Friday, September 25, 2015

Pace Car Bel Air -- Gaia News Brief 25 September 2015


My health continues to improve. I have never taken a medicine other than my allergy medicine (which I have not taken for months) and albuterol (nebulizer and now tapered to inhaler) and cough drops.

I have never had an opportunity to rest in bed and heal.

In fact, I have worked harder, as my schedule included a call shift (Call 3) on Monday, an overnight call on Wednesday, and having to go back into work on Thursday, for a twelve fifteen case--which, upon arrival, had anesthesia cancelled by the patient who did not have a ride home.

I paid for the gasoline to get to work and back, but I did not have any work!

I complained to my boss.

My colleague, who is very 'work savvy'--asked me to do a pediatric add on case one hour later that laster one hour-and if I hadn't RUN out of the facility at the end, I risked being stuck giving another hour free just for the recovery of the patient. (My buddy arrived five minutes after me, and got stuck with it instead. Last time he was the one who ran, and said, 'it's how they do it at the outpatient facility.)

And it doesn't stop there. I drove from my house, to the sitter's, after only four hours sleep--to pick up my boy, who wanted breakfast as far away from the school in the opposite direction, because it's 'his favorite' and 'most healthy'--this turned my drive time into one hour.  To be honest, the breakfast was delicious and was the highlight of my day...until the interview.

When I look at the roster of other people who have been interviewed by Violet Rose Reiki in the last two years--this weekend is their anniversary on the radio--I am both filled with love and gratitude, and very humbled by how Spirit works... I also am absolutely delighted with the photos presented in sequence at the beginning of the radio interview too.

Other good things, excellent messages, have come to me along the way...

As we all go into 5D, it is important to hang in there, to always do your best, and to understand the energies are going to increase more and more until 'things settle out'.

Enjoy the ride.


Carla has an early start. It isn't enough to get to work on time, or, a little late on the Fridays as the O.R. starts at eight, thirty-minutes later. Instead, Carla's schedule has been moved ahead thirty minutes. This is of great inconvenience, and involves the payment of a sitter and a drive to bring Anthony to them so they can take him to school later in the morning.

All is well.

Everything is going excellent on my end, over here.  I want to reassure you that no matter what comes up, everything happens for a reason--no matter how unpleasant--for in the end the blessing will be apparent to all.

So try to 'roll with the punches' as best you can, and hold on to your hats!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc duo...