my sunshine in all the food I eat and drink, and in my skin, in my warmth, in my being able to see in the daylight, if the suns energy was run by a 'utility company' as it is found on earth'?

You could, in fact, not repay it.

The gift the sun gives to you, with his energy, is the sun. Why don't you love the sun back, just for today.? No matter what the sun is going to keep giving it...but thank him 'Father sun' I am told is his name, although perhaps I am not listening to it correctly...

And please share your moldavite with me, in our new matrix, the one that is built from the remains of Terra B. It just has to sit in your house, on a shelf, and you can forget about it.  It knows what to do to help my heart center out.

See?  our actions go not unnoticed:

Thank you, our galactic ground crew, for your resilience and kindness, and your dedication to your missions, in this delicate time for me.

I thank you all, most generously, from my heart.

Lady Gaia Sophia, who has fallen, and now with your caring and presence, CAN get back up.  (I pressed the little button around my neck, and you all came to my assistance!!! THANK YOU!!!)


What can I say?

Are you surprised who Gaia Sophia is?

She is my heart, my joy, my friend, my co-creator of all the world.

Together we make life possible for everything and everybody...

Yet we laugh, and like to tell jokes, and are very human in our souls, just like you.

It is different, isn't it, in the higher realms?

Everything has an energy signature--not just your dog, or your house, but your planet.

And everyone with an energy signature can communicate from their heart.

This is the magic of the higher dimensions.

You have the ability to communicate with anyone and anything, once the vibrations are right. With your mind, that's all you need, with your Consciousness.

Everything happens for the best.

You have my word on it.

And for those of you who are offended, because Carla is what she is, and I am who I am, and we are not in your Belief System in a cubbyhole that is convenient and acceptable for you...please accept our humblest apologies for the discomfort you will now we emerge as who we by one...into the Higher Realms.

All of our brothers and sisters are now hidden here too. Divine Mother made her announcement a few weeks ago, a short time ago, really, to not much 'official notice'.

All of this will change in the coming weeks and months and will find it will begin to feel more natural to you--it won't cloud your senses or anything--and soon you will be able to go off and enjoy the sun and the moon and everything beyond it, as you desire!

That is enough for now...our time grows short, and Carla, much as she is to all of us, still has to show up at her place of work.

She will work long and hard tonight with all of her patients, and get little sleep.

I thank you for the moldavite and for the Reiki for my woman.

We are One.

And in doing so you help me and also, the rest of us, including YOU too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S.  The name for this blog post is from a sign seen over a temporary office in the vast cubbyhole 'acres' at the main building where the meeting was held yesterday....