Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Embracing 5D -- Gaia News Brief 14 September 2015

Life in 5D

The energy has profoundly shifted. No more do I feel 'pushed' or 'driven' to help people awaken.  No more do I 'sense' the responsibility to 'make sure the plan is okay' and furthermore, to push myself to my limits to 'make sure Ross is safe'.

I have kept this sprint going for six years, since I woke up, both in the early stages, and in the later ones.

I felt this incredible urge to 'write!' and would put everything in my personal life off, to answer this 'call' by Spirit.

I feel terrific.

The energies are just right, like a fresh breeze...so very soothing, life-affirming, and pleasant.

It has been a very long time I have been a commander of sorts--that is my job title, from where I am from before I came here for many, many incarnations to prepare for this one now.

So what do I do?

I have my priorities clear:  the health of myself and Anthony (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional), likewise for our pets -- are number one.  Second, to enjoy every passing day where I am incognito...this too at some point shall irreparably pass and I shall be 'well known' to all, as it usually is.  Third, is to LOVE everyone and everything I meet, along with unconditional acceptance.

Today, instead of doing my 'routine', while I was in the O.R., rushing and checking on my many spiritual projects when I could get a peek...I took a few moments to experience and enjoy my connection to Spirit, to just 'be'...

I experience the new, the feeling of being surrounded in an Ocean of Love...being able to appreciate and value every blessing I have ever had, and all the Lessons.

Even the more difficult ones.

What I am trying to say, and I lack the words to describe it--is I get to enjoy all these very high vibration energies, this experience, just for me---it is like 'new car smell' and I am enjoying every minute of it while it is new in my vibration, my energy, my Light.

I have great distance between where I am, and where people in the O.R. choose their conversation--politics seem so comical.  I told my neurosurgeon today his fascination with 'The Donald' and his patients deciding on so very little evidence he has their vote because they say 'he speaks from his heart'--is that it is not unlike watching a train wreck--you can't help but get sucked into the drama...

He said, 'you are very smart, Carla, very very smart, for you are right. That IS my fascination...'

Along with this pure energy of the Higher Dimensions, is a sense of 'everyone is where they are meant to be' and 'it is as it should be' and 'it is as it is'...I don't NEED to jump in, or be an example, or do anything any more, for it is done!

Whatever 'it' is.

The veil is very weak for me now. As also is the amnesia--I know it will go away when the time is right.

And I am happy.

I love each and every one of you, from where I sit...it is so highly pleasant...and I say, 'come right in, the water's fine!'

I wish each of you awakening that is smooth, and less turbulent than my own was.

I give you hope that where you are, and where you are going to be--soon--everything is going to work out for the best.


As I was falling asleep tonight, I met a new angel, one I had never seen before. I was still shy, and checked my silver gold cord to Ross and got his okay before I took a look.

I see the face, and how tall he is, and although I was told who he was--AH! the angel who is incarnate as Tim Braun and whose name I couldn't understand--he thanked me for taking care of Allison, his friend.

Loose Ends

I have been stalling. Almost all of the packages I need to send out I took to the post office tonight after they had closed. They have the automatic thing, and Anthony helped me.

I know once these other two I have to send are out, that life is going to be different from everything I know...in a nice way.

I can't put my finger on it, but I think I will be a whole lot closer to 'it'--the thing everyone has been waiting for...and I am calm and ready for however long it takes, and however it is due to arrive.



This is Carla in a selfie on a ferry from Schwartz Bay to the Salt Spring Island in the middle of the Salish Sea.

She has on her favorite cashmere sweater, in grey, and her lovely blue backpack she always takes with her whenever she does anything fun. It is ten years old, and was designed to be a diaper bag a long time ago.  It was a gift to her from Mike Lee, her freshman medical cluster sponsor (her peer one year ahead of her at Berkeley, who counseled/advised incoming students the whole four years...and for Carla, for all her life. Mike lived in Alameda, he was born and raised there, and now is in the Oakland hills with his wife, Yolanda.)

Look at the light.

Look at the sky, how open it is, and the sea, the view...there are hardly any buildings, and although she is on a boat, she is alive with the wind, and happy to be away from the O.R., and all the politics which go with her 'nine to five' career.

Explore it.

I want you to explore the endless possibilities, the vastness, the limitless surge of joy that is your inheritance.

You are able to create, in an instant, the life you wish, you desire.

It all starts in here (points with both index fingers to his head--ed) and in here (points to his heart--ed).

When you have both of them working together...

I shared today that part of the reason I died the way I did, was because my Higher Self wasn't happy with my life choices--I was 'cut short' because of the effect my life in that incarnation was having on others, on my Twin and my children--and on a higher level, I decided to cut the losses while I could.

Carla was surprised at this confession, and yet, within her heart, it resonated as truth...

I didn't want my life in that 'vehicle' to keep on doing what it did, and I wasn't thinking straight...

I mention this because there are those who take to 'cut their losses' in Karma that is owed--and choose to reincarnate, to start again.

If you have lost someone dear to you, you can count on their coming back to make amends to you--either as a pet (someone very loving), or as a child or a grandchild so they can continue their lessons where they had 'got stuck'.

We are eternal, and this is in fact not only possible, but highly common!

God is always loving.

So don't hold back.

Feel your grief and heal.

And then...LOOK!

Try to find the clues on that someone special close to you, when they come back, when they return.

Your heart is what will see it.

And you will know all isn't lost...

It is as it is for me and Carla, and I am quite happy. Carla is too.

For the first time, in our new life, Carla knew a miracle I did for our boy, Anthony.  It is a long story, but something that was impossible for him, happened, and he couldn't believe his luck.  Carla knew it was from me.  Carla mentioned it, on her way to work. And Carla was deeply moved to the extent of lovingkindness I could share for our son, who really needs a friend at this time.

His best friend who had moved away, came back to the school for only another school year.

It is a miracle, and I sent it.

All of these things are possible when you work with the energies of co-creation...again and again and again I tell you how to create.

It is like riding a bicycle. You fall a lot at first, and then you wobble, then you find your strength and you can go wherever you like, taking in the view!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple