Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Firewater -- Gaia News Brief 9 September 2015

Testing The Waters

Today I was thoroughly 'tested'--physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually--as well as with my technical skills as a healer.

I'm doing okay at the moment. Our A/C unit broke last night, I put in a call for repair, and it's not coming until next week at the soonest.  So it's warm while I write, but other than that, I'm good, so let's begin.

Divine Timing and Galactic Intervention

Ross told me to get breakfast at Mc Donalds for Anthony, my mom, and me. I was close to being late--there is much traffic. But Ross INSISTED and even played a beautiful song, a romantic one they wouldn't normally play on KJAZZ (less commercials at that time).

I bought it.

I ran in and ran out at mom's house, unloading all Anthony's food for the day, his clothes (was in PJ and flip flop), and her gifts from Victoria, BC.

As I headed to the car, my sister Vanessa just drove up. As she got out of the car, I felt her.  I am 5D--most of the time--and my aura read hers--and was sad.  Although she doesn't complain, she would love to have a house and be a mom and have a career. She HAS a career--but for people her age, the workforce hasn't been easy.  I've never once felt that 'vibe' from her.  I also, by nature of being in 5D, felt intense compassion for her, and I spoke to Ross for her future, for her lessons, for some time.

Ross Has My Back

He told me to order 'something with egg whites'. So I ordered a Egg White Delight sandwich. It was 'okay'--I'm not a fan of egg whites--but with the potato thing inside I was able to eat it with one hand and not gag.  Egg whites are slippery...that's why I don't like them. Anyhow, with the coffee and the breakfast, I had to wait until two p.m. for lunch.

Thanks Ross.

Also, on the way to a case for an out-of-the-OR procedure, where they used to be mean to me when I did hearts--Ross told me he would be with me and people would feel our energy combined.

It's hard to describe but I felt him taller superimposed on me.

I met a new doc, who is married to one who I like but with some possible links to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  I liked her, she seemed competent.

And the patient was very close to me in age.

We almost lost the patient. There was bronchospasm.  I called a code blue. I bagged the Ambu-bag to breathe for this patient hard and fast and long, hoping to avoid a cardiac arrest.  By the time the team arrived for the code blue, anesthesia was wearing off (it's quick, what I use, and I use only that).  We treated for allergic reaction.  The doc kept saying, 'intubate! intubate!' and I said, 'no, the oxygen needs to go up first'.  I knew it was not an easy tube, and that once the anesthesia wore off we'd be okay. Then we gave a breathing treatment. It was undiagnosed asthma reaction. It scared the daylights out of me, but I held on and had not one iota in advance CLUE what would happen, or even felt Ross there with me while it happened.

I'm just glad it's done.


There is a female counterpart to Dr. Bret I met for the first time. A beautiful lady. She told me 'you are a smart lady' when I shared with her, at spirit's discretion--about my healing bracelets, and my work here.  I prayed long and hard to Ross about her while I was doing her case.  I gave as much Reiki as I could, with the Transition Symbol 'just in case'.

Her grace and ease, and acceptance of her situation, show the courage of spirit when the body is not well.

She is excited to learn about us--all the Team--and also, to learn about Bret.

I felt like I was guided to be there, and I am so very glad I was there for her today.


Driving home I went past the neighborhood Tom used to live, and I was overwhelmed with memories.

I was like, 'Ross, I'm OLD now!' and laughed. I told him how in love I was then, and how pure my feelings were...how much I enjoyed studying, and looking forward to weekends with Tom going to the movies, or placed to eat, or just hanging out.

I asked Ross if he minded my old memories, and he didn't mind, he said. I told him I wish I could have helped that young girl I was...I was so troubled, so worried about my future, and what I would be.

Ross asked me if I wanted to talk to anyone?

I did.

Teddy (Theodora)--Tom's mom.

