Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stormwater -- Gaia News Brief 15 September 2015

Baby 5D--More Thoughts To Share

I realize from reading the 'share' of a fellow blogger, which was so clear to me I realize something common to all 'Lightwork'-type blogs out there--many people are struggling to make sense of the changes that are happening all around on surface Gaia.

Taken at the simplest, 5D is what it is, and is going to exist, whether or not the humans experiencing it can describe it, or rationalize it so it can 'fit' into their cubbyhole in their mind they want to place it.

5D in and of itself, expands beyond the mind.

It is the Consciousness, both of the Collective, as well as the individuals who find themselves in the energy of 5D.

Somebody I care about asked me to read their post, and basically, validate their 'story', their experience with the Divine.

I work as part of a team with my guides. We have been together actively since Karuna Reiki--just like on a sports team, or a firefighter team...through spiritual discipline and hard work, I have found my way to trust my team, and focus on my Life Lessons.

There are many chances for Life Lessons in the 'channeled message' skill --some involve trust, and seeing how far you are willing to 'put yourself out there'--with little or no proof or tangible reward.  I did most of this type of 'work' in the early 1990's...so when my beloved friend said she was moved to channel and she normally wouldn't, part of me went, hmmmmmm?

In the body of the blog post, I saw things that were like, 'hmmmm?' and 'I don't think so' (it didn't resonate with me)...

But even with that, I support my friend in her journey, and appreciate her hard work and dedication to the cause.

For when it comes right down to it, no one really knows  the whole plan, do they?

I only know my and Ross' piece of it (he had me add his name <3)...I focus all I can on doing my part well.

3D and 5D

This song resonates with me on so many levels:

  • father to deceased son
  • recovering addiction 'student' with a child 'teacher' who has shown him through his death a whole new way of looking at Heaven, and Life
  • the man who 'stole' George Harrison's wife Patti as his 'Layla'--experiencing this must be some incredible past life karma exchange...I think
  • the exposed heart and soul is evident, and touches us all
  • the humble acknowledgement of the Divine, and Divine Will...and Acceptance

I thank you for your patience with the long video, and if you don't mind, try listening to this

Both are Clapton.

Both are hauntingly beautiful.

One we are familiar with, we know, we have listened to it our whole lives...

And the other?

It's different, and depending on how comfortable you are with it, you may enjoy it, a little more, the same, or perhaps, not so much as the 'original' which in truth was actually the second take.

The Meat and Potatoes (They Tofu and the Bok choy <3)

We are each given the opportunity to experience our OWN Heaven while we Ascend.

Let me repeat:  we are each given the opportunity to experience Heaven with our own eyes, and hearts, and minds...

There are no exceptions.

Your Heaven may not be MY Heaven, and my Heaven may not be all that exciting for you.

But both are equally valid.

For example, my friend, with her visions of being one of seven representative of the Divine Feminine, and giving birth...to New Earth...her visions serve to validate her...and for all I know, might be HER Ascension and Heaven.

I don't know all the pieces of the puzzle. I DO know I have seen SaLuSa over her shoulder while she was talking to me about something she made for me, to heal me, and I never knew who he was or what he looked like at the time.  It was later I figured it out.

Which brings me to the main point:  I choose to experience my own happiness.

Further, it is my CHOICE to allow others to experience theirs.

And it's ALL GOOD!

My focus, in the meantime, is on what makes me have the highest vibration possible--what brings me JOY and Grace and Ease as much as possible.  And in this, I will ATTRACT all this much more of the same to myself.

Some people have said, upon meeting their future partner, in an instant, 'you just know' this is 'the one' and 'this person is right for you'...

It's that same type of knowing that is going to get you from 'here' to 'there', regarding your Ascension up into the Higher Dimensions.

It just IS.

It works.

It feels Right.

If people are off doing their own things--love them from a distance.

Everyone has their time to go--that is the beauty of the incarnate Earth Experience!  Nothing is the same. Nothing you can count on for more than a decade or so, perhaps, possibly longer.

As the Peace and Joy of the Higher Realms fills you, you won't worry about the things that used to make you upset.

You will let bygones be bygones.  And you will experience your JOY with delight!

The Five O'Clock News

Storm watch! It rained a lot in Los Angels and vicinity today. There were four accidents on my navigation on the way to work...historically, the oil which deposits on the road in summer makes for slippery driving conditions with the first rain. The locals say that no one here knows how to drive in the rain, not like Seattle or The Bay Area...that could be a part of it too.

The news was on in the doctor's lounge, and a clip said, with drama, 'Mother Earth's outbursts of anger!' with floods shown.

It's science, the science of weather.

That's what causes the rain.

It's the news that creates the drama.

Earth has her ways, they are in cycles.

She never wants to 'make the news'...LOL


Carla has beaten a 'dead horse with a stick'--over and over the same theme, the same message, the same purpose.

Carla is starting to sound like us!

We never repeat ourselves.

We never repeat ourselves.

We never repeat ourselves.

(he laughs and smiles at his joke--ed)

Isn't 5D fun?????

Now it's 'bo bo' time for you, Carla (bo bo is Italian for 'bedtime'--ed).

Good night everyone.

I love you and Carla does too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins