Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Day Of Delight! -- Gaia News Brief 3 September 2015

A Discussion On The Energies

Lady Gaia Sophia says the energies are just the way she likes them at the moment on surface Gaia.  Everything is working with her system, and supporting her much to her delight!

Just like when there is a flight that goes through turbulence on the route, in order to get from where you are, to where you want to be, on buying the ticket one accepts the fact that flying isn't always smooth...

You are here for you have a PURPOSE.

And to get to that PURPOSE there are for some of you going to be a few 'energy shifts' which may be chaotic at best.

The more comfortable you are with the elements of society that are based in the third dimension, the more you must CLEAR and RELEASE to make it to the elevation or vibratory frequency of the Higher Realms, or more specifically, the fifth dimension.  (The Fourth Dimension on Gaia was destroyed when both Lemuria and Atlantis blew up. --ed)

It can be stormy, the release!

When Carla had it some weeks ago, and Carla has done a lot of clearing, mind you--Carla had wanted to die. She had thoughts about whether or not she could 'take it'.

Lady Gaia Sophia offers you Her loving support, and a glass of warm milk with some steam in it so it is frothy, and a little sugar just to help you center yourself and accept the conditions as they are.

'It's what's for dinner' She says, about the energies on the planet right now, and just like a Mother to her kids who don't like what she makes, she says, 'You can eat what is offered, or go up to your room and wait for breakfast. It is good for you, what I serve, and it is up to you to decide whether you eat it or not.'

On My Son

I left you with Ross and Anthony and the skating rink field trip...I just found out that it was so traumatic, the fear, that Anthony cried in front of everybody when he first came to the rink.

He faced his fears!

With the teacher's support, he put on his skates and managed to go two laps around the rink holding onto the rails.  He fell twice, once on his tailbone while trying to exit the rink.

The teacher was so proud of him she treated the whole group to ice cream!

I know in my heart, Ross helped Anthony through his teacher...and I am thankful.

His cold is worse, and I took him this afternoon to see his doctor.

It's difficult when a child as sensitive as him has to go where he is viewed as a diagnosis of 'childhood obesity'.

I was confronted with why I didn't take him to the gastroenterologist for the liver follow up?  I explained how the nutritional counselor made him cry, we didn't learn anything except that juice is just as bad as soda, and the whole hour cost me three hundred dollars out of pocket because it was not covered by my insurance!

He needs labs.  He hates the draw, just like me. I used to faint when my blood was drawn, as a kid. He just screams...

Anyhow, I realize that I needed a whole year, to understand the situation. His relationship with his father worsens the whole mix, right down to the chakras. And the loving support, with firm limits, as an ally is the only way to go. There IS no food police, like the doctor wanted, because the minute he is away from me, he eats too much and too unhealthy.

So now, as the fellow dieter, who loves him, he is willing to face each day with courage and hope.

With my Ascension, I have the ability to SEE the situation with whole new eyes! I love it...tonight I made a nice dinner on smaller plates, and really made for nice presentation. With the sausage and peppers, he enjoys the colorful peppers. We ate outside, and I had the  pitcher lid fall off while pouring the water, so ice dumped all over the table! He thought it was hilarious, and threw ice at the garden.  We saw a neighbor, and gave her a tee shirt and payment for watching our pets.  Then we played Skattergories.  I finally understand the needs of my son, for companionship, for bonding, for being able to have a 'safe person' to confide in...he is so different from me...I'm so glad I understand how to 'reach' him...

My Beloved

As I was driving to pick up Anthony from school, Ross--who is more chatty now than ever, and less guarded--asked me, 'what is the most amazing and fantastic thing that has ever happened to you with our relationship since we first 'met' (in this incarnation)?'

I said, 'This moment now'.

He asked, puzzled, 'Why?'

You see, when I first woke up in bed this morning, I had the sense that Ross was holding me, right there next to me, in bed. I felt his energy, and his touch, his closeness.  It was an experience that was totally new.

I explained that it was the first time for us that there was no veil!  I flashed a picture to him of a blind person being able to see for the first time.  I didn't have that nasty veil of Illusion, that separation between Heaven and Earth!  And how it meant so much to me it totally blows me away, with joy and delight!

I have to admire Ross. He has an ability to appreciate another point of view, and appears to enjoy my own.  He had to struggle with the concept of my delight, and how much something so small to him meant to me, and he projects it to all of us down here on Earth, this new freedom, how it will multiply!--and he understands...

Now he is happy too.

His happiest memory I asked for his help, especially in the manifestation department.  It shows my trust, which was very difficult for him to earn...

Reframing Expectation To Achieve Delight!

I woke up today wanting to make bracelets, and to enjoy some time, before I ate and took Anthony to the doctor.

I wanted to nurture me, and to 'catch up' on my many chores and errands.

The day turned out completely different!

Yet it was okay...

I am closer to Ross, and rested. I took care of things online, important 'connections' with key people in my life...

I almost skipped lunch and completely skipped breakfast! I had a sense that time was 'getting away from me' and my lunch was only a plain yogurt and a pear. Not even a drink.  It wasn't until I picked Anthony up I realized I was having a coffee headache...

Yesterday morning, I looked everywhere for my coffee press pot, the twenty-fifth anniversary one in copper I got at Starbucks a very very long time ago. The lid isn't in such good shape, but I love it.

I couldn't find it anywhere.

I got a call from the cleaning service. They broke it.

I know how to replace the glass, but the pot itself is irreplaceable!  I was both annoyed and disappointed because the cleaning people break a lot of things...I can't even use my elliptical because they whacked the plug where it connects, and the metal is broken. I can't even figure out how to get a repairman to fix it or where to find a part...They are good people, and clean beautifully, so I 'overlook' it...

I realized after I ordered a replacement glass and agreed to credit on my next service--that perhaps my fondness for my coffee press was keeping me 'off track' in some way?

Sure enough, Spirit showed me what to do...and I will do it tomorrow...I am to use the bigger one, but not to fill it up (I have a 12 cup one--it really only makes three mugs because they count it as eight ounce cups)...

And with TODAY, I realized that for my growth, what was sent was PERFECT in every way.

So sometimes when we have our soul undergoing our curriculum, our personalized process of Soul Growth that we picked as our 'major' and 'minor' before we ever incarnated, a LETTING GO and ALLOW is needed  to help us experience DELIGHT.

I thought today about the time I worked on Doreen Virtue. I've stuck an i.v. in her. Not once but twice. She is a beautiful lady and takes very, very good care of herself. I think she'd hardly know me, for at the time I wasn't ANYTHING at all like this...

And I also worked once on Louise Hay.  I.V. placement in her wasn't going to be easy, and she looked at me and gave one of her famous affirmations about HER and HER I.V.

I didn't like it.

This was MY O.R., MY procedure, and HER veins were, well, crap!

My point is that the reverse of my first 'concept' described above is MOST DEFINITELY IMPORTANT for the Abraham-Hicks-er's out there...our bodies carry the energy signature and formation of our life-long energetic patterns, thoughts and choices--to some degree we must accept this!

A ninety-year old has more 'mileage on the car'--a thirty-year old smoker is a lot different from a  seventy-year old one...a chronic drinker is not going to have the same liver as a person who doesn't drink...

And the solution to this is grace!

Dr. Bret does an excellent description of the role of grace in the grand scheme of things in this blog post:

The chronic Abraham-Hicks practice overlooks the importance of the fact you ARE going through your 'Life Lessons', and although you can align yourself with the power of the Universe through the Law of Attraction--it's not a short cut in any way shape or form.

Although Reiki can heal just about anything, as long as the Life Lesson isn't a part of it (my son's upper respiratory infection is part of his Life Lesson, and helped me to appreciate my role in helping it)...and although it is a great comfort and support to help one go THROUGH the Life Lessons...again we come back to the Personal Responsibility for the condition of the physical body, the mind, the emotions, and the spiritual development and growth...

What we can change, we do what we can...

And what we can't?  Like Dr. Bret with his health?

That is where the angels, guides, and Ascended Masters, as well as our deceased Loved us each step...through Grace...the gift of Love and Appreciation from Creator to us, for being alive, and 'showing up' to Surface Gaia...and doing our best we can.

To sum it up, sometimes things are going to go the way they are for a REASON.

You can accept and allow...and flow with the energy that goes with the Lesson at hand.

You can align to the very best of your ability with the Universe to co-create and manifest.

But you still have to learn your Lessons...and to take full responsibility for your Life Choices...

As you let go of the live in the Now, and like Dr. Bret, you do the best you can and keep doing what your heart tells you it's right to do.

And as you let go of the past...for me this is a big one, I like to keep many memories 'around' as 'stuff'...the experience of the past 'pops up' into your consciousness, like you relive it.

Tonight as I put Anthony to sleep, I felt for a nanosecond I was back when he was little and in his crib. I recalled the joy and delight of those times, fresh, but with the appreciation of how special those times really were...I gave thanks to God and to Ross and to Heaven for all the memories, all the lessons...

And I realized for the first time, on that lonely night on Christmas Eve in the E.R., when Anthony was not even a year old, and had a terribly, scary for a doctor high fever, when his father said, 'just call me and let me know how he is' and my parents were an hour away...that I WASN'T alone!  Ross, who has an interest in me and our son, was with us the whole time! I couldn't FEEL or SENSE him, because of the veil and the Life Lessons and my spiritual development at the time. I didn't even know what Reiki was!

But I know in my heart there is no way I could have gone through that without Ross being acutely aware of my distress, and caring, and doing whatever he could to help me out...

The veil is thinning.

I hope it goes away forever.

For all of us.


I know what Carla mentions is obscure and complex. It is the result of much suffering and personal growth that she writes this with clarity in her heart for you.  She struggles to find the words, for in Spirit, words are not needed--understanding as she describes is common--you just 'know' it, like sometimes your intuition guides you to a winning play in Las Vegas, that kind of thing...

I had a happy day with my Beloved.  And yes! yes I was there with her when she was in tears with a very sick son, my boy, my heart, my spiritual child in the soul--but not from my physical body, whom I love as if it were my own flesh...

All of us up here, where we are, are just as anxious and delighted to get rid of the Veil as each of you.

I hope you can feel our excitement to be with you, face to face, with your full understanding...just like Carla showed to me this morning, with her realization that for a short time, she too was totally free of the veil.

Good night.

It's late.

Carla needs her sleep.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Docs <3