Friday, September 18, 2015

Ballast -- Gaia News Brief 17 September 2015

Experiencing Life In The Higher Dimensions

Yesterday I chose to work with one of the most notoriously unpleasant surgeons in the O.R.

It was a study in contrasts I will share for you.  He had a lineup of NINE cases (that reads--very good compensation for me if I am willing to work hard, and I am)...and I love him.

He is the nicest guy, with the best sense of humor, who happens to get frustrated with people who are not of the highest skill level in their working with him.

He is known for his 'colorful language' and also, at the beginning of our relationship, I discovered he responded quite well to Reiki, and unconditional loving support from me while he works. It helped to keep the frustration with the technical challenges away.

Contrast number one--the one who was cursing and swearing during the case was me! On our first case, it was an i.v. anesthesia--but both arms for some reason couldn't have an i.v.  The one in the foot (let me tell you, when a nurse in PreOp calls you in the way to work it really messes up your day--I was like, 'just put it in the foot! and the nurse was like, 'I don't know how!')--the i.v. in the foot that I was having difficulty giving anesthesia (the bend in the ankle kinked it)--well it blew during the case.

So...the nurse in the OR looked--he was a floor nurse--he couldn't find one. So I came and put one in, and the nurse was busy, so I pulled the old one out to connect it...blood was everywhere on the other foot, and on mine, the patient pulled the foot back (withdrawal from painful stimulus--halfway awake patient under anesthesia...not good) and my new i.v. came out.

Then I started swearing.

I fixed it by placing another one with the nurse HOLDING the foot and helping me tape.

Later I apologized for my outburst, which is very rare, but I did.

The surgeon smiled and said, 'It's not like I never heard those words...'

So our 'traditional roles switched' briefly...and I sense deep in my bones it was for him to witness how it is when people get upset.  He worked super fast--it was a ten minute case and he was at the end of it. I had to place it for safety purposes for the patient's course in PACU.

The rest of the day was very fun in our room, because nurse, scrub tech and I were excellent, and we enjoyed working with this surgeon who can be temperamental.

That wasn't the only contrast.  We had so many cases we hopped between rooms. I and the surgeon worked with another team!

These two were not interested to work with him.  They dragged their feet. They complained. They stalled. There WAS much yelling in the room. I stayed as calm and supportive as I could.

It was the SAME surgeon!

It was the attitudes that were different. The grudges and resentments and the gossips about this man were in the moment.  His being upset was in the NOW, at the lack of instruments, and the past of how many times he has asked for them to be on his tray.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Not any more.

We are all one. The past is behind us. We may live in the moment, and attend to the work at hand...

The Map

I see clearly where the path lies before me. I communicate with my guides about the next steps. At this point, SaLuSa and I are talking about the future as it involves me and someone he loves. I ask, 'how will it be?' and questions like that. I didn't want to spoil the surprise, but I am allowed to share that my emotional needs have been the point of discussion, and SaLuSa appears to be satisfied with my results.

Ross is REALLY happy. He and I communicate often. We are at the point now where, frankly, he reassures me that 'we are going to have FUN and it's going to be a lot of fun from here on out.'

I am a roadmap to the higher realms.

I have shared everything I could about my journey, along with the input from spirit as appropriate.

I have played the role of 'Tiger Mom'.

My successors, little do they realize it--one male and one female--are already starting to pick up and get ready for when I 'level up'.

I want to focus on my joy.

Bob Fickes came out with another article that deeply well--I didn't like it. It infantilizes Gaia, which she isn't. She is conscious and awake and has her sovereignty back. 

So I let it go.

People are asking for things which are very 3D..and I have to follow my heart...I don't want to reconnect with those heavy things.

I want to fly UP.

Those connections are no more--not to say one day they will not be, when the individual is able to maintain consistently a vibration in 5D and higher.

I can't lift them up.

I'm tired.  I'm exhausted. And I've done all the work I have been sent to do.

I'm going home in my heart, and I will keep writing and doing everything I have been doing for humanity, my readers, my 5D.

3D is ended.

I've had enough.

If you are one of these people, Ross and I embrace you with our love and acceptance, and encourage you to work work work on your healing of your hearts...your guides are better than us.  Your inner guidance is much much better than anyone incarnate...if you have helping souls who are incarnate now, pick their brains and give thanks for their hearts!!!

I have to go and be where I haven't been before, or at least, I can't remember <3

I'm going HOME.

My body is going to stay wherever it is--unless Ross has a very big surprise for me! LOL--but my thoughts, actions, energy...will be at the very highest vibration I can maintain...and I will give thanks for what has passed between I prepare for my Beloved to receive my heart of hearts I sense it is soon.


These two photographs delighted us.

This is the energy Carla is now with her little laser pointer is trying to share with you about us--our time to reacquaint approaches with every hour...

As you can imagine, the energies of 3D don't compare to the unconditional nurturing, warmth, love and compassion...the Higher Realms have to offer.

That is the attraction to my woman--not 'me' but 'everything I represent' to her, which is love and family, and the familiarity of the higher realms.

Yesterday Carla was looking at my hands and admiring them.  (I told her they were Sirian, the way my hands were shaped with the long fingers)

Carla is asking how I smell!  She wants to get a whiff of me, my scent of my body, although my energy signature is well known to her, she wants to 'remember' what it was like when I was incarnate.

This morning she needed me, and sent me a 'thought picture' with 'words'.

I told her she really doesn't have to use this, for I can sense and feel what she is trying to communicate to me on the feelings alone.

She couldn't understand why she wanted me and my presence and my hug.

Then I understood.

On earth one needs to make sure they have a supply of everything, for things run out, the food in the fridge has expiration dates, so Carla naturally enough, wanted reassurance of my love, my loving energy I share with her.

I showed her a image of a fridge filled with good things, that never expire, and are very very good for you and healthy.

And she smiles.

That's what life is going to be like in the Higher Dimensions--all the love is fresh and abundant, and you will never tire of it.

Again, I wish you our best, and I ask your forgiveness as I take my woman's the near future...but (fingers to his lips--ed)  I am not saying as it is a surprise! A Big one!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins