Monday, September 7, 2015

Act Three -- Gaia News Brief 8 September 2015

On The Downward Slope

Quite frankly, today has been a struggle for me.

Part of it is I let myself get a caffeine headache just because I can. I do that to myself sometimes, and it is miserable. But I don't want to make a big to do about 'getting my coffee', so I just suffer and experience the pain which lasts from about one to four p.m.

In a way, today is BIG learning, both about myself and about manifesting to focus and be clear and direct with the Universe about what I want.

Let us begin...

Manifesting for My Son

Last night as I put my order in for Ross, I asked for something good and active for us both--Anthony and me.  Ross suggested to offer to go to the ballpark, which Anthony was delighted to do.  (I had even shown the boy the website to a local baseball coaching place, and how we would plan on that too, in the fall, to prepare for Spring baseball.)

Ross also told me to wear my bright sports bra under a white tee shirt, my icky green athletic shorts, and to bring extra water in a large container.

We went, and walked three laps around the field, ready to start practicing, when some men and boys came to the field...

I played dumb.

I told the dads I didn't even know what I was doing, would they mind if Anthony practiced with them? (I had the LOOK to reinforce it, yes?)

It was a 'travel team' of under nine year old players, and Anthony, who at ten is five foot two and one half inches, and weighs as much as me.

They put him on first base.

I offered to help, and the dads said, 'it's okay, just relax'.

I didn't relax, not one bit.  I watched every little movement, listened to every word, and made sure they were treating Anthony well.

I was shocked at what those men were doing to those boys in the heat on Labor Day:

  • one boy had to run laps in the heat because he misbehaved.
  • the same boy got in trouble for making poor throws (you have the best arm what is wrong with you?)
  • this boy's father said, to this same boy who was in tears and trying to hide it, 'if you cry on the field am I going to have to get your pack of diapers for you?'
  • the coach said, 'this is a travel team and you are better than Little League I expect you to work hard and do well. You are not guaranteed your position in this team. Whoever gets the job done will get to play.'
To Anthony, they were kind, and helpful, offering tips, even how to stretch. Another father told me to make 'exercise fun' and get him to do cardio, cardio, cardio. He said his kid is 'lazy' and he has to say, 'lets go for a bike ride'. He keeps it mixed up and not all straight baseball all the time for his kid.

He said Anthony would make a great first baseman, and a 'clean up hitter'. I breathed a sigh of relief there was something he could do, as he's not a skinny, fast, infielder if you know what I mean?

My heart ached for the boys, who couldn't go and play on a hot day off after their first week back to school.  I ached for the system that brutalizes the young, in the hopes of grooming them for scholarships and the pros...

The Return of the Divine Masculine

I've had a few days of bliss with the energies lately. And then today it HIT. I was scattered. Ross was far.

I felt the Divine Masculine energy catch the tow rope from my little energy speedboat--and I can sure feel the WEIGHT.

On the one hand, I feel protected, and safe, somewhat like in the presence of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Merlin, Divine Father, or Ross.

On the other, these energies right now of the masses who are Ascending do not feel bright, crisp and clear like the males I just mentioned.  It feels muddy, heavy, and slow. I think if you had a flywheel of great weight, and it was just starting to spin, it would seem like this. In time, it will reach the goal.

But I was hurting, really hurting, to get anything done.

And I almost got a little resentful for manifesting for Anthony so well I didn't have any time to do anything worthwhile for me.

The Importance of Calling Intermission

Today, I threw in the towel, and had to lie down about five or six times. I did this to talk with Ross, and figure out what to do next.

He was very loving and soothing, and told me he loved me no matter what, even if I had the messiest house that ever was.  So I'd get a little idea, go and do it, then get flustered and lie down again.

We helped the rabbit try to come out--it didn't want to. I made five bracelets. We went out to lunch. We did the shopping. We bought a fan, a new trash can (my son wanted it because it opens by a motion sensor for the kitchen stuff), and other things from the Hardware store. I emailed the coach to request him again for basketball. And our A/C, which I turned on, died, and I placed a service call.

I started putting packages together to mail. They are on the kitchen table. 

I threw some other things away. Big things. 

Ross told me to pare it down to 'The Essentials'.  Slowly I will get there.

I'm also a little 'off' because I encountered a big fat black widow again, and had to kill it. I am so very sick of these spiders in my house.

I whined to Ross, who was patient, and I said, 'Manifesting is such hard work! How do you manage to do it all the time?'

It's Not Cool

I saw a tee shirt by 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'.  An upside-down star in a circle.

People who wear these things, and think they are great, need to wake up. It is no longer wanted or needed here in 5D.


Carla is reading the fine print about life in the higher dimensions. Although Anthony played well, and really enjoy petting the rabbit...his cough is of concern to her.  With antibiotics, Reiki, Divine Healing codes, and breathing's not improving. 

Yesterday Anthony gave Carla quite a stark realization of what is going on with him.  He said his happiest memory of the weekend was watching his parents talk and laugh at the pizza place for the Basketball team event.

He never gets to see them interact.

Carla thought she was ignoring Anthony, but for him, the watching his parents socially interacting gave him VALIDATION of his entire existence which for him was the best part.

She spends a lot of time on her boy, helping him to recover emotionally from the experience he has while he is with his dad on his weekends. The trip to the concert and swimming was cancelled at the last minute. Instead they went to his dad's friend, and 'people were drunk and doing shots and three people passed out on the couch. There was nothing for me to do, mom. No one to talk to. I could have done beer pong and had someone else do the drinking for me...'

Carla said, 'No, ten year olds should not play beer pong, whether they drink or not' with love and reassurance.

His father slept until twelve thirty, and Anthony saw there were no eggs in the house. The girlfriend never wakes up early or helps him with food. He always has to make his own breakfast, usually scrambled eggs, which he cleans everything up too. The child was starving for both breakfast and lunch. 

He realizes his father's plans on Sunday always are affected because of the hangover...

Our children deserve better than this.

And so do our ladies.

Carla couldn't believe how happy and upbeat the lineup at Chipotle was compared to the baseball players who were being chastised 'this is FUN, baseball is FUN' when they were near tears.

The whole thing has gotten out of hand.

And my teams are addressing it.

The Divine Masculine is getting a face-lift.

That's right, a nip and a tuck.

And I'm not talking Caitlyn! (he laughs at his own joke!--ed)

We are talking manly, virile, with hairy chests and a thin waist and broad shoulders--(points to his head--ed)--with EVERYTHING RIGHT GOING ON IN HERE THE WAY CREATOR INTENDED!!!

I can't emphasize this enough!

The Illusion is OVER.

It is going to take some time for most people to notice, but I want you to look for the changes...

It isn't overnight express like you pay extra for the postal delivery service. 

If it was I can assure you I would have paid twice just to get it over with so we can go on to something else, something more pleasant, and something enjoyable for all of us!

Is there baseball in the higher realms? You bet!

Are some people really good at it?

Of course.

Is there a system for degrading and socializing young men at an early age on how to play it?


Not on your life.

Not on my watch.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Flames