She told me she loved me like a daughter. She would have loved to have me marry Tom. There is something about someone who loves your son so much that makes you have a new love in your heart just for them. She asked me about the music box, the Edelweiss one, do I still have it? I said yes.

She told me she fought with her husband, who said Tom and I needed to break up and 'date around'.

I remember Howard, the Internist, the retired Coloniel from the Air Force...how he would come home at night, and read his journals on the couch. I wanted to be like him. And now, I understand his need for quiet introspection after working with people all day.

I asked Ross to let me speak to him too. Howard was good, and I was happy to talk to him. He knows I'm a doctor, and he's pleased.

Then I did the strangest thing...I asked Ross to make sure when it's time for Tom to go Home, that it's not awful, and that he doesn't suffer. With the patients close to our age so sick, I realize it's bound for some of us in our class to start passing away.  I'd feel awful if Tom suffered when his time is up, whenever that is supposed to happen. Ross said he would look out for Tom, and also, he asked, would you like this for all of your old beaus?  I said, 'yes please, if it would be possible?'

And Ross said, 'yes'.


As I went to fill the car with gasoline, a street person with a hoodie tied tight around his head, filthy, came to the trash can next to my car. He had a huge plastic sack and was looking for cans and recyclables.

I was horrified.

I've lived in Berkeley. I KNOW street people. But this one scared me, I can't put my finger on it, but he did.

I actually took my purse, locked the car, and went into the mini-mart just to hope for him to go away.

Then I thought about it. My shortcoming. My fear. It's so duality-based.

So I bought two waters.

I brought one out to him--he was at the next trash can.  I asked him if he would like a water?
(that jacket looked hot).

Then I opened up a twenty dollar bill and said, 'This is for you' with a smile.

He said, eyes wide, 'WOWWWWW!', and he smiled.

Then he accepted it.

He paused...and he said, 'Tell your husband not to get mad, okay?'


Don't get mad, honey.



(smiles big--ed)  Carla?

I am not mad. (he giggles--ed)

I am not mad at all. And you were right. He IS helping Gaia with his can collecting.  That is why you gave him a 'huge tip'.

You also helped him eat, and to enjoy himself for an hour.

And not to worry.

It was the last money in your wallet.

I want people to know that.

I am serious.

I want them to know that my wife gave all the money she had to the poor, just for today.

And it would have bought her family dinner, for she had to buy it, on the way home. It would have covered it and it was just enough.  So Carla put it on her credit. This is not to say it was a sacrifice--it wasn't.

But it was a way of making sense in a very powerful lesson.

Carla went from fear and disgust, repulsion to this person, both on his appearance and all of her experiences in the past.

Then Carla, in her heart, went to a state of 'Society DOESN'T want me to do this, so I will cross the invisible fence--and do what is right for this human when I can.'

Carla didn't buy him a sandwich.

Carla gave him liberty, as the result of her hard work.

Her 'saving patients'.

As they were giving the breathing treatment to the one who had narrowly missed coding (it wasn't his time, I may add, but a LOT of work was being done in that situation on everyone involved)--Carla noticed the face mask, and asked the respiratory man if he would mind giving her one for her son, who is sick and outgrew his old one?

Later, the man came, and gave her two, which she put in her pocket.

Anthony is delighted with his new mask that fits, when he was given his breathing treatment tonight.

I would say that it was worth twenty bucks, wouldn't you?

So...long story short...what goes around comes around, and vice-versa--what comes to you when given and shared with others only brings MORE abundance to the entire collective.

That's something to think about!

Now it is time for Carla to go to bed. It's ten p.m. where she lives.

Thank you everyone for making the Spa 5D a huge success. Thank you for supporting all of our work, on Healers for Healers, Doctors with Reiki, Team Doctors with Reiki, the Lady Gaia Sophia study hall, Team Mati (where one learns to use one's intuition in a safe and loving environment), and the Spa 5d.

I appreciate it so much. We both do. (I nod along with him--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins