Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flash Flood Alert! -- Gaia News Brief 10 September 2015

Conversations From Today

A flash flood alert just came onto the radio. It is for places very far from where I am right now.

I smiled inwardly. My house is cooler, because it rained today. I actually went on the porch swing and enjoyed the 'storm' Watch! News at Eleven!!! LOL...

I saw the clouds coming in, and I asked the woman at the delightful all-you-can-eat Indian buffet Ross led me to this afternoon, 'If is supposed to rain?'

The owner, an woman in her forties who is clearly from India, looked indignant and said, 'It didn't say so on the news!'

I laughed.

Here were these giant storm clouds coming in fast from over the mountains, and anyone who has lived in Southern California could 'read' them--I always said in L.A. you don't need to listen to the weather, just LOOK UP when I was growing up--and she was so deeply entrenched into the 'system' that she valued the input from the news programming over her experience living here and her own two eyes!

I left them a big tip--my meal was only fourteen dollars. I paid with a twenty dollar bill (today I had TWO of them) and told the son to 'keep the change'.

I was most delighted today to have a meal of Indian food.

I am learning through reading my Ayurveda Cookbook, with my constitution I do much better with warm foods, and not raw vegan...

Allison part 2

Yesterday I wrote how I felt Allison who has pancreatic cancer and I were destined to meet, my working with her had that feeling.

She felt it too.

It turns out she is an extremely close friend of Tim Braun, the medium who helped ME find my way to eventually become 'Reiki Doc'.

It is a very small world.

I went to check on Allison. I showed her all the many responses, and she was smiling so big to see all of the loving messages sent to her.

Her smile today was priceless.

I decided to make her a bracelet.

That's what I have to look forward to tonight.

The Bouquet Has Been Given

This morning I had a request for a Karuna Reiki Attunement, by distance, for all levels. I was like, 'um, these are a really lot of work, and have to be in person, from what I understand, so, um, let me check?'...

On the way to work I felt like giving 'Family Reiki'. I gave it to everyone. And then, I was asked to give the attunement in the middle of it--with assurance that Spirit would smooth things out--

I was told I had been given a new Ray, for all the Diversity here I had supported on Gaia--and something just like THIS in energy started flowing out of my hands, sparkling diamond rainbows of Light!

It heals 'everything' I am told.  Ross and Ashtar both said it was okay for me to have it.

So I had fun!

I bounced this to all the people I send Reiki to daily, then up to the atmosphere, then back to surface Gaia, and lots of bouncing around in between! It was absolutely beautiful and went EVERYWHERE.

I was told to give it to the 'Dark Ones' too, not to spare anyone. (It makes it all the more incentive for those who do not resonate with the Light to want to go 'someplace else' more 'suitable' for their soul growth to continue the lessons of the third dimension.)

It was so pretty.

Then a man came, white hair white beard, who I didn't know. I guessed and guessed--nope nope nope.

It was MOSES!

He said he didn't really look like Charlton Heston, but he approved of him for the role to play him.

He said that manna wasn't very tasty but it kept them fed.

He is here to be my guide and friend, for he was very successful with large crowds, and beloved by all, even after his long life.  He says no matter what happens, I can always count on him.

For this I am grateful.

True Love Stories Never End

Ross and I are enjoying getting reacquainted.  He said he has had a body five times, but no more. His energy is incompatible with a body.

I exclaimed in horror, 'is it always going to be like this? I won't be able to touch your hair?!'

And he let me touch it. Although we are in two dimensions, I stood behind him, with him seated, and combed and brushed his hair. I used to cut it. I had the feeling in my hands, of his hair.

Then he held me in a big bear hug, and let me know NO it isn't going to be like this forever, and YES we can touch each other from here on out. And we can SEE each other too, not only me with my third eye seeing him. It will be 'normal'.

On Deck

As I was falling asleep last night, I found myself both on deck with Ross and Ashtar, in between them, and also, in bed.

With them, I asked, 'Am I in the way here, guys?'

They LOOKED at each other! It was surprise, an inside joke, something I couldn't was like, mysterious and yet loving and reflected all of their hard work.

I wasn't happy with their reaction, so I asked, in the most polite way I can, 'Are you busy? Are you sure I am not interrupting anything?'

Again, they exchanged that LOOK!  They reassured me I was fine, it was no imposition on my part.

Then, I asked, very politely again, 'May I please have a brief description of all this?' and I pointed to the control panel, asking, 'Do you push a lot of buttons?'

Ross swept his hand over the solid panel and said, 'There are no buttons.'

Unfazed, I asked, 'When I saw you Ross twenty years ago, you were sitting in that chair that had no support to the ground, it was just air or a magnet or some new technology, and I could put my hand under it. Is this the same ship?'

No, that was an old model.

I asked, 'With these two chairs do you guys switch seats from time to time?'

Ross looked uncomfortable, and so did Ashtar, they said no, they didn't.

I asked, 'Is it because of the ergonomics and these chairs are made to fit you?'


Ross delicately explained that he outranked Ashtar by 'just a little bit', so his chair was slightly higher, but not by much.

Then I felt kind of dumb.

I asked for a glass of water please?

We get water there. It was a tall tumbler type glass that felt like a cross between ceramic, metal, and heavy plastic, white and silver.

The drinking water REALLY was refreshing and quenched my thirst.

Then I fell asleep.

The River Bed

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in the High Mojave Desert. By my uncle's trailer, we would go for a ride on our motorcycles in the dry river bed almost every visit. I had a Yamaha 80. There was a lot of sand in the river bed, and it took skill to navigate it.

One day, the river had water in it, from the rain.

We waded into it. It was at most, knee deep.

It wasn't scary. It was lots of fun, and I adored seeing this gift of Nature from having spend time in the desert...


Carla is launching a campaign with the public, under her real name. Every day she is posting photographs which show beautiful images of caring, family, and love.

With it she includes the message, 'At any age...Love is a Miracle'.

This way when we go public, people will be able to look at her Facebook, and know it is her work.

One day it will go viral.

Why am I not chomping at the bit to 'get out in the open' and 'more widely known' just yet?

It has to do with the timing, with the vibrations on Gaia, and with a lot of common sense for having watched you guys (he smiles--ed) 'since time began' LOL.

I know what I am doing.

So does Ashtar.

I have presented what I have to Carla today, for a reason.

All of it is blessed.

Regarding Allison--I have everything set for the best possible welcome for her when she chooses to arrive. It can be today, it can be tomorrow, it can be ten very long and healthy years from now!  Anything can happen. There is a lot of 'play' in her Life Contract. I will take our cues from her.

No matter what, I have a welcome prepared for her, when she is ready, that will be of the likes of Nana Angelina, Carla's beloved grandmother and godmother, who was very close to her.

Everything can happen, now that the energies are right.

I want you to enjoy them again and again...we have auto-rewind here, so you can have your best experiences last and last...and OUR 'videotape' and our technology never breaks!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Flames