Sunday, September 20, 2015

Enigma -- Gaia News Brief 19 September 2015

How Can This Be?

Our family went to see this concert last night in Hollywood...something we have planned since last March when the tickets were first on sale to the public--

My favorite part was the video with Al 'interviewing' Celine Dion...and also, watching Anthony laugh so hard during the polka-tempo medley of Wrecking Ball, and some pop rap tunes...

You can't help but admire Al Yankovic--for his voice, for his energy, for his courage to wear the things he does, and his ridiculous movements on the many people were wearing his tee shirts and dressing in costume, so many more than mentioned in the article...the line for our tee shirt purchase was long...

In my heart of hearts I think he is an incarnate angel...possibly an archangel at that.

So here we were on our special fun weekend, which has been long planned, and I only told my closest one or two friends and family we were going...right?

Then why does Creator write this?

Please note the use of the word 'Weird'--specifically in the message!


Traffic and Taxis

Traffic was incredibly awful on a Saturday afternoon driving into L.A.  There was a  long line at our hotel, the Loew's Hollywood, just to check in.  We had a wonderful dinner at the French Crepe restaurant next door.  I had salad nicoise, and yes, I ate the hard boiled eggs without wincing.  Anthony enjoyed a salad and a quiche lorraine.   For dessert (this was our treat) he had bananas and nutella on his crepe, and I had crepes suzette...

The Greek is notorious for bad parking conditions. So we took a taxi.  This driver was so courteous, he noticed my voice--'what happened to your voice?' he asked, with concern. I explained I have allergies and they are going crazy.  Without a word, he reached into his compartment and gave me his unopened bottle of water.

He dropped us off right at the entrance, and I gave him a ten dollar tip on my credit card.

On the way back, our taxi driver was different. He didn't want a credit card. He wanted cash. I had only one large bill.  He said 'no problem, I can make change'.  He drove like a maniac, and deliberately took a slower route to up the fee ten dollars more than the other route to get there.  He also cursed others and called them 'stupid'.

I gave him a three dollar tip, which in Los Angeles, is rude, for a thirty-dollar fee.

Anthony and I couldn't help but stare at the 'night life' on Hollywood boulevard. We've never seen anything like it.

As a matter of fact, this morning, we avoided both the pool and the buffet, just to not have to be in that energy of the highly 3D guests.

We saw  the pay per view in room movie Minions and had room service (By the way even Minions has 'themes' from those Who Do Not Have our Best Interest At Heart).

My Lightwork

I was asked to open a peach-colored vortex as we came off the Highland street exit.  (or was it Cahuenga?).  Anyhow, I filled it with the Diamond Rainbow rays. The entire area is being exposed to is.

I wasn't asked to do anything.

In my heart I asked for Ross and his teams to 'do what they needed to do' in the area, using my free will to invite the help for 'energetically cleaning the area up'.

Our room faced the Capitol Records building.

Not far away was a Cy-ent-olo-gee building.  I recall when mom was sick at Kaiser Sunset Ashtar wanted a vortex then and there at Vermont and Sunset...

Anyhow, for whatever reason--the Emmy's perhaps, which are tonight--we were there.

I hope we helped. It felt like this was a last 'stuck part' of Gaia surface that needed a boost.


On the way home, Spirit said to go and say goodbye to Chef Ito.  He has a new place, Au Lac LA.

We were in the booth for about ten minutes, and my phone rang. It was Mai!!!

I had been seen by Linh on the closed circuit TV.  She recognized Anthony. So Mai came from home in about thirty minutes and sat at our table, and we were delighted to spend time with her.

Ito gave us the tour of the entire kitchen, including three walk-in refrigerators and freezer, the back area outside, the small stage area, even his office.  He was delighted and pleased to have us there.

I bought one of his fragrances, 'Love Is In The Air' with a new necklace holder.  Look for Peacefullscents on eBay to order, if you are interested...

We also stopped by the garden at the Disney Symphony Hall. Both Mai and Ito like to walk there. (Hmmmmmm....more Lightwork perhaps? ;)   )

Ross is so sweet. He knows it is important for me to say goodbye to Chef Ito, the one who helped me find my way to where I am today.  

I am ready for my future, whatever and whenever that will be <3


Carla is bridging the gap across Heaven and Earth.  It is a vibrational gap, not a distance one. Actually, the distances are very close as a thought away...

Carla is doing well with her Reiki that I asked for you to send. Between her breathing treatments which she requires right now, and your Reiki, Carla is able to function. I will continue to inform you how her health status is.

Everything is happening for a reason, just like Carla being where she was with Anthony last night.

I will share more at another time.

Tonight I want Carla and Anthony to get their rest.

Aloha from another world, where I am (he's waving--ed) and I send very much love to each and every one of you.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
 the Reiki Doc Twins